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Video: Jorge Masvidal confronts Jake Paul in Miami parking lot over ‘punk b—h’ comments

Here’s what’s really cooking behind the scenes between “Gamebred” and “Problem Child.”

New video that just appeared on the Internet appears to show Jake Paul and recently-retired “Baddest Motherf—ker” Jorge Masvidal in a spontaneous showdown over insults the two have hurled at each other over the years.

But, as is usual for YouTubers and Influencers, the truth behind what went down is a lot less dramatic than the clip that was just released. Indeed, the video was uploaded to the social media accounts of Betr, Jake Paul’s micro-betting app company.

Yes, that Betr.

“Okay, so apparently Masvidal showed up to the Betr warehouse,” Paul claimed before leading a camera crew and security detail out to meet “Gamebred” in a parking lot. Masvidal then leaps into view with his signature hands behind his back pose, and the two do a little song and dance about Miami and who owns Miami.

“Why are you trying to cause trouble?” Paul asks.

“Nah, it’s my city,” Masvidal replies.

“It’s your city? So, you own this right here?” Paul asks, pointing to the ground. “You’ve been saying a lot on Ariel Helwani.”

“What’d I say?” Masvidal asked.

“You called me a punk b—h,” Paul said.

It’s all part of an opening skit for a YouTube podcast video Paul and Masvidal filmed together recently. One of Betr’s employees broke kayfabe last weekend when all this was filmed, sharing a picture of Masvidal and Paul filming a new episode of Jake Paul’s BS show.

As you can see, they’re both wearing the same clothes as they are in the “beef” video:

“Brand new episode of BS Jake Paul drops tomorrow at 11 AM ET!” the Betr post with the video states.

So yeah, rather than getting to watch Masvidal stomp on Paul for an hour, it looks like we’ll get to see them chat it up. Will they drop the corny tough guy act? We shall see.

Paul and Masvidal have indeed gone back-and-forth on social media and in interviews over the years, but it’s unclear how much of their smoke is mutually beneficial promotion. We all know what real “Gamebred” beef looks like: it usually involves assault charges or — at the very least — his crew pulling him away from the potential for assault charges.

Three-piece and a soda is always on the potential menu, too.

Meanwhile, there’s footage of the two training together leading up to Paul’s fight against Ben Askren in 2021. In other words, they seem pretty buddy-buddy to us.

All should be answered at 11 a.m. ET today (Thurs., June 8, 2023) when the new Jake Paul BS video drops on the Influencer-turned boxer’s YouTube channel.

And we bet they have a lot to talk about.

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