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Israel Adesanya pushes UFC for higher bonus pay: ‘Inflation has been going up’

UFC’s Middleweight champion is taking aim at the promotion’s famous $50,000 performance payouts, declaring, “the bonuses got to go up.”

UFC 271 Weigh-in Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Israel Adesanya is one of the highest paid fighters in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) today, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten what it’s like to struggle as a combat sports athlete.

Right after signing his latest big money contract, “The Last Stylebender” made it a point to call on UFC to pay its incoming fighters more as well.

“I’m not saying, like, pay [new fighters] some crazy money,” he said back in Feb. 2022. “No, just pay them enough to train, feed their family and actually not have a second or third job. Because we’re UFC fighters.”

Now, Adesanya is pushing for UFC to up its performance bonus payouts. He discussed the bonus system on a new episode of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, and why the promotion needs to update it for modern times.

“My knockouts alone are worth $50,000 U.S. alone. That’s knockouts, alone. Like a bonus,” Adesanya said. “I’ve said this, the UFC, sometimes they bump it up to $100,000 for certain cards. UFC 200 or UFC 100 they did, bonuses were $100,000. When I knock someone out, I normally get a bonus. So my knockouts are worth $50,000 US.

“They can go up,” Adesanya continued. “UFC and WWE merger, a $21.4 billion company? I’m like, they can go up. It’s been a few years. Like hey, inflation has been going up, the bonuses got to go up, that’s how I feel. Well, I’ve told them this, I’ve said this publicly, it’s not crazy.”

If UFC isn’t going to up the bonus amount (and call us crazy, but we kinda doubt it will), the least it could do is start awarding bonuses for all clean finishes. It’s frustrating to watch so many fighters with great knockouts and submissions get passed over week after week. Get rid of the games, get rid of the Dana White privilege, and make it $50,000 for finishes across the board.

It can certainly afford it.

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