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Video: Dana White eviscerates ‘f—king unprofessional scumbag’ media in latest rant: ‘They’re all awful’

UFC President, Dana White, just hates us in the mixed martial arts (MMA) media space.

White’s latest side project, Power Slap League, had its second event in promotional history this past month (May 24, 2023). Unfortunately, the sophomore showcase of the world’s finest slappers was riddled with controversy from several contests involving rule breaks and things alike.

Before the slap show, however, Barstool Sports employee, Robbie Fox, drummed up some controversy of his own, posting a video to Twitter where he thanked the UFC boss for flying him out to Las Vegas and covering his trip expenses for the event. In terms of media ethics, such an admittance was immediately frowned upon by the community. Therefore, leading Fox to try and provide clarity to White about his position as an influencer and “world-famous celebrity” rather than media or a journalist. He impressively managed to say that last part with a straight face before White let us all have it.

“Tell the rest of the media who think they’re professional to kiss your f—kin’ ass,” White told Fox on My Mom’s Basement. “Every one of those f—king scumbags are a bunch of unprofessional f—kng douchebags. F—k every one of ‘em. They’re all awful.

“I would love to see which ‘professionals’ are calling you unprofessional,” he continued. “They’re a bunch of f—king bloggers, they’re all full of s—t. They’re not media, they’re bloggers. Big difference. 100 f—king percent. Exactly.”

Fox stuck up for bloggers when White dropped that specific line, which reinforced his point. Regardless, White wasn’t going to hold back on the topic.

Since day one in the combat sports world, White has stated that his business ventures were never meant to get as far as they have thanks to the backlash received. As he continued to push Power Slap, he can’t help but compare it with UFC’s start in the ‘90s and early 2000s.

“Listen. Let me tell you how f—king powerful and influential the media is,” White said. “If it was up to the media, the UFC would have never f—king made it, okay? If it was up to the media, we would have never gone through COVID. If it was up to the media that had any type of influence or power, if they mattered whatsoever, Power Slap would not be doing what it’s doing right now. So, let ‘em f—king talk (raises middle fingers).”

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