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Pic: UFC fighter hospitalized, pees blood after taking two brutal low blows at UFC Vegas 74

Johnny Munoz shared photos of the damage done after taking two hellacious low blows in his fight against Daniel Santos.

UFC Vegas 74 last night (Sat., June 3, 2023) in Las Vegas, Nevada, featured a Bantamweight scrap between Daniel Santos and Johnny Munoz Jr. that will probably go down in the books as notable mainly for all the low blows landed.

Santos landed one on Munoz in the first round, and Munoz landed one on Santos a few minutes later. In the third frame, Santos threw a field goal kick that brought his shin and kneecap directly between Munoz’s legs.

It took a few minutes for Munoz to recover, and it was a real question as to whether he could continue. We’d argue that he probably shouldn’t have. He was clearly hurt badly by the two low blows he’d taken, and things weren’t looking good for him if the fight went to the judges scorecards — even after referee Herb Dean took a point from Santos for the second nasty foul.

Munoz decided to gut out the remainder of the fight, and he looked pretty good for the final minutes of the bout. He landed a takedown, some solid ground-and-pound, and even threw a big flying knee that might have changed the direction of the fight if it had landed.

In the end, the fight went to the judges scorecards. Santos was awarded the win 29-27 on all three judges’ scorecards. Munoz, meanwhile, was awarded a trip to the hospital, where he shared the painful aftermath of taking two big punts to the junk.

“That was a nice shot to my nuts though,” Munoz wrote with a laugh emoji, holding a jug full of his urine with a lot of blood in it. “2,000 retweets and I’ll upload the hospital images of my swollen nut sack.”

As of this writing, that last message from Munoz only has 17 retweets, so we’re safe from any more explicit pictures of the damage he took. The loss drops “Kid Kvenbo” to 2-3 in UFC, while Santos advances to 2-1 with the promotion.

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