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Matt Brown continues Conor McGregor feud, compares followers to ‘Miley fans’

UFC Fight Night: Brown v Barberena Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Matt Brown usually keeps quiet when it comes to social media callouts, but the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran has been having a field day with Conor McGregor over the past week. A feud between Brown and McGregor seemed unlikely given who they are and where they are in their respective careers, but that’s exactly what has happened.

The bad blood stemmed from a recent interview Brown did with Michael Bisping in which “Immortal” labeled McGregor a “f—king bum.” It was a harsh assessment, but Brown did pay tribute to McGregor’s past accomplishments.

“[McGregor is] a nobody in my opinion,” said Brown. “He was amazing --- I give him props for everything he did. At this point he’s a bum.

“Everything you see is him drinking, or getting coked up, or you know, he’s juiced out of his mind. That’s f—king bum life, to me. All that money don’t make you not a bum .... When you step in the cage you’re a f—king bum.”

After learning about Brown’s comments, McGregor wasted little time jumping on social media and taking a real personal dig at “Immortal.” In typical McGregor fashion the tweet has since been deleted, but luckily we have it below.

“Matt Brown, heroin addict,” wrote McGregor.

“Notorious” then followed that tweet up with a video of Brown getting flatlined by Donald Cerrone. The post had a caption that read, “Ya’ll wanna see a dead body?”

Late Friday, Brown sent another follow up to McGregor. This time around he focused on McGregor’s wild fan base. It’s highly likely that Brown has been getting a plethora of DM’s from crazed McGregor fans over the past week. The UFC veteran has had enough.

“Conor fanboys are basically same demographic as Miley fans. At least Conor was once a great champion with a crazy high ceiling… Bring on the haaaate pussies,” wrote Brown.

Thoughts? Are you Team McGregor or Team Brown?

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