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UFC Vegas 74 results, live stream play-by-play updates | Kara-France vs. Albazi

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to its APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the UFC Vegas 74 mixed martial arts (MMA) event TONIGHT (Sat., June 3, 2023), streaming LIVE on ESPN and ESPN+. UFC Vegas 74 will be headlined by the 125-pound showdown between Top 10-ranked flyweight contenders Kai Kara-France and Amir Albazi. Before that five-round clash of styles gets underway, featherweight veterans Alex Caceres and Daniel Pineda collide in UFC Vegas 74’s co-main event. Elsewhere on the card, lightweight mainstay Jim Miller welcomes UFC newcomer, Jesse Butler, to life inside the Octagon.

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LIGHTWEIGHT CONTENDER COLLISION! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to “The Lone Star State” on Sat., Dec. 2, 2023, with a 155-pound main event showdown between top-ranked division contenders, Beneil Dariush (No. 4) vs. Arman Tsarukyan (No. 8), both of whom are looking to inch closer to a division title shot in 2024. In UFC Austin’s co-main event, Bobby Green will looks to continue his resurgence against short-notice “Tarantula,” Jalin Turner.

Don’t miss a single second of face-punching action! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 74 fight card below, starting with the ESPN/ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 6 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN/ESPN+ main card start time at 9 p.m. ET. Bet on all the UFC Vegas 74 action with our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook right here.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Kara-France vs. Albazi.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Vegas 74 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).


Kai Kara-France vs. Amir Albazi — Albazi def. Kara-France by split decision (47-48, 48-47 x2) — SCORECARDS
Alex Caceres vs. Daniel Pineda — Caceres def. Pineda by unanimous decision (29-28 x3) — RECAP
Jim Miller vs. Jesse Butler — Miller def. Butler by KO (punch) at 0:23 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Tim Elliott vs. Victor Altamirano — Elliott def. Altamirano by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Karine Silva vs. Ketlen Souza — Silva def. Souza by submission (straight ankle lock) at 1:45 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Elizeu Zaleski vs. Abubakar Nurmagomedov — Zaleski def. Nurmagomedov by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
Johnny Munoz vs. Daniel Santos — Santos def. Munoz by unanimous decision (29-27 x3)
Andrei Arlovski vs. Don’Tale Mayes — Mayes def. Arlovski by TKO (punches) at 3:17 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
John Castaneda vs. Muin Gafurov — Castaneda def. Gafurov by unanimous decision (29-27 x3)
Jamie Mullarkey vs. Muhammad Naimov — Naimov def. Mullarkey by TKO (punches) at 2:59 of Round Two
Jinh Yu Frey vs. Elise Reed — Reed def. Frey by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Da’Mon Blackshear vs. Luan Lacerda — Blackshear def. Lacerda by TKO (punches) at 3:54 of Round Two
Maxim Grishin vs. Philipe Lins — Lins def. Grishin by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)


125 lbs.: Kai Kara-France vs. Amir Albazi

Round 1: Tentative start. Albazi on the front foot, steadily pressuring. One minute in. Right hand to level change. Albazi keeping Kara-France against the fence. Two minutes in. Albazi tries a combo on the exit. Chopping right as they trade. Two minutes to go.

Albazi throwing a lot of right hands, not landing clean. Kara-France advances behind the jab, lands a low kick. Check hook, triple jab. 1-2 falls short with a minute to go. Both swinging big but not landing flush. They posture at each other for a moment, then Kara-France lands a 1-1-2. 10-9 Kara-France.

Round 2: Albazi continuing to pressure, lands a solid 1-2. Jab exchange. One minute in. Low kick from Albazi. Kara-France backs him off with a combo. Stiff jab by Albazi. Solid low kick from Kara-France. Long left in combination two minutes in. Nip-and-tuck so far, nieither one making a big impression. Albazi shoots against the fence, Kara-France denies it. Solid low kick from Kara-France. Two minutes to go.

Neither fighter committing to much. Good left hook by Albazi. Kara-France pops him with jabs, falls short with a combo. One minute to go. Hard counter 1-2 from Albazi knocks Kara-France off-balance. Kara-France low kick. Another left hook from Albazi. Kara-France lands a combo against the fence, eats an uppercut. 10-9 Albazi.

Round 3: Solid low kick from Kara-France. Albazi still pushing forward, tries a double-leg. Good move to the rear waist lock. He trips Kara-France to the mat, can’t establish. One minute in. Albazi drags him down again, Kara-France fighting it off with the switch. Albazi looking for the back, has a hook in against the fence. Dropping punches two minutes in. Albazi can’t get the second hook in, but he has full control. There’s the second hook, then the body triangle with two minutes to go.

Albazi hunting the RNC. He worms it under the chin, but the angle isn’t there. One minute to go. Kara-France stands, Albazi still attached, then dumps Albazi down into guard. Solid elbows from Kara-France. He postures up to drop shots in the final seconds. 10-9 Albazi.

Round 4: Inside low kick and body jab from Kara-France to start. Hard body kick. Good 1-2. Albazi just misses with a cross counter. Kara-France 1-2 likewise goes high. Kara-France landing jabs, not quite finding the big shots a minute in. Continuing to pump the jab. Counter right from Albazi to answer a body kick. Front kick falls short. He’s looking a bit winded. Two minutes in. Nice level change from Albazi into the rear waist lock. He tries a right hand on the exit. Kara-France throwing some heavy shots with two minutes to go.

Kara-France continuing to work behind the jab. One minute to go. Cross counter from Albazi. Kara-France catches a body kick for a takedown, but Albazi scrambles right back to his feet and puts him on the fence. Separation. 10-9 Kara-France.

Round 5: Kara-France coming on strong with jabs and right hands. Low kick exchange, 1-2 from Kara-France. Big lead right lands clean. Albazi tries to change levels, denied, then gets in deep on the re-shoot a minute in. Holding onto the body lock. Kara-France defends, then separates with just over three minutes to go. Solid right from Albazi. Kara-France tries a flying knee. He’s in full control of the standup, potshotting a hesitant Albazi. More low kicks from Kara-France. Two minutes to go.

Kara-France piling up volume at his preferred distance. Albazi limited to the occasional big counter attempt. One minute to go. There’s a solid right hand from Albazi that seems to invigorate him. Kara-France retakes control, stuffs a takedown, and continues to land heavy fire. They slug it out in the final seconds. 10-9 Kara-France.

Final result: Albazi def. Kara-France by split decision

145 lbs.: Alex Caceres vs. Daniel Pineda

Round 1: Low kick from Pineda to start. Caceres fires some head kicks, then counters a Pineda level change to land on top in half guard. Pineda quickly works back to the feet, fires a leg kick, and shoots. Caceres nearly jumps directly onto his back before settling on top a minute in. Pineda tosses up a triangle, nothing there. He works his way up, eating a couple punches as he does. Solid low kick two minutes in. Pineda shoots, eats elbows from a one-legged Caceres. Caceres denies a whizzer kick to land on top once again. Solid punches from guard. Two minutes to go.

Beautiful armbar transition from Pineda, but Caceres somehow spins free, avoiding a triangle as he does. He waves Pineda to his feet. Pineda low kick, Caceres body shot. One minute to go. Caceres puts him on the fence, fires an elbow on the break. 1-2 stings Pineda and Caceres tries to bomb him out, eating a counter and surrendering a takedown in the waning seconds. 10-9 Caceres.

Round 2: Pineda opens with some heavy right hands before dragging Caceres to the mat. Caceres works his way up, Pineda still attached. Elbow and right hand on the break a minute in. Caceres reverses and separates. Good 1-2. Pineda tries a a pair of ugly spinning back fists and eats some heavy counters for it. He shoots, winning the scramble to take top side control. Caceres tries to toss up a triangle two minutes in. Pineda moves to the back, body triangle locked in. Caceres turns into top guard, eating elbows. Two minutes to go.

Pineda looking for a kimura, uses it to spin into mount. Solid elbow. One minute to go. Caceres manages to regain guard. Big elbow from Pineda. 10-9 Pineda.

Round 3: Hard body kick hurts Pineda and Caceres goes to work against the fence, sharpshooting with punches. Pineda throwing low kicks in return, gets dropped by one from Caceres. Nasty right body shot from Caceres a minute in. He tries to follow with an uppercut and Pineda takes him down, but he can’t establish. Caceres sniping at range. Pineda whiffs a spinning back fist. Huge left to the body from Caceres. Pineda comes back with an overhand right, eats straight lefts as he tries to pursue. Two minutes in. Another Caceres body kick. Pineda answers in kind, then whiffs on an ugly overhand right. Step-in knee seems to really bother Pineda. Left hand behind it. 1-2. Caceres eating Pineda alive with two minutes to go.

Pineda still wading in, eats a low kick and punches. Nice head kick by Caceres. Pineda pushes him back with a straight right, then a leg kick. More lefts from Caceres, who moves to the body lock. Pineda tries to granby roll and gives up his back. Full body triangle for Caceres with a minute to go. Pineda works his way back to the feet. More body work from Caceres. Pineda wading in with big swings, appears to drop Pineda with an overhand right. A final surge isn’t enough. 10-9 Caceres.

Final result: Caceres def. Pineda by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Jim Miller vs. Jesse Butler

Round 1: Butler comes out swinging, but that turns out to be a terrible mistake, as Miller roars back and just obliterates Butler with a left hand against the fence. Butler slumps, unconscious on impact, and the fence props him up long enough for Miller to follow up with a coffin nail uppercut. Highlight-reel knockout for Jim Miller.

Final result: Miller def. Butler by KO (punch)

125 lbs.: Tim Elliott vs. Victor Altamirano

Round 1: Altamirano opens with a flurry of kicks, only for Elliott to quickly take him down into half guard. Altamirano throwing hammerfists off of his back. Elliott lets him up a minute in, then catches a kick to take him down into guard again and fire hammerfists. Altamirano considers an armbar, then throws elbows off his back. Elliott chipping awawy with short punches. Two minutes in. Nice elbows. Altamirano active off of his back, not finding much success. Two minutes to go.

Elliott continues to work from guard as Altamirano fruitlessly looks for submissions. One minute to go. More elbows from Elliott. He postures up and swarms at the bell. 10-9 Elliott.

Round 2: Hard 1-2 from Altamirano. He tries to jump on Elliott’s back in the clinch, but Elliott rolls into top guard and goes right back to work. Short punches and elbows. One minute in. Altamirano scrambles to his feet and cracks Elliott with a clean head kick, prompting ELliott to shoot and subsequently pull guard. Elliott looking to scramble, stuck on his back two minutes in. Elliott works his way back to his feet and tries to jump on a guillotine when Altamirano changes levels. Nothing there, so he scrambles back to his feet. Big overhand left with two minutes to go.

Altamirano tossing out kicks. He dips his head as Elliott enters and winds up stuck on his back. Elliott on top in something resembling side control, then settles in guard with a minute to go. He rides out the round from there. 10-9 Altamirano.

Round 3: Some awkward posturing to start the round. The ref tells them to engage and they oblige with some solid shots. Lots of circling from Elliott. One minute in. Altamirano tries a wheel kick, then a head kick, which allows Elliott to take him down into guard. Heavy top pressure from Elliott. Chipping away at the base of the fence two minutes in. Altamirano tries to bring up his legs, no dice. Two minutes to go.

Altamirano gets to his seat, eats a knee on the way up. Elliott left hand, Altamirano head kick. Hard knee by Elliott. Double left by Altamirano, who lands a nice combination but gets taken down for it. One minute to go. Elliott lands short punches and elbows for a while, posturing up for a big flurry at the bell. 10-9 Elliott.

Final result: Elliott def. Altamirano by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Karine Silva vs. Ketlen Souza

Round 1: Silva swings a right hand and charges into the clinch, quickly dragging Souza down into half guard. Working on a front headlock. One minute in. Silva postures up for some punches, then falls back for a straight ankle lock that draws an instant tap. Souza looks like her knee might be injured.

Final result: Silva def. Souza by submission (straight ankle lock)

170 lbs.: Elizeu Zaleski vs. Abubakar Nurmagomedov

Round 1: Nurmagomedov answers a low kick with some right hands that have Zaleski hastily retreating. Nurmagomedov changes levels and puts him on the fence. One minute in. Knees to the body from Zaleski. They trade knees and Nurmagomedov re-engages two minutes in. Elbow from Nurmagomedov, flurry from Zaleski. Zaleski denying the takedown so far but struggling to separate. Solid knee. Two minutes to go.

Ref separates them for inactivity. Low kicks from Zaleski. One minute to go. Nurmagomedov shoots, denied, then again soon after. Body kick by Zaleski, throwing heat. Flying knee falls just short and Nurmagomedov answers with a teep. Zaleski catches a kick, tries a knee at the bell. 10-9 Nurmagomedov.

Round 2: Zaleski continuing to send out heavy low kicks. Solid body kick as well. Nurmagomedov not throwing a ton in return. Great counter uppercut by Zaleski, who puts Nurmagomedov on the fence. Stiff jab from Nurmagomedov when they separate. More leg kicks from Nurmagomedov. Zaleski gets a little wild with a rush and Nurmagomedov grabs a body lock before putting him on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Zaleski tries to shove him away and throw, but it allows Nurmagomedov to tie back up. Solid knee from Zaleski. Long 1-2. More low kicks. Hard clinch knees as he denies an attempt to clinch. Nurmagomedov hauls him to the fence again with a minute to go. Slick foot sweep puts Nurmagomedov on top in guard with 15 minutes to work. 10-9 Zaleski on damage?

Round 3: Trading kicks to start. Glancing jump knee from Zaleski after Nurmagomedov slips. More heavy low kicks. One minute in. Reactive level change by Nurmagomedov, who takes him to the fence. Side kick on the break. Zaleski shoots, nothing doing. Good counter right. Body kick two minutes in. Another counter right lands clean. Nurmagomedov catches a body kick, can’t use it. He shoots, denied, moves to the body lock. They separate with two minutes to go.

Hard Thai knees from Zaleski, then punches behind it. Nurmagomedov lands his own shot, then changes levels into Zaleski’s sprawl. Knee from Zaleski, who wraps up an anaconda choke but gives up his back trying to finish it. Nurmagomedov playing backpack with a minute to go. Zaleski breaks the grip and Nurmagomedov shoots back in. Brutal shots from Zaleski on the break. Zaleski lands some shots right at the bell and Nurmagomedov responds by slapping him in the face. 10-9 Zaleski.

Final result: Zaleski def. Nurmagomedov by split decision

135 lbs.: Johnny Munoz vs. Daniel Santos

Round 1: Santos catches Munoz with a low blow in the opening seconds as both men kick at the same time. It’s a bad one, and Munoz takes a couple minutes to recover before they resume. Santos throws some hard shots and Munoz changes levels to get double unders. Santos goes for a whizzer kick, then Munoz jumps guard. One minute in. Munoz spins for an armbar, fires upkicks, then locks up a triangle. Santos works his way free and stands over him, ultimately letting him back to his feet. Two minutes in. Counter knee lands for Munoz as Santos marches after him. Spinning back kick from Santos. Now it’s Santos who eats a low blow. He doesn’t take long to recover and get back to it. Munoz changes levels underneath a right hand and both men land knees downstairs before they separate. Two minutes to go.

Santos catches Munoz with an uppercut on the way in and Munoz again jumps guard. Santos again lets him up and fires kicks. Munoz shoots, tries to take the back, eats a right hand as Santos dives back into his guard. One minute to go. Short elbow from Santos. He stands in the last 10 seconds. 10-9 Santos.

Round 2: Santos pushing forward with body and leg kicks. He lands a left hook and Munoz puts him on the fence in return. Whizzer kick from Santos and Munoz again pulls guard. Solid punches from Santos a minute in. More short punches. Santos lands some more good shots, then stands over him and kicks his legs. Two minutes in. Santos goes back down into guard. Hard flurry of punches. Two minutes to go.

Santos is really doing some damage from Munoz’s guard and Munoz isn’t offering much in return. Santos stands and lets him up with just over a minute to go. Munoz shoots and Santos sprawls, informing the ref that Munoz is grabbing his shorts. Failed guard pull by Munoz. Body shots from Santos and Munoz pulls guard again. 10-9 Santos.

Round 3: The round opens with a low blow from Santos. The ref takes a point despite the fact that the kick landed to the thigh before moving up to the groin. When they resume, Santos comes out throwing, then hurls Munoz to the mat when the latter tries to shoot. Munoz closes guard and is in full hugging mode, keeping Santos from posturing. One minute in. Solid punches from Santos. He stands over Munoz and goes back to kicking his legs. Munoz trips him up and tries a flying knee. Santos goes for a wheel kick and stumbles a bit, allowing Munoz to jump on a guillotine. Santos breaks his grip and follows him back down into guard. Short punches from Santos. Two minutes to go.

Munoz not offering much off of his back besides controlling Santos’ posture. Santos picking his shots, stands over him. The ref calls Munoz up. Munoz catches a kick and settles in Santos’ guard. Santos tries to shove him away, then blasts Munoz with an upkick before scrambling into top position. He lets Munoz up, then goes for a rolling thunder. 9-9 with the point deduction.

Final result: Santos def. Munoz by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Andrei Arlovski vs. Don’Tale Mayes

Round 1: Mayes comes out with some big swings, but gets clipped by an early counter. Another loaded-up counter right from Arlovski doesn’t land clean. One minute in. Double left from Mayes. He’s throwing a lot but failing to find the mark so far. Arlovski to the body. Mayes as well. Two minutes in. Arlovski tries a double right. Mayes looks for a head kick. Mayes falls short with a lengthy combo. Two minutes to go.

1-3 from Mayes. Arlovski falls short with lead rights. Two minutes to go. Mayes rushes, misses with everything. Fairly sedate pace so far, with Mayes trying the occasional burst of violence with no success. Spinning back fist from Arlovski glances off. Mayes stumbles a bit trying to rush, briefly gets a body lock. Solid elbows from Mayes, then a left that rattles Arlovski in the final seconds. 10-9 Mayes.

Round 2: Teep from Mayes early on. Mayes charges in head-first and their heads collide, prompting a pause. Low kick from Arlovski a minute in. Mayes catches a body kick, can’t use it. Long combo from Mayes, left hand connects. Another clash of heads as Arlovski throws a combo. Corkscrew uppercut by Mayes two minutes in. 1-2 lands for Arlovski. Mayes low kick. Solid combo by Arlovski. Two minutes to go.

Mayes finally times an overhand right perfectly over Arlovski’s jab and this one lands on the chin, sending Arlovski tumbling down and allowing Mayes to finish him off with a flurry of hammerfists.

Final result: Mayes def. Arlovsky by TKO (punches)

135 lbs.: John Castaneda vs. Muin Gafurov

Round 1: Castaneda denies the first level change. Trading low kicks. Gafurov shoots a single against the fence, can’t complete it. One minute in. Body kick from Gafurov. Castaneda showing a lot of stance switches. Front kick from Castaneda, overhand right from Gafurov. Gafurov follows an axe kick with a wheel kick. Lead left by Castaneda. Solid low kick two minutes in. Gafurov catches a kick, fires punches, tries to shoot again. More heavy pressure from Gafurov, who answers a straight left with a body kick. Another attempted spin. Quick left from Castaneda. Low kick, straight left, another straight left to answer a left hook. Two minutes to go.

Castaneda denies a level change, then floors Gafurov with a head kick and right hand behind it before following into half guard. Gafurov works his way to an attempted back take with a minute to go. Nice scramble ends with them back on the feet. Gafurov body kick. Gafurov wades in with big swings. 10-9 Castaneda.

Round 2: Gafurov comes out swinging, then tries to call time for a headbutt. Gafurov really swinging for the fences. Some are getting through. Sharp straight left by Castaneda. One minute in. Castaneda changes levels, denied. Heavy low kick by Gafurov, who continues to throw heat. Caastaneda gets double underhooks and takes him down, then jumps on his back and looks for the RNC. Gafurov quickly gets to his feet and goes back to hurling haymakers. Big shots landing on the fence. Two minutes in. Castaneda coming back with nasty straight punches. The ref calls time as Gafurov wades in and their heads collide. Gafurov loses a point, which seems a bit excessive but he was definitely leading with his forehead. Once that’s settled, they get right back to throwing heat. Gafurov catches a kick for a takedown, can’t keep him down. Kneeing the thighs against the fence. Two minutes to go.

Castaneda tries a granby roll and Gafurov grabs a front headlock, controlling Castaneda’s leg. Solid shots from Gafurov on the exit. One minute to go. Big left hook lands for Gafurov as he bombs away. Massive 1-2 from Castaneda soon after. Castaneda shoots, eats a couple Browne-style elbows, spins to the body lock. 9-9 with the point deduction.

Round 3: Heavy low kick from Gafurov. Castaneda comes back with a straight left. Gafurov overhand right into a level change. He gets a bit of space, lands punches, then shoots back in. Nice switch by Castaneda and a right hook on the way out a minute in. Trading punches. Body kick from Gafurov. Castaneda hauls him to the fence, tries a spinning elbow. Two minutes in. Hard flurry by Gafurov, then another level change. Castaneda denies it and puts him on the fence. Successful level change into guard. Two minutes to go.

Gafurov turns to his knees and slowly works his way up. Castaneda staying attached. One minute to go. Castaneda drags him down again 30 seconds later. Full mount, then the back. Great fight. 10-9 Castaneda.

Final result: Castaneda def. Gafurov by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Jamie Mullarkey vs. Muhammad Naimov

Round 1: Solid low kicks from Naimov in the early going. Brief clinch. Mullarkey to the body a minute in. Body kicks from both. Mullarkey wraps up the body lock and drags Naimov to a knee against the fence. They separate two minutes in. Mullarkey catches a body kick, can’t secure the takedown. Solid 1-2 against the fence. Lots of pressure from Mullarkey in the early going. Naimov shoots, Mullarkey grabs double unders and drags him to a knee. Naimov gets to his feet, still stuck against the fence. Dirty boxing from Mullarkey. They separate with two minutes to go.

Mullarkey continuing to advance, lands right hands. Stiff jab and leg kick by Naimov. Front kick upstairs. He rushes in and Mullarkey hauls him to the fence. One minute to go. Nice short uppercut and jab by Naimov on the exit. Naimov body kick, Mullarkey low kick. Heavy Mullarkey body shot into the clinch. They trade knees inside, then Mullarkey lands a right on the exit. 10-9 Mullarkey.

Round 2: Naimov’s first leg kick of the round goes right to the groin. Mullarkey continuing to pressure. Low kick from Naimov. Hard 1-2 by Mullarkey, his best punch of the fight. One minute in. Quick exchange in the center. Mullarkey body kick, heavy jab behind it. Naimov’s cardio is holding up better than I thought it might, but Mullarkey’s pressure is doing work. Nice spinning back kick by Naimov prompts Mullarkey to tie up and this time he completes the takedown. Looking for the back as Naimov stands. Solid short right hands before they separate. Naimov just misses with a wheel kick, lands a left hook behind it. Mullarkey continues to pressure, but this time Naimov’s waiting with a nasty right hook that sends Mularkey to the mat. Naimov piles up hammerfists until the ref intervenes.

Final result: Naimov def. Mullarkey by TKO (punches)

115 lbs.: Jinh Yu Frey vs. Elise Reed

Round 1: Reed comes out aggressive, opens with a leg kick. Frey shoots under a 1-2 and puts her on the fence before dragging her down into half guard. One minute in. Reed regains guard. Short punches from Frey. Two minutes in. Reed considers an omoplata, then gets enough space to stand up and separate. Hard 1-2 from Frey after eating a right hand. Frey low kick. Two minutes to go.

Frey answers a 1-2 with a double-leg. Reed gets double unders and stands, eating a body kick as she does. Lead left by Frey. Reed backs her up, fires a 1-2 with a minute to go. Heavy counter left by Frey. Quick exchange. Reed fires a combination, lands knees to the body when Frey clinches. Big left by Frey on the exit. Reed pursues in the waning seconds and Frey cracks her with a pair of counter lefts. 10-9 Frey.

Round 2: Low kicks from Reed to start. Solid body kick. Slick right hook by Frey a minute in. More low kicks by Reed. 1-2s. Side kick. Good exchange two minutes in. Reactive level change by Frey puts her on top in half guard. Frey drops some solid left hands when Reed regains guard with two minutes to go.

Reed considering a sweep, Frey not doing much from the top. One minute to go. Reed tries an armbar, then kicks Frey off of her. 1-2. Reed wading after her, lands some solid punches before tying up. 10-9 Frey.

Round 3: Trading low kicks to start. Body kick exchange. Reed puts her on the fence when Frey tries to tie up. Reed lands a knee before separating. Frey changes levels under a 1-2 and puts Reed on the fence again. Reed lands a knee before separating. Two minutes in. Lead right by Reed. Reed low kick, Frey body shot. Reed patiently advancing, nice snap kicks. She changes levels, lands shots in the clinch. Two minutes to go.

They separate. Reed advancing, both try head kicks. Hard left hands from Reed against the fence. She’s forcing Frey to retreat, landing jabs. One minute to go. Nice counter right by Frey, her best shot in a while. Reed lead right. Spinning back kick falls short. More jabs. Frey changes levels, no dice, lands a left on the exit. Reed puts together combos at the bell. 10-9 Reed.

Final result: Reed def. Frey by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Da’Mon Blackshear vs. Luan Lacerda

Round 1: Both men in tall stances to start. Low kicks from Lacerda, front kick from Blackshear in return. Lacerda counters a body kick with a heavy left hand that prompts Blackshear to haul him to the fence. One minute in. Blackshear moves to a rear body lock and lands knees to the thigh. Lacerda rolls for a kneebar to kick off a scramble. Blackshear landing some punches as he defends two minutes in. Lacerda still hunting the kneebar. He finally manages to get Blackshear’s leg straight, but Blackshear’s knee slips out and they scramble back to their feet with two minutes to go.

Trading solid punches, Blackshear with volume and Lacerda with power. Lovely takedown by Blackshear. Lacerda quickly gets back to his feet and they trade inside with a minute to go. 1-2s from Lacerda as Blackshear pops him with jabs. Nasty right from Blackshear. Blackshear landing counters. Lacerda changes levels and rolls through Blackshear’s kimura trap to land on top. 10-9 Blackshear.

Round 2: Right back to trading punches. Blackshear’s length and volume are doing work for him. Lacerda slowly marching after him. Solid low kick. Body shot. Good counters from Blackshear on the fence. One minute in. Hard body shot from Lacerda, but Blackshear’s still getting the better of it as he circles. Lacerda gets over-unders, ends up on the bottom, rolls for another kneebar two minutes in. Awkward entanglement as Lacerda continues to try and get a good crank on the leg. Two minutes to go.

Blackshear defending well, sneaking in punches where he can. Now he commits to the punches and he’s doing damage. The right hands pile up until the ref steps in.

Final result: Blackshear def. Lacerda by TKO (punches)

205 lbs.: Maxim Grishin vs. Philipe Lins

Round 1: Lins quickly takes the center, and when Grishin tries to force him back, “Monstro” cracks him with an overhand right and hauls him to the fence. Grishin soon separates. Low kick exchange. One minute in. Body jab from Lins, then a long left into a combo that prompts Grishin to tie up. Lins reverses, landing short shots. He changes levels two minutes in, nothing there. Back to the center. Lins staying aggressive, soon ties up again. Two minutes to go.

They separate and trade combos. Nasty uppercut by Lins, who ties up afterwards. They separate with a minute to go. Grishin tosses out some head kicks that fail to connect. Lins to the body. Grishin lands a spinning elbow in the final seconds, then eats a heavy series of right hands. 10-9 Lins.

Round 2: Heavy exchanges to start the round. Lins once again takes him to the fence, can’t take him down despite an impressive lift. One minute in. Grishin chases a kimura, gets dragged to a knee. He works his way up, then blasts Lins with an elbow on the break. Grishin marching after him but Lins comes back with some nasty haymakers that back him off two minutes in. Solid body kick by Grishin, who ducks a left hand to tie up. Lins reverses and puts him on the fence again. They separate with two minutes to go.

Grishin quickly steps back into the clinch and Lins again puts him on the fence. They separate with a minute to go. The fight falls into a lull for a bit. Grishin tosses out some kicks, eats a hard counter. Nice body kick from Lina, Grishin comes back with a tight uppercut. 10-9 Lins,

Round 3: Both slam home heavy right hands in the opening seconds. Grishin tries an uppercut and eats some gnarly punches before answering with an elbow. Lins puts him on the fence once again. One minute in. They separate, tie up again, separate, tie up again. Lins hunting for a takedown against the fence. Two minutes in. Grishin trying to land punches and elbows as he defends. Another cracking elbow from Grishin on teh break. Lins comes back with some big swings before tying up. Two minutes to go.

Lins keeping him stuck against the fence. 3-2 from Lins when they separate. Grishin plodding forward, lands a heavy body kick. He changes levels, gets put on the fence. Nice Grishin elbow. One minute to go. Grishin hits a switch in the final seconds. 10-9 Lins.

Final result: Lins def. Grishin by unanimous decision

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