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Video: Logan Paul, KSI attacked by angry PRIME fans in chaotic, bottle-bombing melee

Social media stars and part-time celebrity boxers Logan Paul and KSI are currently touring Europe to promote their new (and much-maligned) PRIME energy drink, which included a stop in Copenhagen. But it appears not everyone was happy to see them.

After KSI got done screaming into the mic to “drink PRIME,” fans started launching bottles of the “not terrible” sports drink at both parties, forcing security to swoop in and rush them to safety. Neither influencer appeared to be injured — just a little wet.

“That Prime bottle to my head was pinpoint,” KSI wrote on Twitter.

KSI and Paul recently signed a deal with Dana White and Co. to make PRIME the official sports drink of UFC, starting with the UFC 284 card earlier this year in Perth, which includes “PRIME Recovery Zones” (formerly known as red and blue corners).

It should be noted PRIME is not recommended for children under 18, according to the website, probably because it’s laced with 200 milligrams of caffeine. By comparison, the standard can of Red Bull has just 80 milligrams of caffeine, according to ABC.

Side effects include nausea, restlessness, and the desire to pelt someone with a plastic bottle.

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