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Nate Diaz’s teammate Chris Avila claims negative sparring stories are bulls—t

Avila pushed back against reports that Diaz hasn’t been faring well against boxers in sparring sessions as the Stockton fighter prepares for his fight against Jake Paul.

Is Nate Diaz about to get tooled up badly when he boxes Jake Paul inside American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on Aug. 5, 2023?

That’s the consensus coming from the boxing community, with Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn predicting Diaz won’t last four rounds against the younger and bigger Paul. There’s also been some not-so-kind stories shared by boxers who have sparred Diaz. One of those came from Olympic silver medalist, Esquiva Falcao, who suggested Diaz had nothing but toughness on his side (a nice way of saying he was a punching bag).

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Diaz’s homie, Chris Avila, came to Diaz’s defense regarding Falcao’s story.

“Bro, that guy got f—ed up,” Avila said (via Boxing Scene). “Yeah, we just got back — we were out in L.A. and we went to a boxing gym, this guy’s like a silver medalist out of Brazil and whatever. He’s 30-0, he’s fighting for a world title next week ... So, Nate sparred this guy, did 12 rounds. Bro, he got f—ed up. He lost every round.

“Then afterward he immediately goes to the coach, ‘Oh, I’m cutting weight, that’s why I didn’t look too good,’” Avila claimed. “And then you see on his [Instagram] story, it’s in Portuguese so we had somebody translate — and he was talking s—! The next day we went back and the coach was like, ‘Yo, he wants to spar you. So I sparred him, and then he lost every round again — and he still said goes and talks some more shit in Portuguese. But, we didn’t know until after all the sparring.

“Anyways, to that guy, f— that guy, too,” Avila concluded.

So, who do we believe?

The professional boxers who aren’t likely to give a mixed martial arts (MMA) dude like Diaz credit if he’s doing well against him? Or, Diaz’s teammates, who aren’t about to be talking trash about their guy?

We’ll have to see what Diaz can do in the ring on fight night against “The Problem Child.”

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