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Video: Fighter freezes opponent on the feet with gnarly one-punch KO | RIZIN 43

Fight fans got an early Saturday treat (June 24, 2023) when kickboxing standout Minoru Kimura delivered a devastating first-round knockout blow at RIZIN 43 from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, to leave his opponent frozen on the feet.

This kickboxing match was part of a 17-fight RIZIN card that packed a lot of punch coming into this weekend. Kimura is a former K-1 welterweight champion, but he has never competed in kickboxing under the RIZIN banner. The Brazilian fighter did have his lone mixed martial arts (MMA) bout at a RIZIN event back in 2016 and ended up losing to Charles Bennett with a seven-second TKO.

On Saturday, Kimura was matched up against fellow kickboxer, Daryl Lokoku, who has spent more time dabbling in the world of MMA. It took Kimura just over one minute to stalk Lokoku down and land a massive left hook in the corner. Lokoku instantly froze on his feet like someone had encased him in ice. He slowly started to fall to the canvas as Kimura delivered another punch for good measure.

It was an incredible finish and the 15th-straight win for Kimura that has ended by way of knockout.

Check out the final moments above. Is this one of the best finishes of the year?

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