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Highlights: Watch Devon Larratt sweep huge arm wrestling showdown, win King of the Table 7 | Larratt vs. Chaffee

Another epic set of arm wrestling matches went down at King of the Table 7 earlier today (Sat., June 24, 2023) from inside The Space in Dubai, as all-time great arm wrestler, Devon Larratt, met American veteran, Dave Chaffee, in a main event grudge match.

Larratt is one of the most well-known professional arm wrestlers in the world today and a guy who has even tested his luck inside of the boxing ring, which didn’t exactly go as planned. Larratt was back on the table Saturday afternoon for a showdown with Chaffee. The main event clash was an anticipated one, especially after Larratt and Chaffee nearly fought during Friday’s press conference.

Check it out below:

On Saturday, the two big men settled the score with their right arms. In classic Larratt form, the Canadian legend dominated Chaffee every single round. He would not be stopped in his pursuit of a 6-0 shutout and ultimate bragging rights.

Check out some of the footage below:

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