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‘Worlds Collide’ live stream results, full boxing coverage | Influencer Fight League 6

Get ready for the ultimate showdown at Influencer Fight League’s IFL 6: Worlds Collide!

It all goes down TONIGHT (Sat., June 24, 2023) live from inside Academy Theater in Los Angeles, Calif., streaming live online via (watch it here). Some of the hottest influencers from TikTok and Instagram will step inside the boxing ring to deliver seven electrifying matches and four title bouts.

In IFL 6’s pay-per-view (PPV) main event, Albert Ochoa — the guy who took Kylie Jenner to prom — defends his ICB North American Super Welterweight title against none other than Xavier Long, the TikTok sensation with a whopping 3.4 billion views for his loyalty-testing pranks on girlfriends.

That’s not all.

Nikki “Kanga” Hru takes on Brooklyn Barwick for the ICB and IFL Featherweight titles, while former professional football players, A.J. Hotchkins and Dominic Barry, throw down in a Tag Team Heavyweight Open Challenge. In addition, Nick Nack Pattywack — the infamous brawler whose Denny’s fight went viral — is stepping into the ring against Big Sam, the social media sensation who delights millions by devouring Doritos and other crazy substances.

All that and much more.

IFL 6 will start at 6:30 p.m. ET on FITE.TV. Meanwhile, will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire “Worlds Collide” fight card below — enjoy the show!

IFL 6: World’s Collide Quick Results

Albert Ochoa def. Xavier Long — Split decision (no scores announced)
Nick Joseph def. Samuel Jones — KO, Rd. 1, 0:43
Nikki Hru def. Brooklyn Barwick — Unanimous decision (no scores announced)
AJ Hotchkins and Dominic Barry def. Luis Vasquez and Hiram Rodusco — Unanimous decision (no scores announced)
Juju Ramos def. Josue Rodriguez — Split decision (no scores announced)
K.C. Mayes-Taylor def. Vincent Ruiz — Split decision (no scores announced)
Kickboxing Raul Garcia def. Antonio Amador — Split decision (no scores announced)

IFL 6 ‘Worlds Collide’ Play-By-Play Results

Albert Ochoa vs. Xavier Long

Round 1: Long in white, Ochoa in red. Long gets in the first hit with a nice right hand. Ochoa tries to tie him up, but Long’s right hand is free to club in some short shots. Ochoa with a jab. Long with good head movement to avoid much damage. Ochoa gets in a right as Long looks like he’s a bit tired. Adrenaline dump perhaps? Check hook by Ochoa. Long presses in and hits to the body. Yea, Long looks like the gas is fading.

10-9 Long

Round 2: Long coming out like a house on fire - guess he got some energy back in between rounds. Flurrying and landing some. Rights by both men. 1-1-2 from Ochoa and he lands the 2. Long with a flurry again. And again. He’s tiring himself out, but with two minute rounds, that might not be the worst strategy.

10-9 Long

Round 3: Ochoa lands a jab. Long tries to swing away, but doesn’t land clean on that one. Ochoa eats a good left hand. Another. Long being a wild spazz is working well for him. Jabs by both men. Long with a right. Long is exhausted, but digs in to flurry every time they come together. Left by Ochoa at the bell.

10-9 Long

Final result: Ochoa def. Long via split decision

Nick Joseph vs. Samuel Jones

Round 1: Nick “Nick Nack Pattywhack” Joseph in purple, “Big Sam” Jones in red. Joseph with a jab to start. Sam charges in, loses his footing. Nick backs up Sam into the corner and hits a big, big left hand. Jones covering up and absorbing a beating here. He crumples to the canvas and that’s it.

Final result: Joseph def. Jones via KO, Rd. 1 0:43

Nikki Hru vs. Brooklyn Barwick

Round 1: Barwick in black, Hru in blue. Hru walks Barwick into a strong right. Barwick brawling forward. Barwick keeps circling into the power hand of Hru, who obliges her with another right to the head. Barwick with a left, Hru gives back one of her own. Right hand again for Hru, who has found a home for that.

10-9 Hru

Round 2: Barwick with a right hand, but has no clue what correct footwork is, and it’s showing as she walks into Hru’s fists. Right again. Hru with a big right left that has the ref intervene for a... not a standing-8, but an intervention? I’ll call it an 9, because I guess I can. Hru’s hooks aren’t the fastest, but they’re landing like they were one half of a magnet and Barwick’s left cheek was the other half. Barwick gets in a right. And another. Eats one.

10-8 Hru

Round 3: Barwick realizes she needs a knockout, and tries some aggressions, but eats just as much as she dishes out. Hru regains the range and is going back to landing at a very high clip. Another good right hand gets an actual standing 8 this time. Barwick can’t find the range, but she’s trying. Hru’s height and length is helping her tremendously. Nice right hand by Barwick.

10-8 Hru

Final result: Hru def. Barwick via unanimous decision

AJ Hotchkins and Dominic Barry vs. Luis Vasquez and Hiram Rodusco

Round 1: OK, this was supposed to be a 1-on-1 match per their website, but now we’ve got a tag-team match. Slow start to this match as Hotchkins is peppering straight shots. Vasquez not looking like a bum, but not getting much offense off, either. Not much to really report on here, as there isn’t much damage or tags in this tag-team match.

10-9 Hotchkins

Round 2: Hotchkins still in, but Vasquez tags out for Rodusco. Rodusco’s footwork ain’t it, but he’s got quick hands. Nice right by Hotchkins. Flurry from Rodusco but it doesn’t go clean.

10-9 Hotchkins

Round 3: Barry in now and Vasquez back in the ring. Barry with a nice left. A second one and Vasquez decides to tag in Rodusco. Barry is bullying his opponent and unloading in the corner. Rodusco decides discretion is the better part of valor and tags Vasquez back in. Barry doesn’t get in anything clean before the bell sounds.

10-9 Barry

Round 4: The admins thought it was three rounds, the boxers thought it was four, and after some crowd chanting for more, we’ve got a 4th round incoming. Barry and Vasquez in. Vasquez gets in a nice jab. Another. Doesn’t seem to bother Barry, but they land. Halfway through the round and Barry hasn’t landed clean. There’s a right hand. Left to the body. Vasquez counters to the chin.

10-9 Vasquez

Final result: Barry and Hotchkins def. Vasquez and Rodusco via unanimous decision

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