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Boxing fans clown ‘stiff‘ Drake, ESPN for ‘awful’ boxing video — ‘Slightly better than CM Punk’

ESPN Ringside, the network’s social media account charged with posting relevant boxing content, recently uploaded footage of Canadian rap superstar Drake, who was smashing pads with an unnamed trainer because ... well it’s the cool thing to do, I guess.

Just ask the rusty robot who impersonated Stephen A. Smith in this training video.

Unfortunately for ESPN Ringside, and to a larger extent Drake, boxing fans were unimpressed with the channel’s decision to post the video and were downright ruthless when grading Drake’s “hands,” comparing him to UFC punchline CM Punk.

Punk stunk in two trips to the Octagon.

I’m beginning to wonder if ESPN Ringside knows what they’re talking about.

Some videos were meant to be kept private.

Who the hell runs this twitter account?

Mitt work is essentially just choreography lol.

Started from the bottom... and remained at the bottom.

There is no way bro watched this video and still wanted it posted.

Jake Paul in 4.

I mean Ronda Rousey looked good hitting pads.

Other fans defended Drake for his “decent” technique.

Celebrity boxing is all the rage these days but it’s unlikely an accomplished rapper like Drake would ever step foot inside the ring. Fading stars who want to stay relevant — and safe — have much easier routes, like Dancing with the Stars or The Masked Singer. In the case of retired UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, she had to spend a few weeks on Mars to get back in the limelight.

Perhaps Drake can drop one of those insane bets on how long “Rowdy” lasts.

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