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Video: Kickboxing match stopped after fighter brutally gets front teeth knocked out | GLORY Collision 5

Professional kickboxer Ulric Bokeme lost more than just a match Saturday afternoon (June 17, 2023) at GLORY Collision 5 from inside Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands, as the 32-year old middleweight had his front teeth knocked out in a TKO loss to Michael Boahpeah.

After a few minutes of back-and-forth action the two middleweights had a fairly normal exchange of strikes. Bokeme immediately seemed bothered by something and signaled to the referee that something was wrong with his mouthpiece. After further investigation, it was discovered that Bokeme lost multiple front teeth from the punches by Boahpeah.

It was a gnarly scene to say the least and one that caught fight fans off guard. After seeing Bokeme’s teeth missing from his mouth the referee had no choice but to call the fight. Boahpeah walked away with the first-round TKO victory and Bokeme was left to find his teeth on the canvas. He also told his corner after the brutal loss that he had swallowed a few.

Check out the final moments above and the aftermath below:

We’ve seen some pretty gruesome teeth injuries throughout the years. This would include Anthony Smith’s brutal TKO loss to Glover Teixeira a few years back in which he handed his teeth to the referee mid-fight. But after seeing the aftermath of Bokeme’s mouth on Saturday this one may take the cake.


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