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Dana White claims Power Slap surpassed NHL in popularity because hockey journalists are old and dumb

Power Slap is now more popular than NHL.

That’s according to UFC President Dana White, who created the cheek-checking league last fall. Unlike the decrepit old blowhards at NHL, who skated past the idea of using younger, hipper marketing partners like NELK, White and Co. embraced the next generation of social media influencers and put them to work for the greater good.

“F**k ’em, they’re all old, dumb f**king people that have no idea what’s going on,” White said. “They have no idea where this younger generation is, how you reach them, any of that s**t. Total video views for the NHL, the middle of their conference finals, they did 25 million video views. Power Slap did 90 million. So, all these people that are talking s**t out there, you know, it’s all old, dumb f**king journalists. NHL don’t want the NELK Boys? No problem. I got ’em.”

And they didn’t come cheap, based on this outrageous cash transaction that remains none of your business.

Power Slap may be popular on social media, thanks to its gory, slap-happy highlights, but it failed to deliver good enough ratings to keep it afloat on TBS. After just one season, White was forced to ship his outfit to the unheralded “Rumble” app, not long after announcing his future Slap fights would take place on Fight Island, far away from the meddling lawmakers who want the face-busting circus shut down for good.

Power Slap returns to Rumble on July 7.

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