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Bellator 297 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates | Nemkov vs. Romero

Bellator 297 is set to go down later TONIGHT (Sat., June 16, 2023) inside Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Ill., headlined by a Light Heavyweight title fight as Vadim Nemkov goes for his fourth consecutive title defense when he battles Yoel Romero. Co-headlining the event will be a Bantamweight title clash as Sergio Pettis battles current Featherweight champion, Patricio “Pitbull” Freire.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action, which will begin at 6 p.m. ET with YouTube “Prelims” (watch them here) and then transition to Showtime at 9 p.m. ET for main card action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 297) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!


205 lbs.: Champion Vadim Nemkov vs. Yoel Romero - Nemkov via unanimous decision - HIGHLIGHTS!
135 lbs.: Champion Sergio Pettis vs. Champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire - Pettis via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Corey Anderson vs. Phil Davis - Anderson via split decision
265 lbs.: Daniel James vs. Gokhan Saricam - Saricam via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Kyle Crutchmer vs. Bobby Nash - Crutchmer via first-round TKO
205 lbs.: Alex Polizzi vs. Karl Moore - Moore via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Wladmir Gouvea vs. Gabriel Sayeg - Gouvea via first-round knockout
155 lbs.: Mike Hamel vs. Shamil Nikaev - Hamel via majority decision
145 lbs.: Timur Khizriev vs. Richie Smullen - Khizriev via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Gadzhi Rabadanov vs. Pieter Buist - Rabadanov via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Jaleel Willis vs. Ramazan Kuramagomedov - Kuramagomedov via first-round knockout
155 lbs.: Archie Colgan vs. Emmanuel Sanchez - Colgan via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Norbert Novenyi Jr. vs. Kamil Oniszczuk - Novenyi Jr. via first-round knockout
185 lbs.: Jordan Newman vs. Matthew Perry- Newman via first round submission (americana)
145 lbs.: Cody Law vs. Edwin Chavez - Law via unanimous decision


205 lbs.: Champion Vadim Nemkov vs. Yoel Romero

Round 1: Nemkov opens up with a nasty front kick. Romero taking his time. More leg kicks by the champion. Spinning head kick misses. Romero lands his own body kick. Nemkov responds with a right hand. Another right hand by Nemkov. He’s unloading heavy punches along the cage. Romero covering up and dodging some of the shots. Two minutes off the clock. Counter right by Nemkov. Romero misses on a superman punch attempt. More kicks by Nemkov. Big right hand backs Romero up. He responds with a leg kick that gets Nemkov’s attention. Nemkov scores another big right hand. One minute remaining. Superman punch by Nemkov. He follows that up with a spinning wheel kick but it’s deflected. 10-9 Nemkov

Round 2: Body shot for Nemkov to open the frame. Romero showing a lot of hand movement. Low kick lands by Nemkov. Romero then clipped by a body kick. Big overhand right by Nemkov. The champion finds another home for a right and then a quick body kick. More rights by Nemkov and Romero seems lost. Three minutes left in the round. Head kick lands for Nemkov. A right hand sends Romero into the cage. Romero tries to move in for a looping left but it badly misses. Double jab and hard right by Nemkov. Just over 90 seconds on the clock. Fast kicks along the fence by Nemkov. Romero can’t catch his timing as he whiffs on a poor combination. Romero is now complaining about an eye poke, but it happened from a Nemkov punch. 10-9 Nemkov

Round 3: Romero opens the round with an oblique kick. Hard right for Nemkov lands. Romero backs the champ up with a hammer fist to the leg. Nemkov responds with a left hand. Another timely oblique kick by Romero. Nemkov lands a huge combination and has Romero hurt. Romero staying alive with his back along the fence. Nemkov delivers a nasty right cross but Romero is still standing. Nemkov trying to end the fight. Jab lands for Nemkov. Romero doesn’t have an answer. Halfway through the round. More pressure from Nemkov. Romero seems to have recovered just a little bit, though he’s pretending to be hurt. Good leg kick by Romero. Nemkov lands a combination over the top. One minute remaining. Out of nowhere Romero lands a counter shot that puts Nemkov on the canvas. Romero looking for a choke, but Nemkov survives. 10-9 Nemkov

Round 4: Romero opening the fourth round dancing in front of Nemkov. Nemkov isn’t having it as he’s piecing Romero up at will. Romero tries to keep him at bay with a leg kick. Big punches from Nemkov and a knee inside. Body shot scores for Nemkov. Romero looks like a punching bag. Short check hook by the champion with 90 seconds off the clock. Nemkov scores a crisp combination down the pipe. Romero’s face is looking busted up. Sharp jab lands by Nemkov. Right upper cut follows. Romero responds with a body kick. Two minutes left. Lead hook then a right by Nemkov. Romero going to the thigh punch again. He misses on a front kick up the middle. Nemkov puts together another combination as Romero sticks his tongue out. 10-9 Nemkov

Round 5: Romero certainly needs a finish. He’s looking to do more, but Nemkov is too accurate with his strikes. Stiff jab by the champion. Good counter left by Romero. Two minutes off the clock. Massive right by Nemkov snaps Romero’s head back. He keeps plodding forward. Nemkov scores another combination. Romero responds with a right hand and starts to stalk Nemkov down. Nemkov circling well and still in control. Nemkov does seem to be cut by the right eye. Romero pinning him along the cage with 90 seconds left. He needs to separate and try to finish. Instead, Romero gets the takedown and tries to stack Nemkov for offense. Nemkov tying the action up to avoid serious damage. Romero finding a home for hard punches and elbows to the body. 10-9 Romero

Final result: Nemkov def. Romero via Unanimous Decision

135 lbs.: Champion Sergio Pettis vs. Champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire

Round 1: Hard leg kick by Pettis. Freire taking his time. Finally, Freire lands his own leg kick. Right hand lands by Freire. He then scores another two kicks. Short left lands by Freire before going back to the leg kick. Pettis works in a lead jab followed by a right hand. Two minutes down. Head kick almost lands on Freire. Counter right hand scores from Freire. Pettis rushes in and Freire scores a beautiful takedown. Freire looks for back control but Pettis defends nicely. The two bantamweights return to their feet. Only 90 seconds on the clock. Pettis tries the head kick again but Freire avoids it. Lead jab by Pettis gets through. Hard leg kick in return by Freire. Freire blasts Pettis with a power counter right. 10-9 Freire

Round 2: Pettis opens the round with a counter left hand. Calf kick by Freire. Left hook scores for Freire before Pettis counters with an overhand right. Pettis going to the body. Freire keeps feinting with the right hand trying to get Pettis to bite. The champion is calm. Two minutes off the clock. Pettis unloads a snappy combination that freezes Freire. Freire is now on the offense and hurts Pettis with an inside right before launching a jumping knee. Ripping body shot by Pettis. He then lands a four-punch combination. Freire getting tagged. Under one minute left. A Freire takedown attempt is stuffed along the cage. Spinning wheel kick catches Freire on the top of the head and he’s backpedaling. Pettis swarms but the round comes to a close and Freire is saved by the bell. 10-9 Pettis

Round 3: Lead leg kick by Freire. Pettis rushes in and scores a slick combination. Freire pressures along the cage with a takedown only to have Pettis stuff it again. A hard 1-2 lands for Pettis. He follows it up with a jab. Then an oblique kick. Pettis moves in and launches a whipping body shot. Freire finally opens up and scores a counter right hand. Two minutes off the clock. Both bantamweights exchange punches and kicks inside. Pettis showing off his speed and lands four jabs in a row followed by a body shot. Freire starting to bleed on his left eye. Low kick by Pettis. One minute left. Stiff jab and a right by Freire, but Pettis returns with a combination. Freire able to move in and gets a takedown with 20 seconds left. Tough round to score. 10-9 Pettis

Round 4: Both bantamweights taking their time here in the fourth round. Pettis opens up with leg kicks. Freire misses on a counter left. Brief exchange of punches inside. Pettis scores a good left hand inside and then defends another takedown. Oblique kick by Pettis. Freire looks to grapple along the cage with two minutes left but Pettis shakes him off. Pettis commanding the center of the cage. Freire lands a nice counter right hand and looks to level change again. Pettis can’t be taken down. He throws up a switch kick and front kick to the face to end the frame. 10-9 Pettis.

Round 5: Freire seems to need a finish in this round. Spinning kick misses for Freire. He’s pressing more, but Pettis is too fast. Pettis lands a straight left. Big right scores for Freire. Pettis switches stances. Front kick to the leg lands for the champion. Nearly two minutes off the clock. Quick combination find a home for “SP.” Freire closes the distance along the fence but Pettis circles out of harm’s way. More counter punching from Pettis. Freire still pressing but eats a jab. Just about 90 seconds remaining in the title fight. Both fighters miss on big right hands. Pettis threatens his own takedown and then squares up for a crisp right. Freire looks for a spinning back fist with 10 seconds left but it isn’t enough. 10-9 Pettis

Final result: Pettis def. Freire via Unanimous Decision

205 lbs.: Corey Anderson vs. Phil Davis

Round 1: Brief feeling out period here. Davis changes level, but Anderson stays on his feet and pins Davis along the cage with a single. Anderson scores a takedown. Davis gets right back up and takes Anderson’s back along the cage before he gets a brief takedown. More pressure along the cage by Davis. Two minutes off the clock. The two light heavyweights finally exchanging some punches. Davis buckles but it appears to be a slip or ankle issue. Anderson moving in with offense to the head and body. Davis retreats along the cage. He’s able to gain control and threaten with a choke. Anderson escapes and lands a nice leg kick before he shoots in for a takedown. Anderson gets it, but Davis is scrambling hard. Both mean back to the feet. Davis now on the back again. Anderson with hand control. He’s able to reverse to end the round. 10-9 Anderson

Round 2: Short jab by Anderson after 30 seconds off the clock. Both men feinting and not throwing much. Leg kick then a body kick lands for Davis. Hard left hand scores for Anderson. Davis grapples again along the cage. Anderson breaks the hands and spins off. Two minutes down. Anderson with a right hand followed by a left. Davis not landing much of anything. More clinch work along the cage. Short knees inside by Davis. Anderson finds a home for another right hand on the feet. Davis finally returns with a 1-2. Anderson moving in for the clinch. One minute left. The two separate. Anderson with a nice sprawl and nearly gets Davis’ back. 10-9 Anderson

Round 3: Body kick lands by Anderson. Davis whiffs on a few shots before landing two. Low leg kick scores from Anderson. Davis returns with a jab. Anderson seems to land a left. Big right hand by Davis. Anderson gets him back with a whipping hook to the body. The pressure is heating up before Anderson shoots inside for a takedown along the cage. Anderson nearly has back control, but Davis gets back to his feet. The two light heavyweights now clinching along the fence. They finally break. Anderson with a nice body shot before landing a spinning backfist. Anderson with more pressure. Davis needs more output. Big 1-2 by Davis followed by a jab. Anderson isn’t backing down. They exchange shots and Anderson’s mouthpiece falls out. 10-9 Davis

Final result: Anderson def. Davis via Split Decision

265 lbs.: Daniel James vs. Gokhan Saricam

Round 1: James presses and Saricam lands a counter shot into a brief takedown. James looking to clinch along the cage. Short punch by Saricam. Low blow lands against Saricam but the referee doesn’t see it. James with more knees inside. Saricam returns with his own. Two minutes down. Both heavyweights still jostling along the cage. Saricam tries to shoot a takedown but James defends nicely. James then tries to hop throw Saricam but he defends. Two minutes remaining. More grappling on the fence. Saricam finally gets a takedown and lands in top control. Body work by Saricam. James not doing much to separate or reverse. Hammer fist lands by Saricam. More ground-and-pound lands for Saricam to end the round. 10-9 Saricam

Round 2: Hard leg kick lands by Saricam to start the round. Another kick by Saricam. He then score a takedown. James moves back to the fence to posture up. Saricam cuts the angle and gets into half mount. He’s landing short punches. James doing well to control the wrists and limit damage. Sharp elbow by Saricam rocks James’ head back. More elbows from the top. Two minutes off the clock. The crowd is getting restless, but Saricam is working enough. James looks exhausted. Saricam staying heavy on top and happy to land short punches to the head and body. The round ends with Saricam on top yet again. 10-9 Saricam

Round 3: James stalking down Saricam presumably needing a finish here. Leg kick lands by Saricam. He’s staying away from James. Saricam nearly clips James during a quick exchange inside. Saricam shoots in for a takedown, but James defends nicely. James controlling along the cage. Saricam reverses and lands some knees. James now reverses. Not much offense being landed. Three minutes remaining. The referee finally steps in to reset the action. Saricam goes right back to his takedown and James stuffs it. James now looking for a choke, but Saricam escapes to the dismay of the crowd. The heavyweights continue to jockey for position along the cage. Crowd still booing. James and Saricam exchange some knees inside before Saricam lands a takedown and the round ends. 10-9 Saricam

Final result: Saricam def. James via Unanimous Decision

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