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Video: Idiot car thief stretchered by hulking 6’5” jiu-jitsu champ, cops tell him ‘Don’t feel guilty’

File this under “F—ked around and found out.”

A would-be car thief was caught on camera trying to steal belongings from 6’5”, 210-pound jiu-jitsu champ Haisam Rida, member of the infamous B Team Squad in Austin, Texas. The end result was a trip to the hospital on the back of a stretcher, along with a few criminal charges.

“Footsweep, back take, rear naked choke, knee on belly,” Rida explained. “I was just taking a nap inside the office, and I think I might have left the car door unlocked, you know, my mistake. I footswept him, he fell to the ground, but kept trying to move, trying to escape, so, I rear naked choked him from behind.”

Here’s the full video with more from Rida (skip to 10:22 mark):

The responding officers assured Rida the injuries were not serious and told him, “Don’t feel guilty.”

“The cops just told me, ‘Good job’ for holding him down, and that I had every right to [protect my stuff],” Rida continued. “Whatever I would have done to him, I would have had full rights, but I didn’t, I just held him down and handed him over to the cops.”

Derrick Lewis would be proud.

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