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Toxic MMA fans urge female fighter to ‘commit suicide’ for losing at UFC 289 — ‘So many death threats’

UFC flyweight veteran Miranda Maverick dropped a unanimous decision to Canadian sensation Jasmine Jasudavicius as part of the UFC 289 “Prelims” card last weekend in Vancouver, a loss that snapped Maverick’s two-fight winning streak.

Fans were not pleased with the outcome.

“I’ve received so many death threats, messages telling me to commit suicide, kill myself, etc. in the past two days, it is insane,” Maverick wrote on social media. “Just because we have a blue check by our names doesn’t mean we are invincible.”

MMA has what most combatants consider to be “the worst (expletive) fanbase in any sport” with particular emphasis on fans in the United States, where taking a big smelly dump on fighters who lose is considered to be normal behavior.

Even the ones who go “completely blind” during a fight.

“I ignore these clowns but to those who struggle with what social media thinks of you, remember most keyboard warriors don’t have much to show for their lives,” Maverick continued. “Go after something with all the effort you have and regardless of the result know you put your all on the line. And to you pieces of (expletive) who say such hateful things, I hope you never experience the pain of having someone say [or] do the same to you. God bless you all.”

The loss to Jasudavicius cost Maverick a spot in the division Top 15 in this week’s official rankings update and may have torpedoed a couple of betting parlays, which is one of the reasons why some MMA fans lose their minds (and their wallets) after each event.

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