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More CHAOS! Crowd takes over arena, raucous brawls rage backstage | Mayweather vs. Gotti III

After a disqualification finish resulted in an in-ring brawl, security lost control of FLA Live Arena as fans continued to fight and stormed backstage.

Twitter - The Sun

The Floyd Mayweather vs. John Gotti III exhibition bout broke out into a real fight last night (Sun., June 11, 2023) inside FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Fla., after referee, Kenny Bayless, waved off the match in the sixth round.

Things were getting increasingly out of control in the ring as Mayweather taunted Gotti, hitting him from all angles and dancing away from any offense. The only thing Gotti could do was grab onto Mayweather and hold him. With both entourages getting riled up and neither fighter listening to his instructions, the referee made the decision to shut things down.

No one listened to that decision.

Gotti immediately stormed around the referee to attack Mayweather. In response, Mayweather put his guard back up to continue fighting. The ring was suddenly full of people shoving each other as a full-on brawl broke out. Soon after, a smirking Mayweather was led out of the cage into the back of the arena.

But, the violence didn’t stop there. Reports from the event have the fans, “completely taking over the building.” Everyone was in the ring, and someone took a microphone and started messing around on it. Complete bedlam ensued:

Backstage was a s—show as well, with mobs of people pushing and shoving and fighting each other.

Even reality TV stars got involved. Here’s Joseline Hernandez of VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame kicking Big Lex from Joseline’s Caberet.

The whole thing was a gigantic mess, and may make many venues think twice about hosting one of these Mayweather exhibitions, which have only been getting more ridiculous and pointless as time goes on.

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