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Highlights! Floyd Mayweather defeats John Gotti III via DQ, prompting massive brawl in the ring!

Pugilists Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III squared off earlier tonight (Sun., June 11, 2022) streamed live on the Zeus network from inside FLA Live Arena just outside Miami, Florida.

It’s the latest episode of the robbery tour! Mayweather travels the world, taking on all challengers, provided it’s an exhibition match against someone who isn’t great at boxing. The 46-year-old legend is willing to play around in the ring or beat the brakes off his foe, depending almost entirely on how hard they try to hit him. Tonight, he faced off with the grandson of a famous mobster, who also happens to do combat sports.

Gotti III holds a 5-1 record in MMA and 2-0 record in professional boxing.

Mayweather opened the fight with surprising aggression, flashing fast jabs and backing Gotti III into the ropes. Immediately, Mayweather opened up with extended combinations, sticking wide hooks to the mid-section and uppercuts through the guard. He beat up his opponent pretty good, and Gotti III looked a bit frozen in response.

Mayweather removed his foot from the gas a bit in the second and third. Still, he landed pretty much whenever he decided to, ripping occasional hooks to the body and firing in close range exchanges. Gotti III didn’t offer much activity or resistance.

The visuals in the fourth weren’t great. Gotti III backed himself into the ropes and just covered up, letting Mayweather play with him in the ring. “Money” landed some heavy right hands and remained in complete control.

The most interesting development in the fifth came after the round ended, as Gotti III’s corner told off referee Kenny Bayless for letting Floyd talk so much trash. Gotti III, meanwhile, received a warning for holding. Moments into the sixth, Gotti III latched on once again, and Bayless ended the fight!

Gotti III was furious. He pushed Bayless out of the way and swung at Mayweather, who took one last opportunity to show off his defensive skill. Then, hordes clambered into the ring from all sides, and chaos reigned.

Well ... it was more interesting than most of these exhibitions at least!

Check out the full highlights below:

Result: Mayweather via DQ

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