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‘Frozen like Elsa!’ Twitter reacts to Amanda Nunes’ one-sided beating of Irene Aldana | UFC 289

Irene Aldana had absolutely nothing for the champion, who lit her opponent up like a Christmas tree for five long rounds in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Amanda Nunes gave Irene Aldana a solid beating for 25 full minutes, earning multiple 10-8 rounds en route to a lopsided 50–44, 50–44, 50–43 at UFC 289. Then, “The Lioness” laid down her two belts, her gloves and peaced out on her fight career (watch her retirement speech here).

Aldana never managed to get going; in fact, she barely got started. The one thing she did was put up a high guard, and even that wasn’t effective at all. Nunes sliced through it with jabs, threw around it with looping overhands, and stepped in with multiple elbows to batter the Mexican challenger. We’d say Aldana got off maybe one or two good punches. For the rest of the fight, she looked like a deer in headlights.

Once Nunes realized she wasn’t going to get any traffic coming her way, she just methodically picked apart Aldana. She split her time between piecing up her opponent on the feet and taking her down with borderline contemptuous trips and takedowns. She didn’t manage to get a finish, but she carried her side of the fight made the one-sided beatdown interesting to watch.

Following the fight, Nunes confirmed what many suspected coming into the event: she had decided to retire and spend more time with her family. She ends her career with eight title defenses across two divisions, a record that will undoubtedly stand for years — if not decades — to come.

Take a look at what Twitter had to say about the fight, Nunes’ retirement and Aldana’s uncharacteristic performance:

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