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Who is John Gotti III, Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent?

*** HIGHLIGHTS! Watch the wild post-fight brawl right here!!! ***

Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition tour — which kicked off in 2018 after a technical knockout finish of Conor McGregor capped off “Money’s” professional career at 50-0 (watch it) — hasn’t exactly enjoyed consistent theming. Of his six bouts, two came against Japanese martial artists (Tenshin Nasukawa and Mikuru Asakura), two came against influencers (Logan Paul and Deji Olatunji), and an incredibly cynical one pitted him against former sparring partner, Don Moore.

He does seem to have found a specific niche in 2023, though, and that’s former mixed martial artists best known for entirely different reasons. It started in February when he ran roughshod over Geordie Shore star, Aaron Chalmers (watch it), who’d stepped in for kickboxer, Liam Harrison, and looks to continue tonight against John Gotti III.

Gotti, 30, certainly didn’t earn this opportunity through pure martial prowess, though he did make a bit of noise in combat sports. Training under Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran, Ryan LaFlare, at Long Island MMA, Gotti went 5-1 as an amateur and 5-0 as a professional to emerge as a prospect of note.

Unfortunately for Gotti, he fell apart on the big stage. A 2020 CES main event pitted him against 6-3 Nick Alley, who out-grappled a tiring Gotti to hand him his first professional defeat. Two potential bounce-back fights in 2021 fell through, prompting Gotti to turn his attention to boxing. Victories over Albert Tulley (0-1) and Alex Citrowske (1-1-1) secured his place as BoxRec’s 702nd-ranked Light Heavyweight.

So, why’s he here?

Gotti’s appeal comes from his surname — he’s the grandson of the former head of the Gambino crime family. The younger among you — or at least those who love reading about awful media — may recall the elder Gotti from the hilariously terrible 2018 biopic that leading man John Travolta carried to a 0 percent Tomatometer rating in 59 reviews. John Gotti III isn’t exactly Nico Ali Walsh, GRANDSON OF MUHAMMAD ALI, but it’s easy to get eyes on a fight when you’ve got publications like the New York Post making stupid, “the Gotti family is putting a hit on Floyd Mayweather” jokes.

In case it wasn’t clear, he doesn’t have a hope of even troubling Mayweather, who’s already shown open contempt for those handing him millions of dollars to embarrass his lessers. It doesn’t even figure to be particularly entertaining. Indeed, unless Gotti comes at Floyd with genuine rancor like Nasukawa and Asakura did, he’s happy to cruise to the final bell and walk away with his paycheck. Purchasers looking to find any bang for their buck will have to content themselves with performances by Blueface, Chrisean and other artists I am entirely too old and boring to recognize.

But hey, think of all the mob puns we’ll hear from the announcers.

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