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Twitter roasts Conor McGregor after sending Heat mascot to ER: ‘Drugs made him think he was in a real fight’

2023 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Conor McGregor made headlines Friday night after knocking out the Miami Heat mascot at Game 4 of the NBA Finals, but topped that news Saturday when it was revealed that the man inside the mascot made a visit to the emergency room.

It was a wild Friday night for McGregor who showed up in Miami for the NBA Finals. “Notorious” was there to promote his new pain relief spray and also had a scripted moment in which was set to deliver a knockout blow to the Heat mascot, Burnie. McGregor must have punched the mascot way harder than expected and sent him crashing to the canvas with a left hand. McGregor hit Burnie with another left hand before Heat staff dragged the mascot off the court.

The man inside the suit was reportedly sent to the hospital after the skit went wrong and was eventually provided pain medication. He was later released from the ER and is apparently feeling much better. It’s unknown at this time if the man suffered any lasting injuries or if he’s going to try to seek some sort of financial retribution.

As expected, the mixed martial arts (MMA) community had a field day with the news. Current fighters, former fighters, and MMA social media members went H.A.M. in poking fun at McGregor’s knockout blow. Check out some of the reaction below:

Belal Muhammad

“Drugs made him think he was in a real fight.”

“What Conor imagined was happening yesterday.”

Adrian Yanez

“Damn that’s actually wild.”

Ben Askren

“This is the most training footage I’ve seen from Conor in a long time. Not sure if he will be ready for Michael.”


“Wait there was actually a guy in that fookin costume?”

Brendan Schaub

“Geez it’s only a game Focker.”

MMA Roasted

“This is Conor’s 1st win in 5 years.”

“Jake Paul just called out the Mascot.”

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