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Alligator attacks! MMA fighter ‘Blue Collar Brawler’ saves screaming crowd from parking lot beast (Video)

“I am Florida Man!”

This is what happens when you flush a baby gator down the toilet.

Former United States Marine and Premier Fight League (PFL) fighter Mike Dragich, affectionately known as Florida’s “Blue-Collar Brawler,” made local headlines this week for his role in capturing a giant alligator run amok on the streets of Jacksonville.

“When I seen how big the alligator was I was like hey, it’s showtime,” Dragich told FOX 35 Orlando. “We just had to get the job done. If you don’t get these animals tired, they will hurt you, if not kill you.”

A different “Florida Man” lost his arm in a similar situation just last week.

Dragich has yet to make his professional MMA debut but won his second straight amateur fight by stopping Jaguar West at PFL 35 (not to be confused with PFL MMA) last Dec. in Hialeah. Prior to that performance, the 33 year-old light heavyweight captured a decision victory over Richard Anderson at Combat Night Pro in April 2022.

Impressive ... but has he defeated the legendary Bull Gator in Red Dead Redemption 2?!?

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