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Medal-winning Mark Zuckerberg loses jiu jitsu match, forces referee to overturn result (Video)

Meta mogul Mark Zuckerberg “won some medals” competing at a local jiu jitsu tournament on Sunday in Redwood City, Calif., knocking around a bunch of regional grapplers and getting snippy with a rogue referee who didn’t stick to the script.

The embedded video above shows Zuckerberg losing one of his contests by way of submission. That prompted the 38 year-old tech czar to get “grumpy” with the official, according to Yahoo News, forcing the bout to be overturned and ruled a 0-0 draw.

Think that doesn’t happen on the pro level? Think again!

Zuckerberg began taking jiu jitsu classes during COVID and has since fallen in love with the “gentle art.” Not surprisingly, he also buddied-up with fellow zillionaire Dana White and closed down the promotion’s APEX facility for a private “Fight Night” viewing.

A few days later it was announced that UFC was in bed with Meta.

“We are excited to offer an unprecedented level of engagement for Fight Pass subscribers and MMA fans around the world by producing a live MMA event in virtual reality,” Fight Pass Vice President Crowley Sullivan said in a recent release. “With Meta providing the VR platform and YBVR lending their production expertise, we’re confident this will be a great experience for fight fans.”

Love him or hate him, the “(expletive) nerd” is good for UFC, according to this ex-champ.

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