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ONE Fight Night 10 on Prime results: Live streaming play-by-play updates | Johnson vs. Moraes 3

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ONE Championship is set to make its much-anticipated debut on United States soil later TONIGHT (Fri., May 5, 2023) with ONE Fight Night 10: “Johnson vs. Moraes III” inside 1stBank Center in Denver, Colorado. The event features a third (and perhaps final) title fight between current Flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, and former title holder, Adriano Moraes.

The series is tied at one a piece, with each man scoring a knockout win over the other. In their first meeting in April 2021, Moraes knocked out “Mighty Mouse” with a knee in round two (highlights). In the rematch 16 months later, Johnson got his revenge with an epic flying knee stoppage over the Brazilian bomber (see it here).

The remainder of the card will be a mixture of combat disciplines ranging from kickboxing, mixed martial arts (MMA) and Muay Thai, featuring fighters such as Sage Northcutt, Aung La Nsang, Mikey Musumeci and Stamp Fairtex.

The action is set to begin at 8 p.m. ET streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime.


125 lbs.: Demetrious Johnson (c) vs. Adriano Moraes - Johnson via unanimous decision - HIGHLIGHTS!
125 lbs.: Rodtang Jitmuangnon vs. Edgar Tabares (Muay Thai) - Jitmuangnon via second-round knockout — HIGHLIGHTS!
125 lbs.: Mikey Musumeci (c) vs. Osamah Almarwai (grappling championship ) - Musumeci via rear-naked choke
105 lbs.: Stamp Fairtex vs. Alyse Anderson - Fairtex via second-round knockout (kick to the body) — HIGHLIGHTS!
170 lbs.: Roberto Soldic vs. Zebaztian Kadestam - Kadestam via second round knockout
155 lbs.: Sage Northcutt vs. Ahmed Mujtaba - Northcutt via first-round submission (heel hook) — HIGHLIGHTS!
185 lbs.: Aung La Nsang vs. Fan Rong - Nsang via second round submission (guillotine)
115 lbs.: Jackie Buntan vs. Diandra Martin - Buntan via first-round TKO
185 lbs.: Reinier de Ridder vs. Tye Ruotolo (submission grappling) - Ruotolo via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Kairat Akhmetov vs. Reece McLaren - Akhmetov via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Ok Rae Yoon vs. Lowen Tynanes - Yoon via unanimous decision


125 lbs.: Demetrious Johnson (c) vs. Adriano Moraes

Round 1: Big calf kick from Johnson to start things off. They are exchanging kicks through the first minute of the fight, trying to find their distance. Johnson walking Moraes down. Nice right hand connects for Johnson. A lot of feeling out from both men. Moraes catches Johnson’s kick and Moraes whiffs on a flying knee. Johnson lunges in and Moraes grabs a hold of him and they clinch against the cage. Under hooks for Moraes, who then lands a nice kick to the body and Johnson returns fire with the same shot. Grappling against the cage and Moraes lands a solid knee to the mid-section. Herb Dean calling for action. Moraes has firm control of Johnson. Dean steps in and separates. Kick to the body lands for Johnson. Tough round to call. 10-9 Moraes

Round 2: Moraes coming out a bit more aggressive, trying to walk the champion down. Johnson not retreating, though, as he lands a kick to the body. Nice solid right hand down the pipe lands for Moraes. Kick to the body lands for Moraes, who rocks Johnson with a left hook that staggered the champion. Moraes catches Johnson’s kick and they clinch against the cage. Moraes lands some knees to the midsection. Johnson landing some shots to the ribs. Johnson separates and lands a shot on the way out. Moraes once again clinches against the cage. Johnson reverses position and he picks Moraes up and slams him to the canvas. Nice level change and great double leg takedown from Johnson. Moraes back up and eats shoulder thrusts from Johnson and they separate toward the center. 10-9 Johnson

Round 3: Moraes catches Johnson’s kick and takes him to the canvas. “Mighty Mouse” jumps right back up. Johnson blitzing forward and he lands a huge kick to the body. Moraes grabs a hold of Moraes and he lands an elbow off the break. Moraes once again goes in for the clinch. Johnson lands a huge knee to the body and Moraes goes in for a takedown, stuffed. Nice elbow lands for Johnson and Moraes’ offense has gone cold here in the third round. Herb Dean separates and warns Moraes of holding on to the gloves. Moraes once again clinches and he isn’t really throwing many strikes. Johnson reverses position and he lands knees to the body. Moraes with knees to the thigh and then the body. Moraes not doing much in the round. Johnson lands another knee to the body. They clinch...again. Moraes dropping down, attacking the legs for a takedown. 10-9 Johnson

Round 4: Double jab from Johnson. Moraes trying to push pressure on, but he isn’t really throwing much of note. Johnson lands a solid shot to the body. Shoulder thrusts from Johnson after Moraes clinches again. Thai clinch for Johnson as he lands more knees to the midsection. Herb Dean once again is forced to step in and separate the two men. Moraes tries and elbow, misses everything. Moraes presses Johnson up against the wall. Moraes really needs to start taking more risks. Johnson reverses position, gets the under hooks and works his shoulder thrusts again. Johnson lands a short elbow and then a flying knee connects. Big short elbow for Johnson and he is starting to pick it up. Moraes is still on idle, not throwing much offense. Johnson now pushes Moraes up against the cage. 10-9 Johnson

Round 5: Johnson is starting off aggressive, walking down his foe. Push kick from Johnson and they clinch up against the cage again. Johnson working the knees to the body. Moraes has slowed tremendously over the last two rounds. Johnson tries a single-leg takedown and Moraes manages to keep his balance. Halfway through the final round. Moraes once again clinches and throws tow uppercuts. Nice elbow lands for Johnson. Moraes, again, clinches and pushes Johnson up against the cage and Herb Dean doesn’t give him any time to work before he separates. Moraes wastes zero time in clinching again. Moraes with knees to the midsection. Johnson absorbs them. Johnson reverses position and tries hard for a takedown but Moraes defends well. Left hooks from Johnson lands and the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Johnson

Final result: Johnson def. Moraes via unanimous decision — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

Muay Thai 125 lbs.: Rodtang Jitmuangnon vs. Edgar Tabares

Round 1: Push kick from Jitmuangnon. Tabares answers back with a high kick. Tabares tries a spinning elbow, Jitmuangnon smiles it off. High kick from Jitmuangnon. Push kick from Tabares. Nice kick to the body and a powerful right hand lands for Jitmuangnon. They exchange calf kicks and Tabares digs to the body. Jitmuangnon with a solid shot to the body and he tags Tabares with a huge kick. Tabares working the calf kicks. Tabares goes up high as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Jitmuangnon

Round 2: Tabares with another calf kick, follows it up with a solid body kick. Jitmuangnon works the push-kick and lands a powerful right hand that sends Tabares to the cage. One-two for Tabares and an inside elbow lands for Jitmuangnon. Solid one two from Jitmuangnon. Tabares working the body kicks. Jitmuangnon lands a solid elbow right to the kisser and Tabares goes down! The referee urges him to get up but Tabares is down for the count. What a kill-shot from the champion!

Final result: Jitmuangnon via second-round knockout — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

Submission Grappling 125 lbs.: Mikey Musumeci (c) vs. Osamah Almarwai

Round 1: Musumeci drops to the canvas and is looking for an ankle lock. Almarwai is in trouble but he looks to be out of it. Musumeci still holding on to the lock, and is cranking on it. Almarwai working the hands, trying to get out of immediate danger. He’s hot the heel hook again and he is cranking on it hard but Almarwai is out of danger but Musumeci is scoring points here. Almarwai is back to his feet and Musumeci is once again working the ankle. He is relentless. A lot of scoring opportunities for Musumeci while Almarwai is playing defense so far. We are halfway through the single 10-minute round. The ref has called the sixth catch in favor of Musumeci, who is dominating the match so far. Almarwai is pretty much stuck here because Musumeci is NOT letting go whatsoever. Almarwai finally breaks free. Musumeci looking for his first scoring opportunity but Musumeci has amazing defense. He latches on to the ankle one more time. Musumeci now takes Amarwai’s back and is looking for the rear-naked choke. He has it and Almarwai taps. What a dominant performance by the champion.

Final result: Musumeci def. Almarwai via rear-naked choke

105 lbs.: Stamp Fairtex vs. Alyse Anderson

Round 1: Anderson starts off with a high kick, blocked. Fairtex with a kick to the body. A lot of feints from Anderson. Overhand right misses everything from Anderson. Fairtex with a huge leg kick. Nice one-two for Fairtex and she rocks Anderson. She goes in to pounce but Anderson clinches against the cage and she takes Fairtex down. Fairtex reverses position and she is now on top. Anderson looking for an inverted triangle. Fairtex looks like she’s not in danger at the moment. Anderson is still working it and Fairtex escapes. The referee brings the action back to the feet. Anderson clinches straight away and Fairtex escapes. Anderson lunges in with a one-two combo. Spinning backfist lands for Anderson, well executed. Straight right hand lands for Fairtex. Anderson shoots in for a takedown, stuffed. Fairtex firing knees to the mid-section. Anderson looking for the takedown. Fairtex retreating a bit, Anderson lands a kick to the body to end the round. 10-9 Anderson

Round 2: Nice jab for Fairtex. Anderson catches a kick from Fairtex. She goes for the takedown but Fairtex manages to swing around and is now hanging on her back looking for a rear-naked choke. Stall in action as Fairtex is still hanging on her back, referee calling for more action. Front kick lands for Anderson. Wild uppercut from Fairtex catches nothing but air. Fairtex throws another kick and Anderson once again takes her to the cage. The separate and Fairtex lands a huge kick to the body that sends Anderson crashing to the canvas in pain and the referee steps in to put an end to the fight. What. A. Shot!

Final result: Fairtex def. Anderson via second-round knockout — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

170 lbs.: Roberto Soldic vs. Zebaztian Kadestam

Round 1: Soldic starts off with a clean right hand. Kadestam counters with a right hand. Soldic with an overhand right that rocks Kadestam. Soldic with a high kick. Kadestam light on his feet, retreating at the moment. Soldic cutting off the cage and land kick to the body. Kadestam throws a high kick and Soldic blocks it. Straight right hand finds its mark for Soldic. Nice body shot from Soldic and Kadestam tries to counter with a right hand, blocked. Soldic is stalking and lands a one-two combo, body then the head shot. Soldic digs a right hand in Kadestam’s ribs. Kadestam eating a lot of hard shots. Soldic with a straight right down the center and Kadestam is cut about his left eye. 10-9 Soldic

Round 2:Soldic stalking again. Front kick form Kadestam. Stiff jab from Soldic and then a body shot. Kick to the body for Solid and Kadestam drops Soldic. Kadestam tags him with a huge right hand. Kadestam is smelling blood and he is pouncing, A huge right hand drops Soldic and the referee steps in to put an end to the fight. WOW, what a comeback!

Final result: Kadestam def. Soldic via second round knockout

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