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RIZIN 42 live stream results, play-by-play coverage | Asakura vs. Motoya

John Dodson! Roberto Satoshi! Juan Archuleta! Buakaw!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited.

This morning (Sat., May 6, 2023), at 1 a.m. ET live from inside Ariake Arena, in Tokyo, Japan, is easily one of the best cards RIZIN has put on in many months (watch it here). RIZIN 42 is the rare card from the promotion that looks to have about as much star power as it can muster under its own banner, as well as some probable banger fights in store.

You’re here on It’s late at night here in the United States, so you already know who people like John Dodson and Juan Archuleta and Buakaw Banchamek are. That’s a hefty RIZIN lineup already. Now, toss in talented folks like Naoki Inoue, Spike Carlyle, YA-MAN, Roberto Satoshi, Kai Asakura and submission ace, Ulka Sasaki, and you’ve got yourself about as stacked a card as we’ve seen here in some time.

RIZIN 42 Quick Results

135 lbs. Kai Asakura def. Yuki Motoya — KO (knee), Rd. 3, 3:27
135 lbs. Juan Archuleta def. Naoki Inoue — Unanimous decision
155 lbs. Roberto Satoshi def. Spike Carlyle — Unanimous decision
155 lbs. KICKBOXING Buakaw Banchamek DRAWS Rukiya Anpo — Majority draw
145 lbs. CUSTOM RULES YA-MAN def. Kota Miura — TKO (strikes), Rd. 1, 3:40
125 lbs. John Dodson def. Tatsuki Saomoto — Unanimous decision
145 lbs. Kazumasa Majima def. Takahiro Ashida — Submission (Von Flue choke), Rd. 1, 4:05
145 lbs. Ulka Sasaki def. Boyd Allen — Unanimous decision
155 lbs. Viktor Kolesnik def. Atsushi Kishimoto — TKO (leg kicks), Rd. 2, 2:48
125 lbs. Erson Yamamoto def. Yuki Ito — Unanimous decision
145 lbs. Takeji Yokoyama def. Takuya Yamamoto — Submission (armbar), Rd. 1, 1:24
145 lbs. Ramazan Temirov def. Yuta Hamamoto — TKO (punches), Rd. 1, 3:52
150 lbs. KICKBOXING Sota Kimura def. Yasuhiro Kido — Unanimous decision

RIZIN 42 Play-By-Play Results

Kai Asakura vs. Yuki Motoya

Round 1: Motoya in red, Asakura in white. Motoya manages to avoid a big right hand. They exchange 2s and 3s, and both men landed on that one. Asakura lands a leg kick and jump knee that Motoya no sells completely. Motoya with a body lock and is working to get the back. Whizzer from Asakura and he’s able to keep it standing and break away. Asakura lunges in with a left-right and both connect. Asakura now with a clinch, but Motoya happy at this range and knees the legs. Low blow from Asakura and he’s immediately apologetic. Motoya looks like he’s alright. Asakura with a series of mostly glancing kicks. Motoya crashes in and they clinch. Asakura reverses position, now Motoya tries to break the posture with a Thai plumm. Nothing happening at the end.

Round 2: Asakura backs Motoya into a corner and he unloads some big punches. None of them landed super clean, but he got in some contact. Motoya punches his way out of danger. Motoya trying to trip Asakura off a clinch, and manages to get it with about 3:20 left near center-ring. Full guard. Asakura shrimps, turns and is back on his feet. Motoya has a body lock from the back and they’re going back and forth across the ring as Motoya tries to get him down. Asakura spins into him and he’s able to stay upright. Motoya drops his hands and sucks the hips out. He’s got Asakura’s legs grapevined, but not doing much else with it. Asakura ducks his head out of the ropes for a second before starting to stand. He’s up, and Asakura displays good balance to keep standing with under a minute to go. Big left to the body and right to the head by Asakura stumbles Motoya. Asakura weaves in, misses. Motoya with a counter left.

Round 3: Motoya with some front-leg leg kicks. He surges forward to get the body lock and try and get the takedown. Asakura throwing back elbows and punches over his shoulder to bother Motoya who is still working hard to get this down to the ground. Asakura manages to spin and reverse. Nice elbow by Motoya who uses the shock to nearly get Asakura down, but Asakura’s balance holds up. Great knee from Asakura to the body hurts Motoya. Another one right onto the liver and down goes Motoya! It’s done!

FINAL RESULTS: Kai Asakura defeats Yuki Motoya, KO (knee)

Naoki Inoue vs. Juan Archuleta

Round 1: Inoue walking out to Fall Out Boy is certainly a choice. He’s in black trunks, Archuleta in black spandex. Inoue with a right hand. Archuleta tries a takedown, Inoue sprawls well, stuffs it, bounces off the ropes and ends up on top in half guard. Inoue is landing some right hands as Archuleta tries to lock him down. Inoue finds an opening and transitions to mount. Archuleta rolls, but Naoki floats his hips well and stays on the back. Body triangle for Inoue. He’s trying for a RNC, but can’t get it. Archuleta manages to get out of that body triangle, but still has an Inoue-shaped backpack. He slaps on that triangle again and immediately looks for that RNC again. Can’t get it. Archuleta is working to break the leg grip, does so and stands. Nice jab by Archuleta. Inoue stumbles after a flurry - not sure if he got caught or slipped.

Round 2: Archuleta starting out hot on the feet here. Inoue with a nice jab. Archuleta coming forward, throws a few, misses most but lands an uppercut. Inoue with a right hand, Archuleta returns the favor. Two peppering jabs by Inoue. Archuleta tries for a single, Inoue defends and nearly has the back. Archuleta keeps working and he’s almost on top, but Inoue recognizes it and stands up. They break out of the corner. Inoue smashes in a right, Archuleta with an even bigger one that puts Inoue on his rear. He pops back up, but Archuleta is still going after him. He takes Inoue down and has his back. Archuleta has his hooks in briefly, but Inoue rolls. Directly into a guillotine... but he continues the roll and ends up in north-south position.

They scramble and stand with a minute to go. Inoue backing up Archuleta and hits a knee. Archuleta grabs a snapdown and sends in a knee of his own. Inoue slithers out and now he’s on top with a couple elbows.

Round 3: Archuleta starts the round swinging. Not landing, gets countered. Catches a kick and takes Inoue down. They roll, but Inoue gives up the back. The scramble continues, and Archuleta gets in a body lock, slams Inoue down in the corner. Inoue scrambles and immediately latches onto a rear naked choke. He’s almost got it, but Archuleta turns his chin and fights the hand well. The hooks are too loose and Archuleta spins into Inoue. He’s on top now and getting some good ground and pound. Inoue gets out of danger, but he’s still on top. They keep grappling and Juan is working for his RNC again. He’s got a tight body triangle and is under the neck, but can’t get the hand grips to finish.

One minute to go. Archuleta is maintaining that lock and while he’s not gonna get the finish, it surely looks like he’s won the fight. Arm triangle attempt at the end of the fight, but he runs out of time.

FINAL RESULTS: Juan Archuleta defeats Naoki Inoue, unanimous decision

Roberto Satoshi vs. Spike Carlyle

Round 1: Carlyle in pink, Satoshi in white. Carlyle starts out immediately with a shout and a body kick. Carlyle tries to feint a low kick, but Satoshi gets a takedown immediately into side control. Carlyle with a body lock from bottom and uses it to reverse position and stand. Carlyle with a quick flurry, perhaps stupidly tries for a high kick that allows Souza to get the takedown. Satoshi threatens in rapid succession an arm triangle, an armbar and a regular triangle. Carlyle gets out, but gets put into guard. Carlyle moves to the head and starts throwing some knees. This gives Bob the opportunity to reverse position.

Satoshi working on a guillotine, and they’re hanging out for a minute in this position with nothing doing. Satoshi tries to switch grips, lands a big knee to Carlyle’s nose, but Spike gets out at the end and lands some GNP.

Round 2: Carlyle catches a kick and throws an elbow. Satoshi runs into a low kick attempt by Carlyle and uses it to get a takedown and top position. Half guard. Mount. Back to half. Arm triangle attempt by Souza, but Carlyle defends. Satoshi gets a back take, looking for an armbar now. Inverted triangle armbar attempt, but Carlyle defends. Carlyle trying for top position of his own. Gets in an elbow, counter-wrestled and Satoshi has him on his butt, on top of his legs. Carlyle with some big, deep breaths. Satoshi works to the back and is hunting a rear-naked. Great scramble, as Carlyle escapes out the back door. He blasts Roberto forward, nearly through the ropes with a takedown of his own. Satoshi with rubber guard as we wound down this round. Mission control, but nothing else.

Round 3: Carlyle has definitely slowed a lot with all this grappling. Low kick by Souza. Blast double attempt that Carlyle defends pretty well. He’s getting his hips back, and Satoshi says to heck with the takedown and just pulls guard. A few nice elbows from the bottom. Carlyle not doing much here, this might get stood up soon. Satoshi tries a triangle, Carlyle pops out of it and gets in a couple of hammerfists. Heavy grips on Spike’s shoulder and head... and my (paid for! legal!) stream dies with just under two minutes to go.

No idea what happened the last two minutes, but we’re back with the Japanese language broadcast showing a decision win for Satoshi

FINAL RESULTS: Roberto Souza Satoshi defeats Spike Carlyle, Unanimous decision

KICKBOXING Buakaw Banchamek vs. Rukiya Anpo

Round 1: Buakaw in black, Anpo in blue. Anpo with an immediate high kick that gets blocked. A left that hits the chest, too. Right leg kick by Buakaw is answered by a flurry from Anpo. Both men hitting the body and legs. Buakaw catches a kick and dumps Anpo. Buakaw dodges a question mark kick. Anpo sticks a jab. Buakaw kicks the calf, eats a clean left hand. Both men firing and landing hooks.

Round 2: 1-2 by Anpo to start off. Buakaw going body-head, eats a left in return. Power left body kick by the Thai. Double left combo by Anpo. Another nice left. Buakaw walking down Anpo and giving as good as he’s getting. Buakaw dodges a roundhouse kick. He’s landing to the liver a lot, but Anpo is holding it well and firing lefts that land with regularity. The traffic is very two-way and coming on both men.

Round 3: That left has been money for Anpo all night. Two more. Buakaw still has a chin of granite. Buakaw right hand and Anpo answers with a right-left of his own. Shame this is only a three rounder. Buakaw grabs a plumm and lands some uppercuts. Body-body-body by Buakaw. Anpo finds a home for his left hand again. Rights from both men. They swing repeatedly in the pocket as the fight ends.

FINAL RESULTS: Buakaw Banchamek and Rukiya Anpo fight to a draw


Round 1: If you want to look at a Showgirls routine, go look at YA-MAN’s walkout.

YA-MAN in navy blue, Miura in red. YA-MAN comes across the ring and... stares at him. YA-MAN tries a calf kick, but Miura jumps over it to land a superman punch. Miura tries a guillotine, but good hand fighting gets YA-MAN free. YA-MAN with an elbow, Miura responds with a takedown. He gets the back of YA-MAN momentarily. But he gets out of it and back to his feet and separate. YA-MAN hits an uppercut as Miura comes forward that stops him in his tracks. He stuffs a takedown attempt, and is on top in half guard. YA-MAN landing some elbows before breaking apart. YA-MAN with a left, knees Miura in the face as he comes in and follows it up with a vicious couple of lefts that ends the fight!

Tenshin Nakamura in the crowd, loving the success of his fellow kickboxer in a mostly MMA ruleset (no soccer kicks/stomps, but otherwise standard Rizin ruleset).

FINAL RESULTS: YA-MAN defeats Kota Miura, TKO (strikes)

John Dodson vs. Tatsuki Saomoto

Round 1: Saomoto in blue, Dodson in black. I should add that Dodson’s corner are in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle onesies. Don’t know why I should add that, but it definitely didn’t need to be ignore, either. Saomoto with a jab feint into a spinning backfist that connects. Dodson surges forward with a left-right-left, landing one of those lefts before Saomoto can circle out. Dodson with a left to the body. He flurries forward, and Saomoto is down momentarily. Couldn’t see if it was a slip or a knockdown, but he doesn’t seem to be on weak legs. Saomoto to the body. Tries a spinning back elbow. Dodson catches a kick, but can’t do anything with it. Heavy liver punch by the American. Leg kick and uppercut by Saomoto.

Round 2: Saomoto ducks a punch and looks for a takedown, can’t get it and Dodson connects with a left as they break apart. Saomoto misses a left and an uppercut. Neither man landing very clean here - except for a nice left by Dodson right there. Now Saomoto gets some revenge. Dodson throwing some traffic here, Saomoto gets the heck out of Dodge. Saomoto gets in a left. They’re brawling a bit now, and Dodson lands a couple nice ones. Good knee in the corner. Calf kick by Dodson spins Saomoto around. Dodson tries a jump kick as the round comes to a close, but whiffs completely.

Round 3: The announcers are speculating that Saomoto got hurt by one of the rib roasts of Dodson, and they might be correct. Lovely counter left hand by Dodson. Body-head from John. Left hand from both men, but nothing that Saomoto lands really seems to faze Dodson. Takedown attempt by Saomoto who is on a single leg. Dodson pushing the head away. Dodson looking for a front choke now. Switches grips to a ninja choke. Saomoto rolls to alleviate some pressure. Dodson lets it go to land some big knees and a soccer kick to Saomoto. Saomoto gets up and realizes that he’s gonna lose this fight and is going for broke.

Two minutes left. For the first time, Saomoto is on the front foot and backing Dodson up. Dodson is landing well, however, despite the forward aggression. Eyepoke by Saomoto slows the action for a moment. Inside leg kick breaks the stance of Saomoto. Both men land lefts.

FINAL RESULTS: John Dodson defeats Tatsuki Saomoto, unanimous decision

Ulka Sasaki vs. Boyd Allen

Round 1: Sasaki in black trunks, Allen in black and gray. Ulka with a body kick to open up. Sasaki closes the distance and gets the takedown. Allen scrambling, gets to half guard. Allen looks for a heel hook, can’t get it. Sasaki back on top, now in quarter guard, passes to side. Allen with flexible legs and gets them into play from bottom to put Sasaki into an inverted triangle. Don’t know if he’s got the angle yet, but he’s keeping it on to threaten. Sasaki manages to unlock the legs, and looks to get on top, but Boyd floats to the back and is threatening a RNC. Sasaki gets out and is on top in full guard. Good couple of right hands by Sasaki as time is starting to run down in the round. Stomp to end it at the bell.

Round 2: Sasaki with a counterpunch and a takedown. He gets on top and is briefly in side control before Allen tries to get a leg entanglement. Sasaki spins out and he’s on the other side control. Gets a crucifix and threatens an Americana. Sasaki uses it to get on top into mount. Good job of Allen to shrimp out of that position and back to guard. Sasaki not doing much from half guard here other than maintain position. Allen pushes him off, but Sasaki uses the ropes to bounce back into the top. There’s finally a decent right hand by Ulka. Side control pass, and one punch from Sasaki as the round ends.

Round 3: Allen does look to be gassing out a bit here. Sasaki shoots for a takedown, gets it, and he’s back in side control. Sasaki isn’t going for any damage, which is a bit frustrating to watch, as he hasn’t been anywhere close to a good submission aside from that brief Americana attempt early last round. Finally we’re in a position where Sasaki might get something as he works for a D’arce. Didn’t have position, and Allen pushes him onto his back and now he’s on top. Full guard. Sasaki grabs an overhook and the back of Allen’s leg and he uses that for a pretty sweep. Sasaki on top now. Allen trying to swing from bottom. Finally, the ref stands ‘em up with 15 seconds left. Allen with a step-in knee.

FINAL RESULTS: Ulka Sasaki defeats Boyd Allen, unanimous decision

Takahiro Ashida vs. Kazumasa Majima

Round 1: Ashida in black, Majima in blue. Majima with an near-immediate charge into a trip takedown. Full guard, passing into half. Elbows from on top to get in some damage while he tries to find an opening. Ashida back to full, closed guard. He goes to rubber guard, back to closed. Majima maintaining position, landing the occasional elbow. Passes back to half. Ashida with a lockdown on the left leg to keep Majima out of side or mount. Majima finally gets the leverage to clear his leg and he’s in mount. Looking for an arm triangle. Majima manipulating Ashida’s arm to the position where he can try for said arm triangle. Can’t get it, but Ashida makes a mistake and wraps up the head of Majima, who uses it to lock on a Von Flue choke. He gets it and Ashida goes to sleep!

FINAL RESULTS: Kazumasa Majima defeats Takahiro Ashida, submission (Von Flue choke)

Atsushi Kishimoto vs. Viktor Kolesnik

Round 1: Kishimoto in black, Kolesnik in white and black. Low kicks to open up. Kishimoto with a step-in 1-2. Viktor hasn’t landed much other than low kicks. Lots of them, but Kishimoto has had the more varied attack. Kishimoto’s right hand has hit the shoulder a couple times now. The low leg kicks of Kolesnik are getting snappier now. Big left hand by Kishimoto has Kolesnik on rubber legs. Kolesnik manages a takedown. He’s got the back, looking for the rear naked. Kishimoto spinning and keeping Kolesnik off balance enough that he can’t sink the choke in better. Kishimoto is up, gets turned into Kolesnik and we’re back to swinging. Kolesnik with a left and a head kick. Right by Kishimoto and a jab at the bell.

Round 2: Kishimoto’s starting to limp from the low leg kick barrage. He’s not liking life at this range. Biting down on his mouthpiece and punching through it, but he’s not steady. Kishimoto is in serious pain right now, as Viktor is continuously peppering the legs. Kolesnik with a jump knee and a clinch elbow. He’s chopping away... and that collapses Kishimoto to the ground. The ref immediately steps in and it’s all over.

FINAL RESULTS: Viktor Kolesnik defeats Atsushi Kishimoto, KO (leg kicks)

Yuki Ito vs. Erson Yamamoto

Round 1: Yamamoto in black, Ito in silver. Yamamoto pressing forward, tries a punch and a takedown, Ito manages to avoid it. Yamamoto tries another takedown, but Ito slips off to the side and manages to scramble to the back. Yamamoto stands and shucks Ito off his back. He’s on top momentarily, but Ito is up now. Yamamoto has a body lock, trying to drag this back down. Ito tries a spinning backfist that clips Erson, but Yamamoto gets the takedown. Buuuuuuttttt, Ito is right back up, yet again. They’re still in a clinch. Yamamoto with a couple of right hands and knees. Finally a ref breakage. Immediately after the restart, Yamamoto flies across the ring into a blast double and a slam. Ito is up, slammed down again.

Up and reversing, now. Ito on top, gets swept, tries for a guillotine, Yamamoto jumps his legs over to the correct side and manages to break the high-elbow grip. Action-packed grappling round.

Round 2: Ito wish some short punches and elbows as Yamamoto closes range. Erson eats it to get the body lock and the takedown. Scramble up, and Yamamoto hunts a ninja choke. Erson on top and lands a big knee as Ito fishes for a kimura. Ito stands, gets suplexed right back down. Butterfly guard for Ito, attempts and succeeds in standing. Halfway through the round.

Standing guillotine attempt by Ito. Fails. Low blow by Ito with a minute to go. Yamamoto seems to want to restart it right away, but is in pain and can’t. Erson threw a knee of his own at the same time that almost caught Ito in the groin, but Yamamoto got the worst of it. They restart in the same position and Yamamoto gets the takedown. He’s in guard and Ito is trying for a triangle - no, a teepee choke. He doesn’t have the angle. Ito trying to lash out from bottom, Yamamoto with some big elbows.

Round 3: Ito comes out firing and gets in a nice left hand. Erson manages to weather the storm and get a takedown about 20 some odd seconds in. Weird position as Ito is tossing in short arm punches to Yamamoto’s face while Erson knees the back of Ito’s legs. Scramble now and Yamamoto manages to get back control. Ito nearly gets his arm caught up in the ropes, which might’ve been a point deduction, as he’d been warned earlier, but the ref chooses to let it go. Ito rolling and scrambling as he tries to get out of this, but Yamamoto is just not letting go.

Two minutes left. Erson leaves his head on the outside, which lets Ito attack a guillotine for a second, but he can’t get his grip in and Yamamoto is out. Finally the ref breaks it up. Uppercut by Ito. Yamamoto with a right and a jump knee which he uses to get ahold of Ito and grind it out.

FINAL RESULTS: Erson Yamamoto defeats Yuki Ito, unanimous decision

Takuya Yamamoto vs. Takeji Yokoyama

Round 1: Yokoyama in blue and black, Yamamoto in black and white. They clash together and Takeji pulls guard. Tries for an armbar after about 20 seconds... It’s close, but not there. Yokoyama manages to sweep Takuya off his feet and that gets the tap!

FINAL RESULTS: Takeji Yokoyama defeats Takuya Yamamoto, submission (armbar)

Yuta Hamamoto vs. Ramazan Temirov

Round 1: Temirov in white, Yuta in pink. Overhand right misses from Temirov to open the action. Temirov being aggressive early, Hamamoto moving and trying to defend. This overhand clips in for the Uzbekistani. Yuta with a step-in right. Ramazan nearly thunders in a left, but it wasn’t clean enough to do much. Two minutes to go. Left hand sends Yuta to the mat, but he bounces right back up. Didn’t look clean, but it sent Yuta flying. Big power right and left and now Hamamoto is back on the canvas. Temirov is swarming. Yuta is defending, but not enough to prevent a lot of shots from landing and the ref steps in.

FINAL RESULTS: Ramazan Temirov defeats Yuta Hamamoto, TKO (punches)

KICKBOXING Yasuhiro Kido vs. Sota Kimura

Round 1: Kimura in the white spandex, Kido in white trunks. Kido kicks the ankle to open us off. Kimura with body kicks and 1-2s. Kido goes up high, and while it was blocked, it still hit with enough force to do some damage. Good looping right by Kido, too. He’s kicking frequently, despite being on the back foot. Kimura hits an uppercut. Kido lands a right hand and a high kick. Now a spinning backfist.

Round 2: Nice push kick from Kido shoves Sota back. Cracking right hand buckles Kido’s knees. Might’ve been a bit more off balance, rather than eating a clean shot. Pair of nice jabs from Kido. Make that a third - they’ve all popped Kimura’s head back. Oof, low blow directly to the pills of Kimura, and we’ve got a break. We’re back, and another low blow, but this one doesn’t seem to bother Kimura.

Round 3: Both men land simultaneous straight rights - Kimura looked like his was stronger. Flurry by Sota. Kido with a right hook. Kido slips to the ground, could’ve been a knockdown, but not ruled that way. Kimura comes in with a combination, but eats a great counter right from Kido that staggers him. A low blow by Kimura now. Kido looks like he got it pretty bad and is taking his time to recover. Kido’s right hand has landed very well for him all bout - his kicks haven’t come clean. Both men swang and bang as the round starts to end. Kimura gets a last second knockdown - barely - but the standing 8 probably seals it for him.

FINAL RESULTS: Sota Kimura defeats Yasuhiro Kido, unanimous decision

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