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Paddy Power! Watch social media hit squad send pro fighters to randomly assault Twitter trolls

“People have gotten way too comfortable talking s—t on Twitter.”

Hey, remember all that garbage they tried to teach us about “sticks and stones” back in grade school? Yeah, forget about all that moral high ground crap. In the real world, Goofus doesn’t just get taught a lesson in good behavior, he also gets his ass whooped by Gallant.

And “Paddy Power” is here to help make that dream a reality.

Particularly for those folks who are sick of Twitter trolls but may not have the stomach for street justice. That’s why the Irish gambling outlet is renting out its hired muscle to handle your dirty work. Just send over a name and address and let “Social Squad” do the rest.

Have a look:

Freedom of speech? Not on Paddy’s watch!

The new trend in combat sports is for social media trolls to bait pro fighters into an onsite challenge so they can become famous on TikTok or get high fives and butt slaps from their adoring bro squad. Others seem content to simply stalk their favorite fighter until the situation escalates.

But if you’re going that route, at least have the cojones to show up!

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