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Video: Wannabe singer tries to punk Nick Diaz after Las Vegas car bump — ‘He’s lucky that wasn’t Nate’

Longtime UFC welterweight Nick Diaz found himself embroiled in a roadside squabble after allegedly running into California-based recording artist “Calibrii.” There’s not much context to the video but it looks like Diaz did the opposite of his brother Nate and simply bailed following a back-and-forth exchange that left everyone more confused than angry.

It’s a Nick Diaz thing, most people wouldn’t understand.

“California recording artist Calibrii gets into a heated argument after UFC legend Nick Diaz hits his car at the Bellagio in Las Vegas,” wrote Instagram user WolfNSheepzClothing, who uploaded the footage.

Fans were not impressed:

He’s just lucky that wasn’t Nate

These the type of clowns that get slept then press chargers afterwards.

He trying to trick Nick to say or do something stupid for clout…guess that SoCal singer don’t make no money lmfao

This shit is getting old. He bumped your car big fella. Either exchange insurance or keep Pushin. It’s not that serious. All to take out a phone for clout.

Dude is playing a game of F around and find out with Diaz.

Diaz, 39, has a long history of street fights, even getting “stabbed” before transitioning to a career in combat sports. Nick seems to have taken his foot off the gas in recent years but his brother Nate is keeping the dream alive, adding to their “Greatest Hits” highlights in places like New York and New Orleans.

Diaz (26-10, 2 NC) competed just once over the last eight years, an ugly technical knockout loss to longtime rival Robbie Lawler in their UFC 266 rematch. The leader of the “Nick Diaz Army” has been teasing a return to UFC in 2023 but nothing is official at this time.

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