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Discarded TUF 31 fighter Mitch Ramirez details ‘being replaced’ by Conor McGregor

Three fighters were removed from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 31 last-minute. Here’s what one had to say about the unfortunate experience.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 31 debuts this week (Tues., May 30, 2023) on ESPN/ESPN+, featuring Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler as coaches. Indeed, the star power for this season of TUF is high, but that came with a price for some fighters who were reportedly removed to make room for handpickedMcGregor guys.”

The details of what exactly happened are still in dispute. Conor McGregor has come out and said he only put forward one name, and he did it through proper channels. But, what we do know is that three guys were booted from the show as filming started: Ken Cross, Mitch Ramirez and Brandon Jenkins.

Now, Ramirez is detailing how he was taken off the show.

“One of the producers came in and he just, he looked upset,” Ramirez said in an interview with Fight Fluency. “I believed him. His body language, what he was telling me sounded like the truth. What he told me is that, ‘Conor landed today and he brought two of his guys with him. He’s demanding they’re on the show. He’s got the prospects. Unfortunately, you have the least amount of fights on your record, so you’re being replaced.’

“To me, that was such a blow,” he added. “Such a nut shot, honestly. I remember sitting there being stunned and being, like, ‘Is there anything we can do? What the f—?’ And they’re like, ‘We’re sorry, dude, it is what it is. It’s Conor.’”

Ramirez has fought once since then, beating Jeremie Holloway at an XMMA event in May to improve to 6-0. As for McGregor, he continues to deny being the reason for any removals.

“I did not get anyone into the Ultimate Fighter house, and I did not get anyone kicked out of the Ultimate Fighter house,” he told Ariel Helwani last week in Dublin. “It’s the usual rumors that just grow legs and run. That’s clarification on that one.”

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