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Watch Israel Adesanya get ‘pretty lit’ with crazed comedian, ‘challenge everyone in the bar to a fistfight’ (Video)

If you’re looking for a drinking buddy, you could do a lot worse than Israel Adesanya.

The reigning UFC middleweight champion spent a night out with comedian Bert Kreischer, which somehow ended with them “pretty lit” inside a New Zealand bar before challenging everyone in the joint to a full-on fistfight.

“He’s way bigger than you think and his hands are huge,” Kreischer told Joe Rogan. “We end up in a bar at like three in the f—king morning. I don’t know if he was drinking too much, I don’t even know if he was drinking, but we got pretty lit at a bar at three in the morning in New Zealand. And he stands up, and I stand up with him back-to-back, shirtless, both of us, and we challenge everyone in the bar to a fistfight.”

An incredulous Rogan warned Kreischer, “this could have gone horribly wrong.”

“He stands up and the first words out of his mouth are, ‘I’ll kill every motherf—ker in the room for this man right here!’ So then my shirt comes off,” Kreischer continued. “I thought we were doing a Steve Harvey bit. And then we start going table-to-table challenging motherf—kers. We’re like, ‘Who wants it? Who wants it?’ I was challenging the female tables, exclusively. We ended up buying the whole bar shots ... three times. He texted me the next morning like ‘boom’ ... he’s out. I don’t think he drank as much as I did.”

BJ Penn should have spent the night with Kreischer.

Adesanya, fresh off his redemption knockout over longtime rival Alex Pereira at UFC 287 in Miami, will return to the Octagon for the UFC 293 pay-per-view (PPV) later this year, where “The Last Stylebender” is expected to tangle with the winner of this pivotal middleweight showdown.

Hopefully Kreischer can keep his shirt on for this one.

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