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Conor McGregor responds to ‘ginger sausage’ Canelo Alvarez: ‘I’d beat you with no hands’

Things are getting heated as the international combat sports stars go back-and-forth in the media over how a fight would go between the pair.

Katie Taylor v Chantelle Cameron - Undisputed Super Lightweight Championship Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Canelo Alvarez and Conor McGregor are going back-and-forth in the latest spat between boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) superstars.

It hasn’t even been a week since Tyson Fury raged out over the idea that Jon Jones could beat him in a street fight. UFC President, Dana White, invited Fury to step into the Octagon and find out how he’d fare. Fury wisely declared he doesn’t, “roll around on the floor,” and that was the end of that.

We expect a similar conclusion as Canelo and McGregor get into it. The beef started when “The Notorious” suggested Alvarez was on the downside of his career, making him easy pickings.

“I’m a Southpaw, John Ryder’s a Southpaw, Billy Joe Saunders is a Southpaw,” McGregor said during Katie Taylor fight week. “I’ve seen methods. I’ve seen things I do, and I know he’s waning. I’d fight Canelo no f—ing problem.”

Canelo replied, “I’ll beat him with one hand on my back.”

In a since-deleted tweet, “The Notorious” replied, “Canelo you little ginger sausage. I’d beat you with NO HANDS. Don’t forget.”

So there you go: Canelo saying he’d trounce McGregor in boxing, and McGregor replying he’d destroy Canelo in MMA. Pretty obvious statements, really.

Unfortunately for MMA fans, we’ve had to endure watching numerous cage fighters step into the ring, only to learn how different boxing is. The reason it keeps happening: boxing pays its headline fighters way more than they’d ever make in UFC ... which is why we aren’t 100 percent sure we didn’t just witness the first salvo in an eventual McGregor vs. Canelo “freak show” fight.

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