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Dana White’s poorly-paid Power Slappers still stuck working 9-to-5: ‘I hardly train because of work’ (Video)

UFC President Dana White has resurrected his Power Slap League for a second event, despite pressure from Congress to shut it down, the loss of his television partner, and the general consensus from MMA fans that it’s the “dumbest idea of all time.”

In fact, White is so determined to keep his face-slapping league afloat that he’s partnered with the unproven Rumble app, which insists it’s “immune to cancel culture.” Sadly it remains vulnerable to the “nobody is streaming our app” culture.

White and Co. recently staged a kickoff press conference to announce the next Power Slap entry, along with a handful of new and returning contestants. That led to an unintentionally hilarious exchange between Ayjay Hintz and Russel Rivero.

What has your training looked like leading up to this one?

Hintz: I’m still not training. Absolutely nothing.

Okay, we’ll see what your opponent, Russel Rivero, has to say about that!

Rivero: For me, I hardly train too, because of work. I work a lot. This sport, I don’t think you really gotta put much into it, you just gotta stand there and bang.

Watch the isolated clip below:

It’s hard to train full time when you only get paid $2,000 to show.

Power Slap returns this Weds. night (May 24) at 9 p.m. ET on Rumble. The winners of this season will get a shiny blue belt and mad respect on the slapping circuit. They may also get a face that looks like Sloth from The Goonies if they take one too many Power palms.

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