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Chair shot! Furniture goes flying, bodies scatter during wild Karate Combat crowd brawl (Video)

Karate Combat is proof you don’t need Nate Diaz on location to start a wild brawl.

The s—t hit the proverbial fan last weekend in Miami after the lightweight showdown between Tommy Azouz and Shahzaib Rindh, with Azouz atop “The Pit” launching his mouthpiece at hecklers from the Rindh camp.

Then furniture started to fly and bodies started to scatter.

“On the brawl from last night: Both teams have their fair share of responsibility,” promotion president Adam Kovacs said after the dust settled in Miami. “Not the way martial artists should behave. Things like this can happen in the fight game, yes, even in karate. We all learned from this. Glad no one got hurt.”

Here’s another look, complete with Andrei Arlovski cameo:

I guess we know how “The Pitbull” feels about being filmed.

Nobody was injured during the melee and security was able to get things under control.

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