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Video: Michael Bisping and Marvin Vettori choke out Steve-O and SteveWillDoIt

The Middleweight fighters got sucked into a little video segment as they slept the popular pranksters with rear-naked chokes.

Steve-O still has a few stunts left in him ... and he’s showing the next generation of reality show influencers how it’s done.

The classic Jackass star joined next-gen YouTube personality, SteveWillDoIt, in the Octagon on Saturday night following UFC Vegas 73 to film some #content for their social media channels. This time it involved having fighter-turned commentator, Michael Bisping, and Middleweight contender, Marvin Vettori, race to see who could choke their guy out the fastest.

“Ladies and gentlemen, UFC Hall of Famer and former Middleweight champion of the world Michael Bisping, and No. 3-ranked Middleweight contender in the world Marvin Vettori,” Steve-O said as an introduction. “They’re gonna race to see who can get us unconscious the fastest.”

Both Steve-O and SteveWillDoIt (real name Stephen Deleonardis) are regulars at UFC events. Steve-O is just a massive UFC fan while SteveWillDoIt is a close friend of Dana White. He’s the guy who gifted White a $300,000-branded Howler Head van. White would later gift back the value of the van in cash, causing a whole controversy over how he appears to splash his money around while so many UFC fighters remain criminally underpaid.

“One more time for the cameras,” Bisping said. “We’re in agreement: no lawsuits. Just look at the cameras and say, ‘I will not sue anyone.’”

We haven’t seen to see the final product from the Steves, but Bisping got his own YouTube video up showing the behind the scenes filming of the moment.

“You just go to sleep,” he explained to SteveWillDoIt. “And when you go to sleep, we’ll let go. And you just lie down on the floor and when you come out it doesn’t hurt. It won’t hurt. When I got choked out unconscious against Georges St-Pierre, the only thing that hurt was when I came around, I wasn’t the champion of the world any more.”

It’s unclear who won the “race,” but we did get to see Steve-O get choked out, and then “The Count” get nervous as Steve-O takes a few extra seconds to come back around.

“I was worried,” Bisping admitted. “You’re 48. I might have a guy with a frail neck. What if I broke his neck? All this s— with the camera don’t mean s— if I’m getting locked up.”

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