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Midnight Mania highlights! 51-year-old Houston Alexander survives brutal rib roasting, remains undefeated in bare knuckle boxing

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UFC 75 Photo by: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/via Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) returned earlier tonight (Fri. May 20, 2023) with its BKFC 43 event in Omaha, Nebraska. It was nowhere near last month’s star-studded affair, but damn if the main event between Houston Alexander (4-0) and Jeremy Smith (3-1) didn’t turn out to be one of the most insane fights I’ve ever witnessed.

Yes, that’s the very same Houston Alexander of UFC fame, the one who knocked out Keith Jardine in 2007! Now 51 years of age, Alexander entered the squared circle with a perfect 3-0 bare knuckle boxing record, having most recently knocked out Joey Beltran.

He started plenty strong against South Africa’s Jeremy Smith. Despite his age, Alexander was the faster man and sharper boxer, repeatedly sticking Smith with a powerful jab. Smith tried to walk his foe down with big hooks and overhands, but Alexander did well to evade and continue landing heavy shots.

A couple rounds into the fight, Alexander’s face was clean, whereas the primary narrative became whether or not the doctors would allow Smith to continue. His eye was swelling shut nastily, and he was closely examined before both the third and fourth rounds. The end seemed imminent, but Smith was allowed to continue.

The tide began to turn in round three, as Alexander started to slow but Smith continued to press and get closer on his wide swings. In the fourth, however, something ridiculous happened. Smith found an avenue to victory: hanging onto a single-collar tie and wailing away at Alexander’s body! Relentlessly, he battered the ribs of the older man, landing dozens and dozens of continuous punches to the body.

Alexander couldn’t move or escape the onslaught, but he didn’t quit either. In the fourth and fifth, he absorbed an absurd amount of shots, still making it to the final bell.

The scorecards were up in the air, but Alexander was announced the victor following this absurd main event war. He definitely won the first half of the fight, but it was still somewhat surprising not to see any 10-8 rounds in the latter half, when Smith basically had him stranded and helpless in a sea of body shots.

Whatever the cards, it’s remarkable to see Alexander fighting at his age and still going to war!


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Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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