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Tyson Fury responds to Jon Jones, unwittingly costs himself ‘locked room’ debate — ‘I’m not a cage fighter’

If WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and UFC 265-pound titleholder Jon Jones were locked inside a room in a fight to the death, podcasting giant Joe Rogan believes there is “zero chance” the “Gypsy King” would make it out alive.

Those comments did not sit well with Fury, who insists he would be able to handle himself against Jones with “no problem” and exit the room unscathed. But in a follow-up challenge to “Bones,” the 6’9” pugilist dismissed any talk of a potential cage fight.

So we went from “locked room is fine” to “boxing only please.”

“I see Jon Jones has piped up,” Fury said on Instagram. “Jon, you talk about being in a cage, I’m not a cage fighter, mate. I’m a boxer. The best boxer, actually. So if you want to come into a boxing ring and fight me, be my guest. Let me know. You don’t have to call anybody else. No Dana’s, nobody. You call me because it’s a boxing fight and I’m the boss in this game. You’re a great fighter, Jon, but you’re no boxer, that’s for sure. All the best, good luck.”

That’s boxer-speak for “no takedowns or submissions.”

“Yesterday, Tyson says, ‘no man born from a mother can beat me,’” Jones wrote on Twitter. “Today he says, ‘Jon can never beat me in a boxing ring.’ Yeah I’m glad we got that clarified. You just switched your beat up faster than Travis Barker, impressive.”

Jones would likely get destroyed by Fury inside the boxing ring (he can’t bust a grape) and it’s fair to say Fury would suffer a similar fate in MMA. Fellow pugilist James Toney once tried his luck in UFC but got turned into lunchmeat by Randy Couture in Boston.

A rematch was abandoned by way of alleged cowardice.

Jones recently signed an eight-fight contract with UFC and won’t be doing any fighting outside the Octagon, regardless of opponent. Perhaps Fury can rekindle his Francis Ngannou rivalry now that “The Predator” is signed to PFL.

Even if it remains “a waste of time, energy, and money.”

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