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LOL! UFC champ Jon Jones reacts (clowns?) Francis Ngannou’s jump to PFL

Francis Ngannou vacated the UFC heavyweight title and parted ways with the promotion earlier this year, fed up with the restrictive contract that prevented him from pursuing outside endeavors, like boxing and non-Venum fight sponsorships.

PFL was happy to provide “The Predator” with those two components — plus a whole lot more — when negotiating with “The Predator” over the last few weeks. Their new partnership was announced early Monday morning (more on that here).

“No matter what other promoters say,” Ngannou said on social media. “No matter what some fighters say, no matter what media say, who do you think is the baddest mother—ker on the planet? Me!”

Reigning UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones is not impressed.

“Calling yourself the baddest man on the planet from across the street,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “Who does that? Lol.”

Signing with PFL is a huge victory for Ngannou and his career, but if there is one downside to having “The Predator” change teams, it’s losing the mega-fight between Ngannou and Jones, something that was brewing for several years under the UFC banner.

Even Ngannou regrets losing a potential “Bones” bash.

Jones, 35, went through similar struggles with UFC and even sat on the sidelines for two years after failing to score “Deontay Wilder money.” The former 205-pound kingpin was able to (finally) find a middle ground with Dana White and Co. and signed a lucrative, longterm deal that may only last for one more fight (according to this report).

Ngannou, 36, is not expected to make his PFL debut until mid-2024.

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