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KSI admits his controversial KO win over Joe Fournier ‘is tarnished, and I hate that’

There’s no denying Joe Fournier was knocked out by KSI’s elbow during their Misfits Boxing 007 fight at Wembley Arena. Now KSI is sharing his thoughts on the incident.

KSI v Joe Fournier Press Conference Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Influencer-turned boxer, KSI, scored a thunderous knockout on Joe Fournier last night (Sat., May 13, 2023) inside OVO Arena Wembley, electrifying the Internet and London, England, crowd at the Misfits Boxing 007 show. The only problem? The knockout blow turned out to be from an elbow, not a right hook as officially noted.

Videos of the elbow smashing into Fournier’s face quickly spread across social media, with many questioning whether KSI’s win would be overturned to a “No Contest” or even disqualification win for Fournier. No decision has been made by the Professional Boxing Association (P.B.A.) that oversaw the event yet, but Fournier is already planning to contest the outcome.

Now, KSI is speaking out about the way his fight ended. The PRIME sports drink magnate shared his thoughts on the controversial ending to his bout via social media.

“I worked very hard for this fight and had an intense and grueling camp,” he wrote. “There’s no better feeling than being in that ring and having my hand raised in front of my loyal and amazing fans who I appreciate so much.

“Unfortunately the victory, which was inevitable no matter what, is tarnished and I hate that,” KSI continued. “It sucks!

“After landing my overhand he was pretty much out on his feet and I went for a short right hook as Joe clinched me and fell into me,” he added. “I landed that hook and my glove made contact but appears to have been followed by unintentional contact with my forearm. I’m gutted that it’s not as clean a win as I wanted and it feels like it diminishes my hard work with my trainers.

“Either way, I hope you enjoyed the show and appreciate the support,” KSI concluded. “Sorry to all the fans disappointed with it. No one is more so than me.”

The win (if it stands) moves KSI — real name Olajide Olatunji — to 4-0 in professional exhibitions. He’s 1-0-1 in amateur exhibitions and 1-0 in his sole professional bout against Logan Paul in 2019.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what happens with his record. The knockout was the most viewed moment of KSI’s combat sports career thus far, so in that way it was a major success for the social media sensation as he continues to build toward what seems like an inevitable money fight with Jake Paul. Paul, as usual, no-sold the moment and took another shot at Misfits Boxing for being a stain upon the sport he loves so much.

“Why you lying still? No part of your glove made contact with Joe’s face on that elbow,” Paul wrote in a response to KSI’s statement. “That was not a hook. That was straight up a right elbow to the jawbone. Good form but wrong sport.

“Your whole promotion is sham,” Paul continued. “Bad look for the sport of boxing. Your ‘commission’ PBA should hold itself to a higher standard. I hope England Boxing starts to oversee this product and makes it safer for everyone.”

The P.B.A. website claims it has been around since 1998 and regulate “professional boxing, semi-professional boxing & white-collar boxing worldwide, with a prime emphasis being placed on boxer safety and fairness of competition.” That didn’t stop them from allowing a fight between two 400-pound influencers or doing anything about the numerous fights and brawls that keep happening involving Misfits Boxing participants.

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