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Conor McGregor welcomes Ian Garry into ‘Shot Caller Club’ after predicting UFC Charlotte win

Bellator 275 - 3Arena Photo by Brian Lawless/PA Images via Getty Images

Welcome to the club, Mr. Garry.

Ian Machado-Garry picked up his biggest professional mixed martial arts (MMA) win to date at UFC Charlotte last night (Sat., May 13, 2023), knocking out Daniel Rodriguez in the first round inside Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina (watch highlights). The finish was also showcased on ABC before a massive mainstream United States audience and it earned the Irish sports star a $50,000 “Performance of the Night” bonus.

Rounding out his victorious perfect storm was high praise from fellow countrymen and UFC’s biggest box office draw, Conor McGregor.

"When you call your shot and hit it, that's special," McGregor wrote on Twitter. "The Shot Caller Club has a new entry, Ireland's Ian The Future" Garry! #NotAScratch."

The “Shot Call Club” is a very exclusive club, as calling a knockout in MMA is cool, but can be difficult. McGregor became infamous for predicting his finishes and got the nickname, "Mystic Mac."

Garry perfectly called his head kick knockout of Rodriguez back in March with journalist, Peter Carroll.

"I already got the map,” Garry predicted. “I can tell you how I'm going to knock him out — right high kick. And anything else, I didn't mean. If I knock him out with anything else, I didn't mean it. That's the only shot that I want. That is the knockout I want — right high kick."

"The Future" landed the right high kick in the first round, which dropped Rodriguez and sparked the ground-and-pound finish.

Garry (12-0) has won five fights in UFC, with three being finishes.

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