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Misfits Boxing 7 results, live stream fight updates | KSI vs. Fournier

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Misfits Boxing 007 is set to go down later TODAY (Sat., May 13, 2023) inside Wembley Arena in London, England, featuring a headlining bout between social media sensation-turned boxer, KSI, and undefeated businessman/boxer, Joe Fournier (9-0-1). KSI is also undefeated (3-0) in his young boxing career with three knockouts.

In other action, YouTube and social media personality, Salt Papi, will battle Anthony Taylor, who has experience in both the mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing world. Of course, he’s also the same person who rocked Dillon Danis during this street fight. will deliver LIVE coverage of the “KSI vs. Fournier” main event below. The pay-per-view (PPV) main card broadcast kicks off on DAZN at 2 p.m. ET, with the headliners expected to make their way to the ring around 5 p.m. ET.

The event will be available on DAZN pay-per-view (PPV), which you can order right here.

KSI vs. Fournier Quick Results:

KSI vs. Joe Fournier - KSI via second-round knockout — HIGHLIGHTS
Deji Olatunji vs. Swarmz - Deji via unanimous decision — HIGHLIGHTS
Salt Papi vs. Anthony Taylor - Taylor via unanimous decision — HIGHLIGHTS
Tennessee Thresh vs. Paigey Cakey - Cakey via unanimous decision
ViruZz vs. DK Money - ViruZz via second-round knockout — HIGHLIGHTS
Lil Bellsy vs. Lil Kymchii - Bellsy via unanimous decision
WingsOfRedemption vs. Boogie2988 - WingsOfRedemption via second-round TKO — HIGHLIGHTS
Corn vs. Unbaer - Unbaer via split-decision
Luis Nestor vs. Callum King - Nestor via unanimous decision
Zuckles vs. Halal Ham - Ham via unanimous decision

KSI vs. Fournier Play-By-Play

KSI vs. Joe Fournier

Round 1: KSI with a huge left hand. They clinch and KSI tosses him down to the canvas. KSI light on his feet. Jab to the body from KSI. Fournier is very tight with his attack. Overhand right from KSI, and a lunging combination from the YouTube star. Fournier hasn’t landed anything. KSI with a left hook, then digs to the body with a right hand. KSI cutting off the ring, Fournier can’t find space to throw anything. They clinch, KSI with body shots, working the rib area. 10-9 KSI

Round 2: Straight right lands for KSI. Overhand right barely misses for KSI. Fournier lands a counter right hand. Clean shot. Fournier starting to pick up the pace. KSI landsa clean left that send Fournier back. Big overhand right lands for KSI and he tags Fournier with a huge short right hand that drops Fournier! The ref goes to check on him and he won’t be getting up. The replay shows that it was actually an illegal elbow that caught Fournier and knocked him out. What an unfortunate end for Fournier.

Final Result: KSI def. Fournier via second-round knockout — WATCH HIGHLIGHTS!

Deji Olatunji vs. Swarmz

Round 1: Swarmz comes out with the double jab. Deji lands a nice two-punch combination up against the corner. Deji with a straight right down the pipe that finds its mark. Swarmz with a huge right hand, but Deji is able to duck and avoid. Swarmz in and out with a left hook, nice body shot from Deji. Swarms is throwing looping punches from a mile away. Deji corners Swarmz against and lands a huge right hand. Deji has some great striking technique, Swarmz, not so much. 10-9 Deji.

Round 2: Deji corners Swarmz once against and lands a sweet three-punch combo. Crispy jab from Swarmz, who has a huge reach advantage. Deji manages to close the distance again and tags Swarmz with several body shots. Deji unloads a flurry of strikes, but Swarmz isn’t backing down one bit, returns fire with his own combination. Deji once against takes his foe to the corner and unloads a flurry of strikes. Swarmz tags Dejo with a huge right hand, stops him in his tracks for a second. Swarmz isn’t backing down but Deji’s attack is simply too explosive for him. 10-9 Deji

Round 3: Both men taking their time in this third round. Deji with a sneaky left hook that lands. Swarmz goes in for the attack and once against forced into the corner. Deji digs to the body with a left hook, then goes upstairs. Swarmz trying to get his jab going but Deji is too quick and closes the distance. Swarmz has slowed a bit here, Deji still keeping a good pace. Nice uppercut lands for Deji. Swarmz back pedaling and Deji is unloading. 10-9 Deji

Round 4: Deji pumping the jab, one,two three. Deji connects a right hand, Swarmz keeping a wide stance, lands a jab of his own. Double jab for Deji lands a huge uppercut but Swarmz absorbs it. Double jab for Deji again, but gets all air. Swarmz looks a bit lighter on his feet, but he isn’t unloading, he needs to go for broke. Deji has slowed a bit here, but he is still in control, his fight to lose. Deji ducks from a huge right hand that could’ve ended it all. Swarmz with a jab to the body. Deji starts unloading but Swarmz evades as the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Deji

Final Result: Deji def. Swarmz via unanimous decision

Salt Papi vs. Anthony Taylor

Round 1: Taylor tags Papi with a straight right hand straight off. Papi clinches. Papi lands a one-two combo, Taylor returns fire with a hook to the body. They clinch and Papi drags Taylor to the canvas, for whatever reason. Taylor lunges in and Papi tags Taylor with a left hand. Taylor goes for a takedown, it seems, he is lunging with his strikes. Taylor clinches again. Papi’s punches are a bit crisper, landing more. Papi walking him down, connects with a huge left hand counter after Taylor misses with a right. Papi pushing forward. Taylor content with just clinching after tasting Papi’s power. 10-9 Papi

Round 2: Papi with a huge left hand, stops Taylor in his tracks. Taylor is lunging in sloppy with his strikes. One-two to the body for Taylor. Papi is always countering perfectly with his left hand. Taylor tags Papi with to solid left hooks. Straight right finds its mark for Taylor. Papi’s boxing is very good, taking it to Taylor and Papi drags Taylor to the canvas again. Taylor clips Papi with a right hand, doesn’t fade him. Taylor starts throwing punches in bunches with Papi up against the ropes. 10-9 Taylor

Round 3: Taylor coming out aggressive. Lands a nice overhand right. Papi absorbs, lands a left hook. The clinch, Taylor working the body. Taylor once again lunges in, this time he whips Papi’s head back with a huge right hand. Taylor clinches...again. Left hook tags Taylor and Papi works the body. Taylor lands another lunging right hand. Taylor clinches, working the body shots with 30 seconds remaining. Taylor clinches, but Papi starts unloading uppercuts as the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Taylor

Final Result: Taylor def. Papi via unanimous decision

Tennessee Thresh vs. Paigey Cakey

Round 1: They come out swinging and they are trading big shots. Cakey landing the bigger blows. It’s an all-out slugfest with fast-paced action. Cakey throwing punches in bunches. Thresh a bit more reserved with her attack. Cakey coming in heavy with the attack, Thresh a bit light on her feet. tries to return fire but not landing much. 10-9 Cakey

Round 2: They meet in the center of the cage again and start swinging wildly. Cakey lands a solid jab, then a left. Thresh trying to get her rhythm going, lands a nice one-two combo. Thresh with a stiff jab, stuns Cakey a bit. Cakey returns fire with an over hand right, left. Both ladies looking a bit winded after expending a ton of energy. Thresh with a big right hand and Cakey is returning fire. 10-9 Cakey

Round 3: Thresh starts with a double jab and whips Cakey’s head back. Thresh putting it on Cakey in the third round. They are trading wild strikes, Cakey lands a huge right hand and send Thresh backward. Thresh is striking a bit sloppy as her energy levels have come down a bit. Onw-two from Cakey, as she eats a huge body shot. They are trading blows now, picking up the pace. INTENSE. They are going full Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez here as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Thresh

Final Result: Cakey def. Thresh via unanimous decision

ViruZz vs. DK Money

Round 1: Viruzz opens up with a jab. Money with a right hand to the body, then follows it up with one up top. Viruzz whiffs on an overhand right, they clinch. Big right misses for Viruzz, who is the busier fighter. Money with a stiff left hand and Viruzz returns fire with a big right hand. Virruz throwing heat, Money defending well. Money tags Viruzz and send him flying back. He pounces and lands two big rights. Viruzz does not back down and he tags Money with a huge left hand, stops him in his tracks. 10-9 Money

Round 2: Money tags Viruzz with a solid left, then a right. Money looking good here. Viruzz comes in overly-aggressive, misses everything. Money tags Viruzz with a huge left hand and he drops him. Nice counter. He takes the standing eight count. Money looking for the finish, Viruzz seems to have recovered. Left hook lands for Money, sends Viruzz retreating. Money lands a huge left hand and Viruzz returns fire with a HUGE left uppercut and then a right hand that sends him crashing to to the canvas. He is out! What an electric comeback from Viruzz.

Final Result: Viruzz def. Money via second-round knockout

Lil Bellsy vs. Lil Kymchii

Round 1: Bellsy connects with a straight right hand, sends Kymchii flying back. They start trading haymakers, kind of sloppy, but some connect for both ladies. Kymchii lands a nice left hand, Bellsy returns fire with a shot to the body. Overhand hammer fists from Bellsy, Donkey Kong style. Kymchii stalking. They trade in the center of the cage, Kymchii with tighter punches, Bellsy sticking with her hammer fist method. 10-9 Bellsy

Round 2: The meet in the center of the cage and they start trading haymakers. Bellsy lands an overhand right, then a hammer fist. Kymchii grabs a hold of her and the ref pulls them apart. Straight right hand connects for Bellsy, she has the big reach advantage. Kymchii sneaks in a nice right hand. Kymchii turns away, oddly. Jabs from Bellsy, and lands an overhand right, staggers Kymchii a bit. 10-9 Bellsy

Round 3: They trade rabbit punches in the center of the cage and Kymchii tags Bellsy with a huge right hand, forcing her to completely turn her body. Kymchii is starting to turn it on here. She swarms, lands a couple of good shots, misses just as many. Tight left hand connects for Kymchii. Kymchii is trying to close the distance, Bellsy using her reach to keep her at bay. 10-9 Kymchii

Round 4: Bellsy using her jab to get in, lands two straight overhand rights. Those were actually decent strikes. Kymchii trying to find a way to get inside. Kymchii bull rushes Bellsy but eats a left hand for her efforts. Kymchii is swinging wildly, nothing really connects. Both women are tired now, action slowing a bit. Bellsy with a slap-type punch, Kymchii eats it and keeps moving forward. Right hand to the ribs from Kymchii and Bellsy retreats. 10-9 Bellsy

Final Result: Lil Bellsy def. Lil Kymchii via unanimous decision

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