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Bellator Paris results: Live streaming play-by-play updates | Mousasi vs. Edwards

Bellator Paris is set to go down later TODAY (Fri., May 12, 2023) inside Accor Arena in Paris, France. Headlining the event will be a title eliminator fight as Gegard Mousasi battles Fabian Edwards to see who gets the next shot at Johnny Eblen’s title. In the co-main event, the Lightweight Grand Prix continues with Brent Primus facing Mansour Barnaoui in the first quarterfinal to see who moves one step closer to the $1 million Finale.

Many readers check in before, during, and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action, which will begin at 12 p.m. ET with YouTube “Prelims” (watch them here) and then transition to Showtime at 4 p.m. ET for main card action. Feel free to leave a comment (or several) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!


185 lbs.: Gegard Mousasi vs. Fabian Edwards - Edwards via unanimous decision (HIGHLIGHTS)
155 lbs.: Brent Primus vs. Mansour Barnaoui - Primus via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Douglas Lima vs. Costello van Steenis - Lima via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Thibault Gouti vs. Kane Mousah - Gouti via second-round knockout
125 lbs.: Denise Kielholtz vs. Paula Cristina - Kielholtz via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Oliver Enkamp vs. Luca Poclit - Poclit via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Davy Gallon vs. Saul Rogers - Fight ruled a no-contest (NC)
145 lbs.: Yves Landu vs. Piotr Niedzielski - Landu via unanimous decision
140 lbs.: Sarvarjon Hamidov vs. Kevin Petshi - Hamidov via third-round submission (rear-naked choke)
155 lbs.: Chris Gonzalez vs. Tim Wilde - Wilde via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Fabacary Diatta vs. Aridane Romero Rodriguez - Diatta via unanimous decision
150 lbs.: Asael Adjoudj vs. Georges Sasu - Adjoudj via unanimous decision
205 lbs.: Simon Biyong vs. Jose Augusto - Augusto via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Bourama Camara vs. Romaine Debienne - Debienne via second-round knockout


185 lbs.: Gegard Mousasi vs. Fabian Edwards

Round 1: Mousasi opens up with a high kick, misses everything. Low kick lands, though. Push kick to the stomach lands for Mousasi. Edwards with a powerful low kick and Mousasi returns fire with one high. Edwards lands an overhand left. Low blow from Mousasi and there is a break in the action. Edwards lunges in with a right hand. A lot of feints from both men. Edwards lands a powerful kick to the body and Gegard catches it. He lets it go. Edwards connects with an overhand right. Another kick to the body from Edwards. Mousasi stalking and he lands a right hand to the body. Edwards on his heels and he eats a right hand. Temporarily rocked, he shakes it off. Mousasi is now pushing the pace a bit more. Low kick lands for Mousasi and Edwards retreats. 10-9 Mousasi

Round 2: Edwards tags Mousasi with a huge right hand right out of the gates. Low kick lands for Mousasi and Edwards lands a huge left hand. One-two for Mousasi. Edwards shoots for a wild takedown, but he somehow gets it. Edwards now in guard, not doing anything at all but eat shots from Mousasi. Mousasi trying to scoot to the cage to get up, Edwards pulls him back. Edwards has the better position but has not offered up any offense whatsoever from the top. Mousasi manages to get up and he tosses Edwards off his back. Mousasi now in top control and the referee puts a hold on the action. Let’s see what happened. Upon further review it looked as if Mousasi landed an illegal knee to a downed opponent. Action resumes. Edwards comes out aggressive and throws a looping right hand that narrowly grazes Mousasi. Mousasi slips to the canvas and Edwards lets him up. Wise move on his part. Mousasi with a kick to the body, then a right hand upstairs. 10-9 Edwards

Round 3: Left hand lands for Edwards. Mousasi looking to counter and he eats a knee to the body. There is another break in action (the third of the fight). There seems to be a wardrobe malfunction on Mousasi’s part. Low kick lands for Edwards. Mousasi with a lot of feints. They pause in the center of the cage and are confused about something...don’t know what. That was strange. It’s been a strange fight. Halfway through round three. Kick to the body from Mousasi, then a low kick from Edwards. Mousasi has slowed quite a bit in the third. Edwards doubling up on his jabs. Mousasi eating them. Low kick lands for Mousasi, then another. Edwards lands a right hand straight down the middle. Mousasi going back to his kicks. 10-9 Edwards

Round 4: Mousasi is looking to push the pace right away, down 2-1 going into the championship rounds. He hasn’t popped off much offense of note in the previous round. He lunges in with a wild three-punch combo, nothing lands. Edwards lands a powerful two-punch combo. He feints and Mousasi responds. Back-to-back leg kicks from Edwards. They clinch and Mousasi digs to the body. Mousasi changes level and he gets the takedown. He is in mount and now he takes Edwards’ back. He is in great position here with two minutes left in the round. Edwards gets back to his feet but Mousasi drags him back down, momentarily. Edwards gets up and he reverses position. Edwards is really relying on the kicks to the body but Mousasi is still stalking. A stiff jab lands for Mousasi as he shoots for the takedown. Stuffed. Edwards drives a knee to the midsection, then the inner thigh as he scores a takedown. Close round. 10-9 Mousasi

Round 5: This round will be the deciding one, all tied up on our scorecard. Edwards lands a high kick, Mousasi barely flinched. Low kick lands for Edwards, who is studying, looking for the opening. Mousasi isn’t throwing much a minute into the final round. Mousasi is reacting to Edwards’ feints. Mousasi lands a clean right hand, but Edwards clinched quickly and takes Mousasi down. He takes his back, searching for the rear-naked choke. Edwards has Mousasi’s back, but he isn’t doing much with it. He has a tight body triangle and Mousasi isn’t getting out of that one so easily. The referee is warning Mousasi of something. One minute left in the fight. Edwards hasn’t done a ton with this position, but he does have it and is content with it. Mousasi with one last push to get free but he doesn’t have enough left in the tank to pull it off. 10-9 Edwards

Final result: Edwards def. Mousasi via unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Brent Primus vs. Mansour Barnaoui

Round 1: Barnaoui starts early as he closes the distance and starts swinging haymakers. They clinch against the cage and he is tagging Primus, but Primus tags Barnaoui with a huge right hand. Primus drops for the takedown but it is stuffed. Barnaoui is super aggressive from the jump. They are clinched up against the cage and Primus lands a huge takedown. Barnaoui manages to get back to his feet and he now has back control. Primus uses his strength to reverse position and they start trading punches. It has been a fast-paced opening round. Thai clinch for Barnaoui and he lands a knee straight up the middle. Primus isn’t letting up, though, as he tags his foe with a huge right hand. It has been intense so far. Huge elbow lands for Barnaoui and Primus is bleeding from his left eye. Primus is fighting back, though, as he isn’t backing down and still putting up offense. Barnaoui using his reach advantage to land his jab. Thai clinch from Barnaoui again and Primus manages to tags Barnaoui with a huge right hand that knocks his mouthpiece out. Barnaoui shoots for a desperate takedown to shake off the cobwebs and he gets it. He passes guard as the round comes to an end. What an electric first round. 10-9 Barnaoui

Round 2: Barnaoui starts things off with a huge right hand, but Primus manages to get in close to score the takedown. He’s in side control now, trying to pass guard. Primus landing elbows from top control and Barnaoui is looking for an armbar. Primus is now looking for an arm-triangle. Barnaoui has solid defense right now and he manages to turn out of danger. Primus still has the better control. Barnaoui working a straight armlock but Primus escapes. Primus is still in side control, as Barnaoui has been unable to get back to his feet. Both men look tired after an explosive first seven minutes of action, so they are content with a small breather here. Primus lands a right hand and Barnaoui manages to pull off a nice sweep escape and is now in side control. Primus looking for an armbar as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Primus

Round 3: Barnaoui comes out aggressive again and lands a nice jab to kick off the third round. Primus with a low kick, and then misses on a looping right hand. Barnaoui lands a left, then a right. Primus isn’t backing down as he delivers a right hand of his own. Barnaoui with two straight flying knee attempts. Primus looks tired as he has been throwing heavy leather. Barnaoui stalking, lands an elbow on Primus up against the cage. Barnaoui with another elbow off the clinch and he lands a few knees for good measure. Primus is in trouble here because he is wavering. Barnaoui with another knee that lands right on the chin. Primus is hurt and he gets dropped. Barnaoui looking for the finish. Primus looking for the kimura but he is in trouble here with two minutes remaining. Barnaoui landing huge elbows from side control. Primus wants to reverse position and he does it. Primus is now on top, will likely try to take a breather here. Primus locks in an anaconda choke, does not look tight. He lets it go. 10-9 Barnaoui

Round 4: Barnaoui once again rushes to the center of the cage and he lands a low kick. Primus is very tired, and Barnaoui doesn’t exactly look fresh. Primus lands a huge right hand and he changes levels for a takedown. Stuffed. Primus drags Barnaoui down to the canvas. Barnaoui eats a huge right elbow and Primus locks in an arm-triangle. It looks tight and Primus is putting a lot of pressure on it. Barnaoui is in trouble here. Primus is expending a lot of energy trying to get this submission. Primus is content with his position but it looks like Barnaoui isn’t in any danger. The ref taking a closer look. Barnaoui escapes the submission attempt. Primus is now looking for a rear-naked choke. 10-9 Primus

Round 5: Two straight jabs from Barnaoui. They are trading in the center of the cage and Primus lands another takedown. Primus can steal the fight if he holds this position. Barnaoui trying to escape and Primus using his strength to keep him down. Primus landing shots from back position, nothing of note. Primus looking for a rear-naked choke. Barnaoui hasn’t shown anything much in this round, Primus is keeping busy. The referee wants to see more from both men. Primus has the rear-naked choke. It looks tight. Barnaoui is in trouble here. He escapes but Primus locks it in again as time runs out. This one will be close. 10-9 Primus

Final result: Primus def. Barnaoui via unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Douglas Lima vs. Costello van Steenis

Round 1: Low kick from van Steenis. Push kick from Lima, who is taking his time looking for an opening. Lima gets taken down by van Steenis, but finds his way back up to his feet pretty quickly. Knees to the inner thigh from van Steenis as he holds Lima up against the cage. Lima ducks from under a huge right hand and van Steenis is throwing heat here. Lima with a low kick, van Steenis evades and he first his own low kick. Flying kick to the gut from van Steenis. Another flying kick from van Steenis as he eats a punch to the body. Lima pushes van Steenis up against the cage and it’s reversed quickly. Lima with an overhand right as time runs out. 10-9 van Steenis

Round 2: Lima opens up with another low kick, and van Steenis using quick movement to evade. Nice high kick lands for Lima, and van Steenis returns fire with a low kick, then a push kick to the body. Lima is going to the well, keeps firing the low kicks. Jab to the body from Lima, and van Steenis returns fire. Another low kick from Lima, that one wobbles him a bit, his calf is starting to feel it. Straight right hand lands for Lima, then another. A wild wheel kick attempt for van Steenis sends him crashing to the canvas after he misses everything. Overhand right barely misses for Lima, but he connects with another low kick. High kick for Lima as van Steenis switches stances. Lima stops the takedown attempt and now pushes van Steenis up against the cage and fires off knees to the inner thighs. Lima throws and elbow, misses and van Steenis takes him down and is now in his guard as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Lima

Round 3: They meet in the center of the cage, all tied up at one round each on our scorecards. Lima fires off another low kick and van Steenis eats a jab, as well. Lima putting on the pressure as he stuffs another takedown. Jab to the body from Lima as van Steenis fires off two consecutive kicks to the stomach and he is rocked by Lima. Lima lands a right hand and he is pouncing on van Steenis, who seems to have recovered. Lima fires off a right hand and van Steenis ducks and shoots and gets the takedown. Lima back to his feet and pushes van Steenis up against the cage. They separate and Lima is stalking. Lands a nice jab. Lima once again has the better position up against the cage. They separate again and van Steenis connects with two jabs. Lima with an overhand right that misses everything and he eats a straight right down the middle. Jab from Lima. Lima stuffs yet another takedown and pushes van Steenis up against the cage. It’s reversed as van Steenis uses his strength to get control as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Lima

Final result: Lima def. van Steenis via unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Thibault Gouti vs. Kane Mousah

Round 1: Gouti opens up with a sharp right hand. Mousah counters with a jab, then another. Low kick from Gouti and then an overhand right misses. Mousah with a one-two, then goes to the body. Low kick lands for Mousah. Gouti pushes his foe up against the cage and lands a right hand and down goes Mousah after a huge right hand. Mousah hops back up to his feet. Mousah has recovered, Gouti stalking and lands a nice jab, whips Mousah’s head back. Mousah trying to get it going and Gouti with a kick to the body. Up against the cage and Mousah lands a huge elbow. Nice first round 10-9 Gouti

Round 2: Gouti working the jab. Mousah lands a nice left hand, then a nice strike to the rib area. Huge kick to the body lands for Mousah, who looks the fresher fighter. Nice right hand down the middle for Gouti. Mousah stalking and he lands a right hand straight to the nose. A lot of feints from Gouti. Mousah with a one-two that lands cleanly, then a kick to the body. Strike to the gut from Gouti, who has slowed a bit here. Gouti with a kick to the body, and he is breathing hard. Nice jab connects for Mousah, Gouti fires back with a looping left hand. Mousah eats a low kick and tags Gouti with a right hand, then a left and he is piling it on but Gouti comes back and fires a vicious right hand that drops Mousah. The referee steps in to put an end to the action after Gouti piles it on with two hammer fists. WOW!

Final result: Gouti def. Mousah via second-round knockout

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