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Eddie Alvarez defends infamous crowd-screaming wife: ‘If anybody has anything to say, they can go f—k themselves’

Eddie Alvarez has no problem with his wife’s vocal performances during his fights.

Throughout Alvarez’s wildly entertaining 20-year career, fans quickly began to notice a familiar sound during each outing. Alvarez’s biggest supporter is undeniably his wife, Jamie Alvarez, who can often be heard screaming and shouting her husband’s name throughout his battles.

Jamie’s trend continued this past weekend at BKFC 41 in Broomfield, Colo., when Alvarez took on his fellow former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran, Chad Mendes. If anyone has a problem with the added noise, however, they can take it up with “The Underground King.”

“Listen, man, that’s my f—king chick and if anybody has anything to say, they can go f—k themselves,” Alvarez told The MMA Hour with a laugh. “My wife’s been watching me fight — we met each other when we were 15 years old. We have four children together. I am her f—king guy and if something happens to me, now you can feel her pain and what she’s feeling. She has my four children, man. She’s my f—king ride or die.

“She can’t control what’s going on and her yelling or her screaming, that’s how she feels,” he concluded. “It’s genuine so if you don’t like it, deal with it. But it’s f—king genuine. I hear her and so does everyone else (laughs). We all hear her.”

Alvarez’s bareknuckle boxing debut against Mendes was his first appearance since his last mixed martial arts (MMA) contest in April 2021 at ONE on TNT 4 against Ok Rae Yoon. The former UFC and Bellator Lightweight titleholder wound up getting the nod over Mendes via split decision in a back-and-forth war (watch highlights).

There are still some fights left in the tank according to the 39-year-old Alvarez (30-8, 2 no contests in MMA). Therefore, fans will have to break out their earplugs if they’re too annoyed to enjoy the consistent violence the all-time great Lightweight puts on in the ring or cage.

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