Izzy on Izzy's route to victory!!

I see this fight as a winnable one for Izzy and gonna put out how I see it as feasible. I am going to try & put myself in Izzy's coach' shoes and tell a story.

Before going further, I want to be clear that I am not picking Izzy to win or atleast not just yet. See if I can convince myself!!

Observations from past fights

Spots of danger

1. Exchanging in close is extremely dangerous (all knockouts happened while exchanging in close range)

2. Having your back to the ropes/cage for any period of time is extremely dangerous

3. Absorbing Leg kicks

4. Alex managed his gas tank!!!!! That was his first 5 rounder. He will trust his own tank more & will look to pressure forward more this time!!!

5. He recovers very well between rounds!!

Where you had success

1. Your 1-2 from orthodox has been a money shot.

2. You have success on a consistent basis when you come forward

3. You also have success when you hit & circle away (not stand & trade).

4. Wrestling!! Despite Alex being the bigger guy, you had enough of a skill edge in the wrestling/grappling game that you won the clinch & ground game

5. Let's not forget the body kicks, especially your left kick to his liver!!!

Strategic keys to victory (obvious)

1. Negate the threats outlined above

2. Maximize on things that gave us success but put them together differently

Tactical game plan - Dictate where the fight goes

1. Step forward & be first - The only way to negate pressure is to cause damage to the fighter pressuring in. Alex is going to pressure you; stand your ground and be first. Push him back by being not let yourself be pushed back.

2. Stepping forward and going first allows you two options.You can follow through with a punch (left jab -> right cross) but also if the cross misses, you can & you should step into the clinch. If you can't step into a clinch, then you circle away (L step even if going backwards not straight back). Keep the fight at the center of the cage or you push him back

3. Stepping forward & being first also allows you to negate the low leg kicks from Alex. It's almost impossible to throw a effective low kick going backwards!!

4. Feints - You are a master at this and he was biting on them. They are your way in!! But we are not waiting to counter him...we go first!!! Don't let him settle, always put something in front of him.

5. Attack the body. Alex has a tendency to keep his right hand up while his left is held low. His body, in particular his liver will be open. Attack his open side when you are in southpaw while you attack his head when you are in orthodox.

6. Wrestling & grappling -

  • Once we hit the clinch, we are looking for takedowns. We don't want to play the game of exchanging short strikes in the clinch with the guy who generates serious power with little wind up!! We want to initiate the takedown, we want to leverage the body lock & trips to land on top!! We avoid the leg attacks (single or double leg from distance) since they also present KO opportunities for Alex.
  • From there we are looking to cause damage. Work that GnP. Do not rush for sub attempts causing yourself to lose position. Wrist control & short elbows (let's watch some Jon Jones videos as prep).
  • Either Alex takes too much damage or expends too much energy getting up.
  • Do not accept bottom position at any time if you land on bottom!!!! This is where we use our superior BJJ to sweep & get up...not try subs from bottom!!!

7. You cannot afford to slow the pace down through however many rounds it lasts. New round, same gameplan!! Go first!!

8. Check those leg kicks - Anytime you are not on your bike & in striking range, you should expect the low leg kicks. Check them!!! If we stay true to our gameplan of going first the need to check the kicks will be very very few!!!

9. What about the big left hook of Alex?? - If we dictate where the fight goes, then the opportunity for him to even truly throw the left hook is not there!!!!

If all goes to plan we finish him. Worst case, we get knocked out!!! Hey that's already happened...nothing worse can happen!!!

So feints --> go first --> circle away OR wrestling/grappling - The right hand leads to the finish or the GnP leads to a finish!!!

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