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Jake Paul reveals ‘crazy’ new timeline for PFL/MMA debut: ‘I’m really excited’

Boxing Bullies By Jake Paul Partnered With The Berman Law Group Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Berman Law Group

Jake Paul is still expecting to make his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut under the Professional Fighters League (PFL) banner, but it may come later than expected.

At the start of the year the social media sensation signed a deal with PFL that ensured his anticipated debut inside of the cage. Paul and company believes he would be able to make his official MMA debut by the end of 2023, but that may end up trickling into 2024 after all.

On Friday, Paul joined the PFL 2 2023 broadcast (results HERE) to help call some fights and discuss his own combat future. After confirming that his debut may be pushed back to next year, Paul detailed his ongoing MMA training and how is game is coming along.

Check it out below:

“But I’m really excited, even just watching the fights tonight has got me hyped up,” Paul said. “I’ve been training jiu-jitsu a little bit and getting back to my wrestling roots; I grew up wrestling in Ohio, Division I, I have that background. So, I really just have to focus on learning the kicks.

“So I need about a year or so, and then I’m gonna be ready, and I’m excited to be doing it with the PFL,” he continued. “And hopefully, we can lock down a big name, because I want to challenge myself. People think I’m crazy, which I am, but I like doing things differently. And since the beginning of this whole like influencer boxing thing, I’ve always said that I wanted to do MMA. So for me, I’m excited to do it, and to be doing it at the PFL.”

Paul, 26, has been doing his best to carve out a memorable career in the sport of boxing. The social media sensation had produced a 6-0 record over the last three years before meeting rival Tommy Fury inside of the ring this past February. Fury ended up defeating Paul via split decision to hand him his first professional loss.

Many thought Paul might push for an immediate rematch against Fury, but he’s keeping his options open. It could be Paul’s last trip to the boxing ring before his crossover into MMA so he’s trying to find the best possible dance partner.

“I’m revisiting the drawing board, going back to the basics, changing some things around with my team, and we’re assessing who it is that I’m gonna fight next,” Paul said. “There’s some really big names out there. We’re talking to multiple different teams, trying to make another massive fight. So stay tuned and hopefully you’ll hear an announcement from me soon.”

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