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UFC 287 results, live streaming PPV updates | Pereira vs. Adesanya 2

UFC 287 live stream results and play-by-play updates: Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya middleweight rematch tops the championship pay-per-view (PPV) main card TONIGHT (Sat., April 8, 2023) at Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, Fla., a five-round showdown contested for the Brazilian’s 185-pound strap. Shortly before that headlining affair, welterweight contenders Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal will collide for a spot in the 170-pound title chase in the three-round UFC 287 co-main event.

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MASSIVE MIDDLEWEIGHT MATCH! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) makes its highly anticipated return to Sydney, Australia, for the first time in five years on Sat., Sept. 9, 2023, with a 185-pound world title fight inside Qudos Bank Arena. In the ESPN+-streamed pay-per-view (PPV) main event, Middleweight roost-ruler, Israel Adesanya, plans to silence No. 5-seeded contender, Sean Strickland. In UFC 293’s hard-hitting Heavyweight co-main event, No-6-ranked fan favorite, Tai Tuivasa, locks horns with towering Russian, Alexander Volkov (No. 8).

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UFC 287’s five-fight PPV main card gets underway TONIGHT at 10 p.m. ET beginning with the bantamweight banger between 18-year-old phenom, Raul Rosas Jr., and fellow division up-and-comer Christian Rodriguez. Get complete UFC 287 PPV main card LIVE results and real-time play-by-play updates below. In addition, we’re also covering the UFC 287 “Prelims” undercard bouts streaming on ESPN and ESPN+ in a separate thread RIGHT HERE, beginning promptly at 6 p.m. ET. Bet on UFC 287 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Pereira vs. Adesanya 2.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 287 main card PPV results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


185 lbs.: UFC Middleweight champion Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya — Adesanya def. Pereira by KO (punches) at 4:21 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
170 lbs.: Gilbert Burns vs. Jorge Masvidal — Burns def. Masvidal by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
135 lbs.: Rob Font vs. Adrian Yanez — Font def. Yanez by TKO (punches) at 2:57 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
170 lbs.: Kevin Holland vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio — Holland def. Ponzinibbio by KO (punch) at 3:!6 of Round Three — HIGHLIGHTS
135 lbs.: Christian Rodriguez vs. Raul Rosas Jr. — Rodriguez def. Rosas by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


185 lbs.: Kelvin Gastelum vs. Chris Curtis — Gastelum def. Curtis by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
115 lbs.: Luana Pinheiro vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez — Pinheiro def. Waterson-Gomez by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
265 lbs.: Chase Sherman vs. Karl Williams — CANCELED (details here)
185 lbs.: Gerald Meerschaert vs. Joe Pyfer — Pyfer def. Meerschaert by TKO (punches) at 3:15 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS!
115 lbs.: Cynthia Calvillo vs. Loopy Godinez — Godinez def. Calvillo by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)
160 lbs.: Ignacio Bahamondes vs. Trey Ogden — Bahamondes def. Ogden by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
145 lbs.: Steve Garcia vs. Shayilan Nuerdanbieke — Garcia def. Nuerdanbieke by KO (punch to the body) at 0:36 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
115 lbs.: Jaqueline Amorim vs. Sam Hughes — Hughes def. Amorim by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


185 lbs.: UFC Middleweight champion Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya

Round 1: Adesanya tossing out low kicks. Pereira looking to answer in kind. One minute in. Adesanya switching stance regularly. Both men staying at range thus far. Head kick falls short. Both land low kicks as Adesanya’s flurry falls short. Two minutes in. Pereira tries a head kick, avoids a 1-2. Body jab by Pereira. Two minutes to go.

Adesanya falling short with his punches as Pereira goes back to the body. Solid combo by Adesanya. Both landing leg kicks. Adesanya tries a body kick with a minute to go. Pereira head kick just misses. Low kicks landing. 10-9 Pereira.

Round 2: Right back to trading kicks. Pereira fires a head kick and ramps up the pressure, swinging big against the fence. Adesanya with a high-low combo. One minute in. Good 1-2 from Adesanya. Head kick blocked. Pereira low kicks and body jab. Combo from Adesanya met by a stiff jab two minutes in. Adesanya turning up the aggression a bit, eats more leg kicks. Pereira head kick just misses. Counters from Adesanya near the fence with two minutes to go.

Adesanya to the body. Pereira focusing on the leg kicks, misses on a head kick and eats a two-piece. Heavy exchange near the fence. Low kick stings Adesanya with a minute to go. Both attack the body. Another low kick from Pereira appears to hurt Adesanya and he opens up against the fence. This proves to be his undoing, as Adesanya sends him reeling back with an overhand right before slamming home a second one that puts the Brazilian’s lights out. One more hammerfists on his unconscious body and the Middleweight title is back in “The Last Stylebender’s” hands.

Final result: Adesanya def. Pereira by KO (punches)

170 lbs.: Gilbert Burns vs. Jorge Masvidal

Round 1: Low kicks from Masvidal to start. One minute in. Lots of feints, no commitment thus far outside of those leg kicks. Burns trying to get a jab going. 1-2. More Masvidal low kicks. Two minutes in. Body kick from Burns. Masvidal sets up the next low kick with a combination. Burns hasn’t gotten out of the starting block yet. Two minutes to go.

Burns stalking, fires a huge 1-2 that just misses. Now he’s starting to turn it up. Body kick. Low kick from Masvidal. One minute to go. 1-2-low kick by Burns. Masvidal tries a jump knee and overhand right. Burns pressuring, not landing clean. Hard shot from Burns and Masvidal sticks his tongue out. Power takedown from Burns and some hammerfists in the final seconds. 10-9 Masvidal.

Round 2: Burns with an early blitz that briefly drops Masvidal. He follows with a high-amplitude takedown into guard. Short punches a minute in. Elbow as well. Masvidal keeping a closed guard, not doing anything to get space as Burns tries to sneak in elbows. Two minutes in. Burns continuing to chip away with short ground-and-pound. Masvidal scoots to the fence and tries to granby roll free with two minutes to go.

Burns holding onto the rear waist lock. Nice mat return. Masvidal briefly holds onto a front headlock. Back to his feet. One minute to go. Jockeying for position against the fence. They separate with 30 seconds on the clock. Body kick by Masvidal. Counter right by Burns to answer a flying knee. 10-9 Burns.

Round 3: Burns looks for an early head kick. Low kick by Masvidal. Low kick exchange. Jabs from Burns. One minute in. Masvidal staying busy with the low kicks. Spinning back kick to low kick to body kick. Burns swings big, can’t land clean. Nice counter right by Masvidal, who eats a left hook and a 1-2 that has him doing the jitterbug for a second. Burns stalking two minutes in. Jab to high kick to straight right by Masvidal. Burns pops him with a couple right hands, then hurts him with an uppercut. Monster overhand right. Masvidal still waving him on as Burns lands bombs to the head. Two minutes to go.

Back to the center. Left hook by Burns, then another booming right hand. Masvidal comes back with a body shot and 1-2. Reactive shot from Burns to put him on the fence. Nice trip into side control. Elbows with a minute to go. Masvidal regains half guard. Burns staying heavy, trying to take the back. Last-minute scramble. 10-9 Burns.

Final result: Burns def. Masvidal by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Rob Font vs. Adrian Yanez

Round 1: Early right hands from Font. Yanez tries a 1-2, lands an oblique kick. Hard 1-2 as they trade in the center. Clean counter right stings Font a minute in. More good counters catch Font coming in. Font tries an elbow, eats a right hand. Cross lands for him. Stiff jabs knock Yanez back. Yanez comes back with a huge overhand right. Font shoots, lands a knee. Both land low kicks. Two minutes in. All fast-paced exchanges so far. Big trade in the center. Clean uppercut and 1-2 land for Font, who follows to the body. 1-2-1-1. Yanez is buzzed and Font’s on the attack. Font pouring it on as Yanez does his best to fire back. It’s a right hook that does it, felling Yanez like a tree and allowing Font to pour on the hurt until the ref steps in.

Final result: Font def. Yanez by TKO (punches)

170 lbs.: Kevin Holland vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio

Round 1: Holland staying at range and tossing out kicks. Counter left to answer a low kick. Left hook, stiff jab. Good low kick by Ponzinibbio. One minute in. Inside low kick this time. Short elbow by Holland, then a stiff jab and teep two minutes in. Holland continuing to potshot as Ponzinibbio tries to tear up his legs. Two minutes to go.

Ponzinibbio chases him down with a flurry, settles for a left hook and low kick. Low kicks from Holland. Good left hook. Ponzinibbio with another rush, can’t get the right hand to the target. More kicks by Holland. One minute to go. Now the overhand connects for Ponzinibbio, then a low kick behind it. Four-piece and low kick. Holland sends out more kicks and Ponzinibbio catches one to the body. As he tries to swat at a one-legged Holland, though, “Trailblazer” blasts him with a backfist and hammerfist for a late knockdown. 10-9 Holland.

Round 2: Holland looking for left hooks and flicking out the jab. Ponzinibbio low kick. Head kick blocked, glancing overhand met by a cross from Holland a minute in. Ponzinibbio leg kick. Both swing hard, neither connects. Holland outworking him this round, keeping it at his preferred distance. Left hook and low kick by Ponzinibbio two minutes in. Counter right and low kick. Holland sends out a series of left hands in return. Another low kick by Ponzinibbio, who backs away from a blitz with two minutes to go.

Low kick from Holland leads to an awkward exchange. Ponzinibbio low kick. Holland pressuring now, lands a solid combination. Two right hands buzz Ponzinibbio, who ties up with a minute to go. Knees from Holland on the exit. Elbow and jab by Holland, then a shifting combo. Ponzinibbio launches volley that come up short. 10-9 Holland.

Round 3: The low kicks are still working for Ponzinibbio, but he’s having trouble landing anything else due to Holland’s reach. There’s a left hook from Ponzinibbio, then a low kick that does visible damage a minute in. Holland pumping the jab, tries a left hook, settles for a low kick. Ponzinibbio slips, eats a hard left hand soon after. Jab exchange. Two minutes in. Low-high 2-3 by Ponzinibbio, then a damaging low kick. Stalking Holland, another good low kick. Another. Two minutes to go.

Looping hook lands for Ponzinibbio. Holland catches a kick for a counter right, and as Ponzinibbio tries to get his footing back, Holland leaps after him with a left hook on the button that sends him to his knees for the finish. Ponzinibbio protests, but the guy faceplanted. Fair stoppage.

Final result: Holland def. Ponzinibbio by KO (punch)

135 lbs.: Christian Rodriguez vs. Raul Rosas Jr.

Round 1: Rosas quickly puts him on teh fence and they battle for position. Solid takedown defense so far from Rodriguez, who’s landing good knees along the way. One minute in. Nice tree topping puts Rosas on top in side control. He looks for a front choke on the way up, but ends up on the bottom. Quickly back to his feet and in on Rodriguez’s hips. Two minutes in. Holding onto a rear body lock. He tries to jump on Rodriguez’s back, then settles for a mat return. Another jumping back take and now he’s playing backpack with two minutes to work.

Full body triangle, RNC is on the chin. Rodriguez fighting the hands well so far, Big squeeze by Rosas forces Rodriguez to the mat. One minute to go. Rosas considers attacking an arm in the final seconds. 10-9 Rosas.

Round 2: Early shot from Rosas. He tries to turn it into a leglock, can’t do so. Punches on the way up. Rodriguez catches Rosas coming in with a knee and it’s back to fighting for position against the fence. One minute in. Nice sit-through from Rosas on his next shot gets him to the rear waist lock. Rodriguez briefly considers rolling, thinks better of it. Rosas trying to pull him down and take the back, but ends up in bottom side control. North-south. Rosas trying to roll free, can’t do so, eats an elbow to the body. Two minutes to go.

Rodriguez looking for the back. Body triangle locked up. One minute to go. Rodriguez softening him up, Rosas fighting his hands. 10-9 Rodriguez.

Round 3: Both land hard crosses, Rosas tries a jumping knee, gets caught trying to spin. Two-piece by Rodriguez. Rosas shoots, drives through the sprawl, can’t lock it up. One minute in. Another good sprawl by Rodriguez. Another and this time he looks for the back. Rosas trying to spin free. Rodriguez pounding away two minutes in. Hard elbow. Full body triangle. Two minutes to go.

Rodriguez continuing to land, looking for the RNC. One minute to go. Rosas spins out and they return to their feet with 20 seconds left. They end the fight trading punches. 10-9 Rodriguez.

Final result: Rodriguez def. Rosas by unanimous decision

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