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Jorge Masvidal recommends celebrity lawyer for Nate Diaz street fight case: ‘It looked like it was self-defense’

UFC 244 Masvidal v Diaz Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Jorge Masvidal may have had his own beef with Nate Diaz for their “BMF” title fight back in 2019, but “Gamebred” is opening up his rolodex and recommending an “ass-kicking” celebrity lawyer to handle Diaz’s recent New Orleans arrest.

Diaz surrendered himself to New Orleans police earlier this week after they issued a warrant for his arrest following a street fight caught on camera. The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star was seen choking out a Logan Paul wannabe — who was later identified as famous TikToker Rodney Petersen — and leaving him unconscious in the street.

As you may have imagined, Diaz is claiming that he acted in self defense. It wasn’t the only fight that Diaz got into that night in New Orleans, but this one had people scratching their heads. Upon further review, it didn’t seem as if Petersen was approaching Diaz in a violent manner. However, there was a lot going on and Diaz is not someone to second guess himself before acting on instinct.

Diaz immediately posted bail after turning himself into police, but the 38-year-old combat veteran will now have to worry about fighting the case and avoiding any serious legal trouble. It has already cast a shadow on his upcoming boxing match with Jake Paul this coming August.

Luckily for Diaz, Masvidal knows the perfect lawyer to help get him out of this mess.

“Nate Diaz if you see this, I’ve got a top lawyer in the country who wants to represent you,” Masvidal told MMA Junkie. “His name is Brad Cohan. Have your people get in touch with him. He wants to take care of you. The dude is the man. I just remembered he has told me that. I don’t talk to Nate Diaz, but my boys at MMA Junkie can give him the message. Brad Cohan is the man.”

Masvidal, who retired from UFC earlier this month, is no stranger to legal troubles. “Gamebred” was arrested for aggravated battery back in March 2022 when he tussled with former training partner and current UFC welterweight contender, Colby Covington, at a Miami steakhouse.

“What it looked like to me is this dude ran up on Nate, and you’ve got to respect every threat,” Masvidal said.

“It looked like it was self-defense. But I don’t know. I didn’t see the whole video, I just saw one sh—ty angle so I don’t want to say too much. I just want to say: You can’t run up on people. You can’t violate people’s personal space and feel it’s cool to get away with. As good of an ass-kicking machine as I am, I give everyone their personal space. I don’t invade nobody, even if I have to ask, ‘Where’s the train stop?’ or something – I do it from a safe distance. You don’t want to be invading space cause you just don’t know.”

Masvidal makes a valid point about intruding on someone’s personal space — especially someone like Nate Diaz — but does that mean Petersen deserved to be choked out? It’s a touchy situation to say the least, but one that Diaz will have to work through the New Orleans court system. Maybe this celebrity lawyer can help pave the way.

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