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BKFC 41 live stream results, play-by-play coverage | Perry vs. Rockhold

Check out the co-main between former UFC stars Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes, too!

As we can tell by the numbers next to the cards, this is the 41st event put on by BareKnuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) ... and it is arguably the biggest event the promotion has ever done in terms of sheer star power. On a normal card, a name like Ben Rothwell would main event, while one or two former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Bellator competitors such as Bec Rawlings, Brandon Girtz and Chris Camozzi might get added into the mix.

Not tonight (Sat., April 29, 2023), though.

Live, from Broomfield, Colo., BKFC is bringing us a card where both the main- and co-main event could honestly have easily been the main event on some UFC Fight Night. We’ve got former three-time belt contender, Chad “Money” Mendes, taking on former Bellator and UFC Lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez ... and that isn’t even the main event! Former Strikeforce and UFC 185-pound champion, Luke Rockhold, is set to make his sans-glove debut against yet another former UFC regular, “Platinum” Mike Perry.

It’s the biggest event this promotion has ever had, and is bringing you the results live and in color as they happen. The event starts at 8 p.m. ET on Youtube with three “Prelims” undercard bouts, followed by the Pay-Per-View (PPV) at 9PM EST.

Of special note, to those Maniacs who have already purchased Fite+, this is not included in your subscription. This is a separate PPV event at $49.99. Fite+ subscribers are getting 50 percent off the price, or you can purchase it on the BKFC app, too.

BKFC 41 ‘Perry vs. Rockhold’ Quick Results

185 lbs.: Mike Perry vs. Luke Rockhold — Perry def. Rockhold via TKO (R2, 1:15)
165 lbs.: Chad Mendes vs. Eddie Alvarez — Alvarez def. Mendes via Split Decision (47-46 x2, 46-47) — HIGHLIGHTS
125 lbs.: Christine Ferea vs. Bec Rawlings — Ferea def. Rawlings via TKO, doctor’s stoppage (R2, 2:00)
265 lbs.: Josh Copeland vs. Ben Rothwell — Rothwell def. Copeland via TKO, corner stoppage (R3, 2:00)
205 lbs.: Chris Camozzi vs. Daniel Spohn — Camozzi def. Spohn via KO (R1, 2:00)
170 lbs.: Brandon Girtz vs. Christian Torres — Girtz def. Torres via KO (R1, 1:10)
155 lbs.: Mike Alvarado vs. James Brown — Brown def. Alvarado via TKO, doctor’s stoppage (R2, 2:00)
195 lbs.: Jesse Stalder vs. Roderick Stewart
145 lbs.: Gabrielle Roman vs. Khortni Kamyron — DRAW 48-46, 47-47 x2
185 lbs.: Matthew Maestas vs. Dillon Winemiller — Winemiller def. Maestas via KO (R1, 0:07) — HIGHLIGHTS
180 lbs.: Marcus Edwards vs. Jay Jackson — Edwards def. Jackson via KO (R1, 2:00)
155 lbs.: BJ Lawrence vs. Wayna Reid
155 lbs.: Jack Willoughby vs. Mitch Seybold — Seybold def. Willoughby via TKO (R1, 1:23)

BKFC 41 Play-By-Play Results

Luke Rockhold vs. Mike Perry

Round 1: Rockhold in white with red wraps, Perry in silver and blue wraps. Left by Rockhold. Right to the body by Perry - no, it was too low and we’ve got a pause in the action. Perry feints and closes the distance. Gets in a left before the ref breaks them up. Solid left hand wobble Perry. Rockhold wades in, Perry clinches him. Now Perry lands a left that backs up Rockhold. The left hand has been money for both people.

10-9 Rockhold

Round 2: Pair of jabs by Rockhold answered with a 2-piece by Perry. Rockhold slips, no harm done. Left by Rockhold, then a right hand lands clean for Perry. He lands to the body. Perry again closes and rips to the rib cage. Rockhold complaining about something, ref tells them to fight on. Perry walks forward again and continues to rib-roast. Rockhold looking at the ref, and he’s complaining about something. He doesn’t seem to want to continue, and the ref obliges him. It’s all over.

FINAL RESULTS: Mike Perry defeats Luke Rockhold, TKO, 1:15, Rd. 2

Chad Mendes vs. Eddie Alvarez

Round 1: Both men in black, so Eddie is the bald guy in white shoes and red wraps, Chad with blue shoes and wraps. Quick start, but nothing landing really clean for either man, as they’re moving well. Oh, nice right hand from Mendes, who looks way quicker. He gets another right in, but looks like he has a small mouse on his right eye. Alvarez with an uppercut.

10-9 Mendes

Round 2: Eddie with a jab. Mendes misses a right, connects with a left that sends Alvarez to the canvas for the first knockdown of the night! Alvarez is back up. Honestly, I’m rooting for Mendes here, because Eddie’s wife is in attendance and her screeching is deafening. Eddie gets in a right, but eats a left. Uppercuts from both men, but Mendes’ looked stronger.

10-8 Mendes

Round 3: Short left hook on a break by Alvarez stumbles Mendes, and while he’s back up, that counts as a knockdown. Chad double jab. Mendes backs up Alvarez, but doesn’t land anything super clean before Alvarez is able to circle out to his left. There’s a left by the former featherweight. Alvarez hits a right hand.

10-8 Alvarez

Round 4: Mendes with two quick jabs to open up. Left-right lands for him. Right hook for Eddie and a left for Mendes. Mendes grabbed his wrist momentarily - something to keep an eye on. Alvarez with a mean cut on his eyebrow. Both men dodging fairly well, given how much chaos is happening.

10-9 Mendes

Round 5: Alvarez ducks the immediate jab. Alvarez gets in a shovel hook, Mendes counters with a right hand. Alvarez has taken a little of some of these punches to finally connect. Lefts by both men. Right uppercut by Alvarez. He’s landing at a good clip now. Alvarez flurries and Mendes goes down! He’s up, and shaking his hand out. Mendes looking desperate and at the buzzer, he knocks Alvarez down with a right to the temple!

9-8 Alvarez

FINAL RESULTS: Eddie Alvarez defeats Chad Mendes, split decision 47-46 x2, 46-47

Christine Ferea vs. Bec Rawlings - Women’s Flyweight Championship bout

Round 1: Hello, Conor McGregor, wave to the fighters, yell a bit and be loud. Rawlings in black and purple, Ferea in black and gold. Rawlings hits a counter right to open the contact. Ferea connects a left. There’s a right-left, both glance and Rawlings has a small cut somewhere on the center of her face. Right-pause-left-right from the champ. Rawlings with a pair of right hands. A third.

10-9 Ferea

Round 2: The cut is on Rawlings’ right eyebrow, but she passes the doctor’s exam. Rawlings looks like that lit a fire under her ass, as she is connecting with some big shots here. She outlands Ferea about 3-to-1 as they swing away early in this round. Ferea now with a cut near her temple. Both women landing. Double jab from Ferea, Big counter right hand from Bec. Right-left by the Aussie. Both women connect on right hooks.

10-9 Rawlings in a close round

The doctor stops it this time, and I’m not really sure why, as the cut hadn’t gotten any worse. Poor stoppage, in my opinion.

FINAL RESULTS: Christine Ferea defeats Bec Rawlings, TKO (doctor’s stoppage), 2:00, Rd. 2

Josh Copeland vs. Ben Rothwell

Round 1: Rothwell in black and red, Copeland in plain black. Copeland circles away and hits in a left. And an overhand right, which cuts Rothwell under his eye. Ben hits a solid right. Clinch and a ref break. Rothwell gets in a left. Uppercuts in a clinch from both men. Rothwell coming forward, ducks a left, misses one of his own. Lead uppercut by Rothwell. Rothwell gets in a left hook.

10-9 Copeland

Round 2: Rothwell lands some short uppercuts in a clinch before they break. Copeland wings an overhand. Ben with a weird left hand that sends Copeland to his butt somehow. 8-count and we’re back. Rothwell with a cleaners shot now, but Josh saw this one and ate it well. Both men land overhands. Copeland looks like he’s slowing down. Rothwell with short, measured right hands.

10-8 Rothwell

Round 3: Copeland stars with a pair of overhand rights to open the round, both of which connect and send Rothwell stepping back. Ben regains his composure and he’s moving forward now. Short flurry. Rothwell gets a clinch and is tenderizing the rib cage of Copeland. Rothwell is winning this from the clinch every time. Body and head. Copeland gets in a shot here and there, but most of the traffic is zooming down the Rothwell highway. Copeland looks tired as hell and is getting beat up.

10-8 Rothwell

Josh Copeland’s corner has thrown in the towel, and that’s that.

FINAL RESULTS: Ben Rothwell defeats Josh Copeland, TKO, 2:00, Rd. 3

Chris Camozzi vs. Daniel Spohn

Round 1: Camozzi in orange, Spohn in black. Spohn starting us off with a nice left hand on a combo. Clinch and a break. Camozzi hits a short overhand. Left by Camozzi and down goes Spohn all of a sudden. Big cut on the eyebrow of Spohn. Camozzi eats a left, returns one. Right hand and Spohn is down again! These shots don’t look super clean, but they’re doing bad damage here. Camozzi grabs a head clinch, and much like the last match, turns this into a hockey fight. Spohn is eating uppercuts and he’s down again. He does not get up this time.

FINAL RESULTS: Chris Camozzi defeats Daniel Spohn, KO, 2:00, Rd. 1

Brandon Girtz vs. Christian Torres

Round 1: Torres in black, Girtz in blue. Girtz the southpaw vs the orthodox Torres. Torres coming forward, eats a good left. They start firing at each other repeatedly, Torres catching the worst of it. He’s trying to tie up Girtz, but falls forward on his face. Torres takes a moment to collect himself and beats the count. They start back up and Girtz is firing on all cylinders, looking for the finish. Torres gets in a right, however. Girtz gets his left arm behind the head and starts firing hooks and uppercuts like it’s a hockey fight. Torres eats about 5 or 6 before he crumples to the canvas, and he doesn’t beat the count this time.

FINAL RESULTS: Brandon Girtz defeats Christian Torres, KO, 1:10, Rd. 1

Mike Alvarado vs. James Brown

Round 1: Alvarado in black and purple, Brown in black and gold. Alvarado is the former pro boxer fighting in his hometown, so he’s a heavy favorite here. Jab by Brown. Alvarado misses an overhand, Brown with a pair of 1-2s that hit mostly guard, but enough to cut him up. Brown swinging big here, connecting on a couple uppercuts and Alvarado is bleeding heavy. He’s got a cut on the top of his head that looks gnarly.

10-9 Brown

Round 2: Correction, looks like he’s got two cuts on the top of his head. Alvarado pushing forward, but isn’t throwing anything. Brown slips on something and they pause the action to wipe up the canvas. Finally there’s a good right hand by Alvarado. Brown with a flurry. Brown’s doing a smart thing here and hitting 80% repeatedly, with the bare knuckles is cutting the hell out of Alvarado. Alvarado hits the body at the last second.

10-9 Brown.

The doc comes in to look at Alvarado’s eye, and he stops it!

FINAL RESULTS: James Brown defeats Mike Alvarado, TKO (doctor’s stoppage), 2:00, Rd. 2

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