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UFC Vegas 72 live stream results, play-by-play updates | Song vs. Simon

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to its APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the UFC Vegas 72 mixed martial arts (MMA) event TONIGHT (Sat., April 29, 2023), streaming LIVE on ESPN+. UFC Vegas 72 will be headlined by the 135-pound showdown between Top 10-ranked bantamweight contenders Yadong Song and Ricky Simon. Before that five-round clash of styles gets underway, Brazilian bruiser Caio Borralho tests his chin against Polish power puncher, Michal Oleksiejczuk, in UFC Vegas 72’s co-main event. Elsewhere on the card, heavyweight hurters Waldo Cortes-Acosta and Marcos Rogerio de Lima hook ‘em up at 265 pounds.

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STRAWWEIGHT CONTENDERS COLLIDE! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns home to UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sat., May 20, 2023, with No. 7-ranked women’s Strawweight contender, Mackenzie Dern, testing her high-powered submission skills against No. 13-seeded Angela Hill. In UFC Vegas 73’s ESPN+-streamed co-main event, Anthony Hernandez will lock horns with Edmen Shahbazyan in a showdown between talented Middleweight up-and-comers.

Don’t miss a single second of face-punching action! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Vegas 72 fight card below, starting with the ESPN2/ESPN+ “Prelims” undercard bouts at 4:30 p.m. ET, followed by the ESPN+ main card start time at 7 p.m. ET. Bet on all the UFC Vegas 72 action with our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook right here.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Song vs. Simon.” Without further delay, see below for the updated UFC Vegas 72 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action).


Yadong Song vs. Ricky Simon — Song def. Simon by TKO (punches) at 1:10 of Round Five — HIGHLIGHTS
Caio Borralho vs. Michal Oleksiejczuk — Borralho def. Oleksiejczuk by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:49 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Cody Brundage vs. Rodolfo Vieira — Vieira def. Brundage by submission (arm triangle choke) at 1:28 of Round Two
Julian Erosa vs. Fernando Padilla — Padilla def. Erosa by TKO (punches) at 1:41 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Waldo Cortes-Acosta vs. Marcos Rogerio de Lima — Rogerio de Lima def. Cortes-Acosta by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Josh Quinlan vs. Trey Waters — Waters def. Quinlan by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Martin Buday vs. Jake Collier — Buday def. Collier by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Cody Durden vs. Charles Johnson — Durden def. Johnson by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Irina Alekseeva vs. Stephanie Egger — Alekseeva def. Egger by submission (kneebar) at 2:11 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS
Journey Newson vs. Marcus McGhee — McGhee def. Newson by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:03 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS
Hailey Cowan vs. Jamey-Lyn Horth — Horth def. Cowan by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


135 lbs.: Yadong Song vs. Ricky Simon

Round 1: Simon keeping his distance, switching stance. One minute in. Low kick from Simon. Lots of feints, no bits from Song. He shoots, denied. Hard low kick from Song, who falls short with a step-in knee. Simon tries a head kick, blocks a body kick two minutes in. Song catches a kick, can’t use it. 1-1-2 from Simon. Song tries a 1-2 and gets put on the fence with two minutes to go.

Jockeying for position. Good lead right by Simon after they separate. He’s the busier of the two so far, though he hasn’t really pulled away. One minute to go. Song tries a 3-2, stops a takedown, and lands a low kick. Another unsuccessful takedown from Simon, who avoids the subsequent flurry. Low kick from Song, then a wheel kick attempt that draws a smile. Close round. 10-9 Simon? Think he did a little more.

Round 2: Simon circling, Song slowly advancing. Low kick from Song. Stiff jab lands for Simon. A headbutt appears to hurt Simon’s eye and Song goes for the kill, only for Simon to take him down into side control a minute in. Quick standup from Song and they’re back at range. Simon looks to have his wits back, though Song’s advancing more confidently. Two minutes in. Overhand right from Song, low kick soon after. Teep to the midsection. Nice dipping left hook. Hard 2-3 with two minutes to go.

Song in full control as he advances. Simon trying to pump the jab, eats a body shot as he circles. Song swinging big without much coming back at him. One minute to go. Low kick lands for Song after a left hook misses. Body shot. Jabs from Simon. More stalking from Song, but Simon times a double-leg to land in half guard. He bombs away with hammerfists until the bell, when Song scrambles to his feet. 10-9 Song.

Round 3: Nice double-leg by Simon, but Song gets right back to his feet and returns to stalking. Hard 1-2. Song tries a body shot and it lands right on Simon’s cup, prompting a brief break in the action. One minute in. Switch head kick from Song and a low kick behind it. Simon’s just not doing enough. More low kicks by Song. Simon shoots, denied. Two minutes in. Simon combination falls short. Jabs from Song in return. Head kick and wheel kick fall short. Lead hook to the body, low kicks soon after. Two minutes to go.

Hard right hand from Song, his biggest shot in a while. Good combination work, including a straight left that knocks Simon back. Counter 2-3 with a minute to go. He fires a long combo, can’t find the mark. Right to the body. Song pulls back on a punch, but leads with his head in the process, resulting in a butt in the final seconds. 10-9 Song.

Round 4: Solid 1-2 from Simon to start. Song comes back with a leg kick. Simon low kick soon after. Simon looks like he’s trying to wake up a bit. Flying knee attempt met by a heavy combo from Song. Song knee just misses, a cross counter does not a minute in. Simon shoots, denied, keeps driving but just can’t finish it. Body kick lands for him. Two minutes in. Song tries a 3-2, then bangs the body. Right cross, two low kicks, right cross. Simon answers with a 2-1 but it’s still all Song on the feet. Fast counter right by Song with two minutes to go.

Low kick from Song. Simon catches a body kick, can’t use it. One minute to go. Both land decent power shots in quick succession. Cross counter by Song. Spinning back kick atempt, then a leg kick. Simon looks to pursue and gets melted by a cross counter in the final seconds; Song hesitates a moment before jumping on him, giving Simon time to tie him up. 10-9 Song.

Round 5: Another hard cross counter stings Simon about 30 seconds in. Song slowly stalking. Simon tries to punch his way back into the fight and runs headlong into another crushing left hook that sends him to the mat. Song swarms with punches that appear to put Simon out at least one more time, sending the referee into action. Simon protests, but he is not steady when he tries to stand. Consummate performance by Song.

Final result: Song def. Simon by TKO (punches)

185 lbs.: Caio Borralho vs. Michal Oleksiejczuk

Round 1: Heavy low kick from Borralho after avoiding some left hands. Oleksiecjzuk answers with a body shot, then an overhand left. Borralho tries a flying knee. Oleksiejczuk backs him up and lands a combo on the fence. Another counter left, then an overhand on the lead a minute in. Borralho firing low kicks but eating counters as he does. Borralho shoots, denied, lands knees in the clinch. Elbow from Borralho on the exit. Oleksiejczuk whiffs on an overhand left, eats a right hook soon after. Two minutes in. Borralho changes levels and hauls him to the fence. They separate. Big swings from both. Oleksiejczuk continuing to pressure. He ties up on the fence, then lands a knee to Borralho’s groin with two minutes to go.

Oleksiejczuk returns to action quickly, only to eat a flying knee for his trouble. He continues to pursue. Solid lefts to the head and body. Borrahlo with a right hook as he circles. He shoots again, can’t get it, lands knees inside. They separate with a minute to go. Oleksiejczuk falls short with a blitz and eats a 2-3. Borralho drags him down from the rear body lock and slips in a hook. Solid elbow, then punches and hammerfists from turtle. Some knees to the body to cap off the round. 10-9 Borralho.

Round 2: Oleksieczjuk comes out with heavy pressure, which earns him a right hook to the face. Low kicks by Borralho, who avoids a 1-2. Oleksieczjuk to the body. Nice blast double by Borralho puts him on top against the fence. Oleksiejczuk stands, Borralho still in on his hips a minute in. Back down they go, this time into a proper half guard. Full mount, then the back, landing elbows. Continuing to chip away. Full back mount two minutes in. Body triangle. In comes the RNC and, shortly thereafter, the tap.

Final result: Borralho def. Oleksiejczuk by submission (rear naked choke)

185 lbs.: Cody Brundage vs. Rodolfo Vieira

Round 1: Brundage comes out swinging for the fences, hunting the early finish. Reactive level change from Vieira puts Brundage on the fence. Apparently guard pull attempt, no dice, keeping the body lock a minute in. Vieira still hunting for the takedown, lands a knee to the groin two minutes in. They restart at a distance. Big 3-2 from Brundage drops Vieira, who looks for deep half guard as Brundage drills him with short right hands and elbows. Two minutes to go.

Vieira works his way to the feet and looks for an outside trip. Nice finish and he’s got the back with a minute to work. Hammerfists from Vieira. Solid punches and elbows. 10-9 Brundage.

Round 2: 1-2 from Vieira into a double-leg. Brundage jumps guard on a guillotine, can’t get it and Vieira takes half guard. Vieira setting up an arm triangle with the fence in the way. Brundage weathers it initially, but Vieira gets a better angle and clamps down to secure the comeback submission win.

Final result: Vieira def. Brundage by submission (arm triangle choke)

145 lbs.: Julian Erosa vs. Fernando Padilla

Round 1: Low kick to left hook from Erosa to start. Exchanging in center cage. Solid back-and-forth so far. One minute in. Low kick to 1-2 from Erosa, who eats a body kick in return. Padilla puts together a vicious combo that has Erosa reeling, and he chases Erosa across the cage with heavy punches. A 1-2 puts Erosa to sleep on impact, and though he wakes up enough to shoot and get to his feet, another huge right hand folds him and sends the ref into action.

Final result: Padilla def. Erosa by TKO (punches)

265 lbs.: Waldo Cortes-Acosta vs. Marcos Rogerio de Lima

Round 1: Heavy low kicks from de Lima early on. Body kick behind it, then a hard counter left hook. Counter right by Cortes-Acosta, who eats another left hook when he tries to capitalize. Another cracking low kick by de Lima. One minute in. Two more low kicks have Cortes-Acosta stumbling. A third one and that leg might be gone already. de Lima barrels into the clinch and puts him on the fence, then trips him down into side control. Looking for the back two minutes in. Cortes-Acosta makes it to his feet and separates. Back to the leg kick goes de Lima. Low-high combo. Two minutes to go.

Good lead right by Cortes-Acosta. He shoots and puts de Lima on the fence. de Lima tries an uchi mata, no dice. de Lima reverses with a minute to go, then cracks Cortes-Acosta with a 2-3 and leg kick. More low kicks landing clean. Cortes-Acosta tries a spinning back kick and de Lima hauls him to the fence. 10-9 de Lima.

Round 2: de Lima goes right back to the leg kick as Cortes-Acosta tries to pick him off with punches. Continuing to hammer away at that lead leg. Body kick exchange. Hard left hook by Cortes-Acosta a minute in. de Lima patiently advancing behind a high guard. Nice level change puts him on top in half guard. Cortes-Acosta looking for a kimura, nothing doing. He gets to his knees and stands, eating a couple shots as he does. de Lima still attached. Two minutes to go.

Short left hands from de Lima. Slick inside trip and he’s back on top in half guard. He gets the back and looks for the RNC, but Cortes-Acosta slips out the back door and stands with a minute to go. Cortes-Acosta wading forward with punches. de Lima meets him with a level change and puts him on the fence. 10-9 de Lima.

Round 3: Slow start to the round. de Lima looking like the more tired of the two. Both land low kicks. One minute in. Cortes-Acosta falls short with a 2-1. Inside low kicks from both. Cortes-Acosta tries a spinning back kick. Left hook falls short for de Lima. Cortes-Acosta comes back with a combination. Two minutes in. Cortes-Acosta straight right, de Lima leg kick. Cortes-Acosta finally checks a leg kick and lands a two-piece. Body shot and jabs. de Lima seems like he’s in cruise control, and not in a good way. Cortes-Acosta body shot, eats a left hook in return. Two minutes to go.

There’s a nice counter right by de Lima. Low kick exchange. One minute to go. de Lima fires a double-leg and puts Cortes-Acosta on the fence. Cortes-Acosta spins free and separates. Solid combination met by a de Lima low kick. Cortes-Acosta throwing combos, eating left hooks. 10-9 Cortes-Acosta.

Final result: Rogerdio def Lima def. Cortes-Acosta by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Josh Quinlan vs. Trey Waters

Round 1: Early low kick knocks Quinlan over, though he quickly stands and puts Waters on the fence. Hunting a body lock takedown, can’t get it or the follow-up trip. Still attached against the fence. One minute in. Can’t find the mark with two big swings on the break. Counter left from Waters to answer a low kick, then a quick jab. Quinlan calf kick. He tries to rush inside and gets dinged by a counter jab two minutes in. Waters cross counter; he’s managing distance quite well thus far. Quinlan still targeting the calf. Two minutes to go.

1-3 from Waters, who’s content at range. Quinlan tries a Superman punch off the fence. More jabs from Waters, who falls short with a pull counter. Quinlan can’t figure out how to get inside. One minute to go. Quinlan head kick falls short. Waters answers with front kicks downstairs. Waters left hook, Quinlan low kick. Waters is fading back and looking to counter every time Quinlan commits to something. Sharp counter rights from Waters. Quinlan hits a double-leg in the waning seconds and tries to do damage on the way up. 10-9 Waters.

Round 2: Quinlan comes out more aggressive, gets backed off by a combination. Stiff jabs from Waters. One minute in. Waters continuing to control the distance, keeping his jab in Quinlan’s face and countering most of what comes his way. Low kick from Quinlan met by a chopping right. He shoots, denied. He continues to fall short with punches and eat Waters’ jabs and crosses. Two minutes to go.

Another pull counter by Waters. 1-2, more jabs, left hook, straight right. There’s a solid low kick from Quinlan, who can’t capitalize. One minute to go. Counter volley by Waters. Quinlan lands a body kick, eats a combination, then flubs a lateral drop at the bell. 10-9 Waters.

Round 3: Quinlan trying to lean on the leg kick early on. He shoots, denied. Waters popping him with jabs and straights as he circles. One minute in. Quinlan tries to force the issue and eats a clean combination that sends him wobbling back. Waters staying patient. Cross counter. Quinlan calf kick. Two minutes in. Waters steps in with some clean right hands, then snaps Quinlan’s head back with the jab. More counters as Quinlan tries to step in. There’s a straight left from Quinlan, but his clean connections are few and far between. He shoots, denied. Two minutes to go.

Check hook by Waters, then a huge counter straight that freezes Quinlan in place for a moment. Again Waters keeps his distance. Quinlan throws heaters, eats more counters. One minute to go. Clean straight right by Waters. 1-2, counter jabs, cross counter. He’s eating Quinlan alive. Quinlan sells out in pursuit and Waters changes levels for an easy takedown. Back up, back down, granby roll at the bell. 10-9 Waters.

Final result: Waters def. Quinlan by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Martin Buday vs. Jake Collier

Round 1: Collier showing solid hands in the early going. Good combinations landing. Uppercut from Buday backs him off. Collier answers with more heavy shots on the fence. Low kick exchange. One minute in. Huge 1-2 by Collier. Counter hook. Buday wades through the fire to put him on the fence. Collier quickly separates and lands a leg kick. Two minutes in. Jabs and low kicks working for Collier. Combination attempt on the fence. Buday reverses with two minutes to go, can’t keep hold of him.

Buday low kick. Collier pressuring, landing well behind the jab. He briefly puts Buday on the fence. One minute to go. Clubbing shots from Buday back Collier off, but Buday slips and Collier looks for the back. Ground-and-pound from Collier to end the round. 10-9 Collier.

Round 2: Collier continuing to pressure. Buday trying low kicks. Brief clinch against the fence. Trading hands, flurry from Buday. Collier puts him on the fence again a minute in. Collier 1-2 and they bonk each other in the clinch for a bit. Good knee to the body from Collier, Buday answering in kind. Solid elbow by Collier on the break two minutes in. Collier again puts him on the fence. after taking a couple of body shots. Jabs from Collier, wide swings by Buday. Collier constantly trying to clinch now and Buday’s getting in some licks. Two minutes to go.

Collier puts him on the fence again. Double jab into the clinch. Hard knees to the body from Buday and Collier felt those. Still doing a good job of neutralizing Buday against the fence, though. One minute to go. Knee and right hand by Buday , Collier clinches again and tries to change levels. Hard knee by Buday. Collier comes back with an elbow. Solid jab. Collier leans on him in the clinch again. 10-9 Collier.

Round 3: Short combo by Buday to start. Collier low kick, looping hook comes back at him. Both tired, trading hands in slow motion. Buday trying to rip uppercuts. Collier puts him on the fence, eats knees, gets double unders. Knee by Collier, who takes a finger in the eye on the exit. He takes some time to recover, but they’re back at it soon enough. Trading jabs two minutes in. 2-1 from Collier. Swatting shots from Buday in return. Collier digs a body shot, then goes upstairs with the left hook before putting Buday on the fence again. Two minutes to go.

Both land knees to the body. Elbow from Collier on the exit. Collier tries to shoot and Buday jumps on him, dropping shots. Full mount with a minute to go. Collier clamped down on Buday’s head to keep him from posturing. Buday chipping away, moves to knee on belly to get a bit more space. Buday separates, then blasts Collier with a right hand before jumping on him again. 10-9 Buday. Second round was close.

Final result: Buday def. Collier by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Cody Durden vs. Charles Johnson

Round 1: Johnson rushes out of the gate, then attacks a heel hook after slipping. Durden extracts his leg and tries to latch onto his back. Standing body triangle. One minute in. Johnson fighting the hands as Durden tries to periodically swat him with short shots. Durden releases the body triangle and briefly drags him down before grabbing another body lock. Still struggling to get the second hook in. Two minutes to go.

Johnson finally manages to slip free and separate. Switching stance. Hard low kick from Durden and an uppercut on the way up. Good combination against the fence. Johnson punches his way back to the center. One minute to go. Durden tries a Brazilian kick, then hits a nice single-leg. Good adjustments to keep Johnson from standing. Now Johnson works his way up, and as Durden slams him to the mat, Johnson wraps up an inverted triangle. Not enough time. 10-9 Durden.

Round 2: Left hook to low kick from Durden. Johnson tries to pressure with volume and Durden hauls him to the fence to attack the back again. He completes a takedown into half guard, then looks for the back on the way up. Back to half guard a minute in. Again to teh back, trying to lock up the body triangle. Good scrambling from Johnson gets him to his knees two minutes in. Durden re-inserts his hooks on the way up to play backpack. He abandons them and lands knees to the thigh, then drags Johnson down and re-inserts the body triangle. Two minutes to go.

Johnson manages to work his way free and stand 30 seconds later. Durden looking a little winded. One minute to go. Both prodding at each other with jabs. Nice straight right by Durden. He shoots, eats a knee. Body shots from Johnson, who piles up some good shots before the bell. 10-9 Durden.

Round 3: Johnson pressuring early, landing solid punches near the fence. Hard body kick. Durden shoots, denied; he’s definitely fading. Head kick attempt. One minute in. Trading jabs at range. Low-high two-piece from Durden, who eats a straight right in return. Trading hands in center cage. Durden shoots again, denied again. Big right hand rattles Johnson, after which Durden changes levels two minutes in. Johnson denies it and lands a knee on the exit. Cross counter by Durden. Long-range single-leg puts him on top. Strong whizzer by Johnson to try and stand, but Durden locks up the body triangle once again with two minutes to go.

Durden playing backpack. Not a lot of strikes or RNC attempts but he’s on there good. One minute to go. To the mat now. Durden rides it out until the bell. 10-9 Durden.

Final result: Durden def. Johnson by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Irina Alekseeva vs. Stephanie Egger

Round 1: Alekseeva tossing out a variety of kicks in the early going. She backs Egger to the fence and briefly tries to unload. Solid low kicks from Egger in return. One minute in. Straight right lands for her as Alekseeva tries to open up. Big exchange in center cage. Egger finding the mark with right hands and low kicks. Alekseeva tries a hip toss, then rolls for a kneebar. The angle’s bad two minutes in. Egger reaches down to try and break her grip, but it allows Alekseeva to adjust and crank for the finish.

Final result: Alekseeva def. Egger by submission (kneebar)

140 lbs.: Journey Newson vs. Marcus McGhee

Round 1: McGhee tossing out kicks to start as Newson switches stance at range. Lots of feints, no big commitment in the opening minute. There’s a counter right from McGhee. Wheel kick falls short. Low kick connects, then a glancing jump knee that Newson tries and fails to turn into a takedown. McGhee pressuring, walks into a counter hook. Body kick by Newson, who catches another jumping kick but can’t use it two minutes in. The kicking battle continues at long range until McGhee pops him with a couple of hard straight lefts. Another flying knee attempt, another denied takedown. Newson fires head kicks with two minutes to go.

Both land right hands as Newson circles along the fence. Newson changes levels, can’t find the single leg. He tries to latch onto McGhee’s back, prompting a scramble, but again can’t lock him up. McGhee continuing to pursue, failed flying knee. He stops another takedown with a minute to go.Solid knee and head kick behind it. Really turning on the pressure late, tries a spinning back kick. Newson tries to rush at the bell. 10-9 McGhee.

Round 2: McGhee continuing to launch a variety of kicks, sidesteps an attempt from Newson to get into the pocket. There’s a trip from Newson but again McGhee pops right back up. McGhee puts him on the fence after denying another takedown a minute in. Newson reverses position and drags him to the mat. McGhee uses the whizzer to stand and separate before flooring Newson with a straight left. He jumps on Newson’s back and immediately locks up the RNC, forcing the tap to score his first career submission win.

Final result: McGhee def. Newson by submission (rear naked choke)

135 lbs.: Hailey Cowan vs. Jamey-Lyn Horth

Round 1: Both women keeping their distance early. Combo from Cowan. Heavy body kick from Horth answered in kind a minute in. Cowan pressures, lands a 1-2, backs off. Quick straight left. Horth comes back with a body kick and right hand behind it. 1-2 two minutes in. Cowan looks for a head kick. Evenly matched so far. Another hard body kick from Horth. Two-touch spinning back kick from Cowan, who barrels into the clinch and gets pressed against the fence. Trading knees inside. Two minutes to go.

Jockeying for position. Knee from Cowan, elbow from Horth as Cowan reverses. Hard knee and elbow on the exit land for Horth. Horth feints a right hand, then lands a hard head kick, prompting Cowan to to bully her way inside and shoot. Horth defends, stuck against the fence with a minute to go. Horth lands some knees, reverses, lands punches on the exit. Cowan tries a flurry at the bell. 10-9 Horth.

Round 2: Right back into the clinch, fighting for position against the fence. Knee from Cowan, right hand from Horth on the exit. Horth definitely the cleaner striker so far. One minute in. Hard straight right lands for her. Cowan catches a body kick and takes her down into guard. Horth trying to elevate with butterfly hooks, gets to her feet two minutes in. Back to the clinch battle. Cowan knee, Horth right hand on the exit. Cowan tries some jumping techniques and eats a counter for her trouble. Two minutes to go.

Horth head kick falls short, both whiff on side kicks. They stay at range for a bit, neither committing until Cowan puts her back on the fence with a minute to go. Horth’s body knees are the heaviest shots in close quarters. Right hand from Horth on the exit. Both look for the body and Cowan dumps her to the mat at the bell. Closer, but still 10-9 Horth.

Round 3: Keeping distance to start. Horth denies a long-range shot, gets stuck on the fence. Horth warned for grabbing the fence to defend a takedown. One minute in. Good knee from Cowan, Horth answering in kind. Cowan bullies her to the mat, but Horth immediately sweeps and hunts for the back. Keeping the body lock as they stand, then changes levels two minutes in. Jockeying for position, separation. Cowan 1-2, Horth right hand. Horth body kick met by a counter right. Two minutes to go.

Huge right cross by Horth and a body kick behind it. Cowan tosses out some kicks that fall short, prompting a head kick and right hand from Horth. Good straight left by Cowan, who walks into a counter right but continues to pressure. Both land with a minute to go. Horth pops her with another good right hand as Cowan tries a knee. Dipping cross from Cowan in return. Horth denies a takedown and fires a head kick, but Cowan catches it for a takedown into guard. Fun fight. 10-9 Horth? Last two rounds could go either way.

Final result: Horth def. Cowan by unanimous decision

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