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Bobby Green suggests Paul Felder to ‘do your f—king job’ after ‘emotional bulls—t’ commentary in Jared Gordon fight

UFC Fight Night: Dern v Yan Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Bobby Green wasn’t pleased with Paul Felder’s commentary at UFC Vegas 71 this past weekend (April 22, 2023).

What initially looked like a first-round knockout for Green was ultimately ruled a “No Contest” in his bout with Jared Gordon. An unintentional head clash caused the downfall sequence of Gordon, leading to follow-up punches on the ground from “King” that put his opponent fully unconscious (watch highlights).

Green took to his post-fight press conference and vented how he had half of his paycheck stolen from him since he didn’t get the win bonus. Still upset, hearing his former fellow Lightweight, Felder, call the action on replay didn’t help.

“When we see each other, you know what time it is, too,” Green told The MMA Hour. “We’re going to have some words when I see him. I’m gonna wait until we see each other face-to-face. When we see each other, he knows what time it is, too. It’s just like, bro, stop with all that emotional bulls—t. He was over there, ‘Come on!’ I’m like, bro, come on now, bro, like do your f—king job, and then I heard him say that, [the UFC] told him to calm down. He was too emotional. Do your f—king job.

“And secondly, I felt like he was d—k-riding, because [Gordon is] his homie, he lived with this dude and s—t,” he concluded. ”Like, bro, don’t d—k-ride? Keep that s—t straight up.”

Felder was audibly upset with the notion that the fight looked like it was going to be a knockout win for Green. As mentioned, his history with Gordon is well-documented — Felder even once commentated and cornered Gordon on the same night for one of “Flash’s” fights in Abu Dhabi.

“Look forward to it too, King,” Felder tweeted in response. “I understand the criticism. I got emotional. It was a friend. But, it was also a pretty awful clash of heads that almost resulted in a TKO. I respect Green as a fighter. I do apologize for letting my emotions into play, but there is no need for threats. You don’t have to like me.”

A win for Green would have got him back in the win column after two tough back-to-back losses to Islam Makhachev and Drew Dober. Despite the result, he’s treating the fight as a win and doesn’t have any interest in running things back for a rematch.

That is unless Gordon gets under his skin with any reactions he may have to how things played out.

“I could see if he hit his head and he was f—ked up and he was out,” Green said. “I even asked the ref, Keith Peterson, ‘So, what if he had put me in that triangle he was trying to put me in and he finished me? Would y’all stop the fight and say let’s go back to the cameras?’ Or what if he hit me with an up kick when he was trying to hit me with an up kick and I grabbed his legs and started controlling him, shoved him down? He was still bucking before I even hit him. That’s when I hit his ass. It wasn’t like he was f—king out of it. No, I saw his eyes, bro, and then I chucked his s—t by and [bang]! and I saw him start leaving. That’s when I started seeing him leave. Before that, he was well aware of what the f—k was going on.

“I’m not trying to shoot Gordon down or talk s—t about Gordon or anything like that, but what I am saying is, the s—t is what it is. It’s a f—king fight. S—t happens,” he concluded. “Especially with the way he was waving his big-ass f—king head. He was scared, trying not to get hit. So it is what it is. Sometimes s—t just f—king happens. Man the f—k up.”

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