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Video: Scary scene as UFC legend Frankie Edgar tumbles backwards from unlocked cage, crashes to floor

Frankie Edgar just joined the not-so-illustrious list of MMA fighters who went floor diving.

“The Answer” was training undefeated New Jersey native Mark Grey and failed to lock the cage door before getting to work. Edgar was backpedaling during a routine exchange but when his body hit the fence, the door flew open and sent the former champ to the mats.

A scary scene when you consider what can happen during an unprotected fall.

“Over 18 years in the game and I’m still making rookie mistakes,” Edgar wrote on social media. “Forgot to lock the cage door when I was training Mark Grey and boom! I was expecting to feel the cage on my back but instead I felt the stairs dig into my back and the back of my head into the floor. Thankfully there were rubber mats on the floor. Still got up and finished the session, we got fights to win!”

I guess falling out of the cage is better than falling from the top of the cage (like this guy).

Edgar, 41, retired from MMA after three straight knockout losses, including his first-round finish at the hands of Chris Gutierrez last fall. “The Answer” has since transitioned from fighter to full-time coach and today taught Grey the importance of locking the cage door.

All his video needs is a soundtrack and this song definitely fits the bill.

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